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21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas: Turn Your Attic into Your Dreamy Room – Instead of making the attic a warehouse filled with dust and pests, it would be better to turn it into the loveliest room in your house. Take advantage of the tranquility of the attic by turning it into a comfortable bedroom. The attic bedroom can also be the perfect hiding place. The silence of the attic can make you feel calmer and more relaxed from the hustle and bustle of the world. With the right decoration and insulation, the attic is ready for you to use. In this article, we have provided 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Adjust The Window to The Shape of The Building

attic bedroom decor
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The walls in the attic tend to be low. What makes it feel high is the roof. If you install windows only on walls, the lighting will be very poor because of the small size of the windows. Meanwhile, the attic must be made bright to eliminate the cramped and stuffy feeling. Therefore, installing windows according to the shape of the building is the first 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas. The window size will be larger so that maximum light can enter the attic bedroom.

A window without a grid is the most appropriate to use. It can show the view very well which can add comfort to the attic bedroom.

2. Welcome The Winter

attic bedroom decor and design
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Spending the long winter holidays in the attic bedroom is an interesting idea that you can try. This is the perfect time for you to rest and hibernate. The calmness of the attic can make your body relax again. A sense of calm will make you forget the chaos of the outside world.

Keep the attic warm in winter by using fabric. Do it consistently, starting from the carpet for the floor, layered bedding, and additional blankets. You can also add winter decorations as decoration such as snowflake hangers. Also, bring Christmas vibes by placing a wreath on the window area.

3. Mini Library in The Bedroom

mini library
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In this idea, the tranquility of the attic is not only used as a place to rest and unwind but also as a comfortable reading room. Some of the space in the attic bedroom is used as a mini-library. There is a chair with a blanket which makes it feel cozy. Reading also feels more comfortable with maximum natural lighting.

Built-in shelves are made from the same wood material as the walls, ceiling, and floor, which makes the room look harmonious. Due to the dominant wood material, a warm ambiance is present well in this room. The light from the fireplace and candlelight make the warmth in the attic bedroom become perfect.

4. Bed on The Floor Style

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Due to the walls in the attic are not high, you have to find a way to make it a comfortable bedroom. Of course, it is not possible to use a bed frame because it can take up more space in the upper area of the room. Therefore, the bed on the floor style is the next of 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas to choose from.

Focus on the bed area as the most comfortable and beautiful spot. Do layered bedding to keep you warm. Also, use bright colors that can liven up the atmosphere of the room. If you want to present a more interesting look, use pillowcases with simple motifs.

5. Put The Bed Under The Skylight Window

skylight window
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Considering the low walls make it impossible to use windows there, a skylight window is the most appropriate alternative to choose. Besides that, natural lighting can spread in the room better. Eliminates the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling.

Also, take advantage of the skylight window to increase the comfort of your bedroom by placing your bed under it. So, when you rest and lie on a soft mattress, you can see beautiful views such as the blue sky in the morning and the twinkling stars at night.

It would be better to choose a skylight window design that can be opened. You can open it in the morning. Let fresh air enter the room and replace dirty air.

6. The Perfect Place to Hide

cozy attic bedroom decor
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You can use the attic as a hiding place. The silence of the attic can free you from the chaos and crowds outside. With perfect peace, you can rest without worrying about disturbances.

Make use of every space in the attic very well. You can put the bed on the side of the room to keep the central area empty. And, make this middle area another place to relax by placing a cozy chair or couch. Also, complete with a coffee table to place your drinks and snacks. If you want to create a cozy spot there, then installing a hanging chair is the most appropriate option to choose.

Choose colors that can maintain calm and silence in the attic bedroom. The neutral color group is the most appropriate. You can choose gray to make the appearance a little more shady.

7. Small but Still Cozy

comfortable attic bedroom decor
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The size of the room does not determine the comfort of the room. Like this idea where the attic bedroom is transformed into a very comfortable bedroom. The selected bedframe adjusts the width of the attic to not waste existing space. The other side is decorated with green plants which bring freshness to the attic bedroom. The natural green color of plants also influences appearance. This removes the stiffness of the attic bedroom and makes it look more lively.

There are no bright colors in the room so the appearance still looks simple. That way, a calm atmosphere can be maintained very well. And, the natural light that enters freely through the skylight window makes the colors in the room appear more clearly. It enhances the beauty of the room’s appearance.

There are no special decorations in this room. Just rely on the texture of the exposed brick wall which is painted black.

8. So Calming When The Rain Comes

calming attic bedroom decor
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Small rooms really need more natural light. That way, the small room can still feel comfortable. Natural light can get rid of the feeling of being cramped in a small room.

For the attic, a skylight window is the most appropriate type of window to choose. Don’t just use one window. Maximize natural light by using two large skylight windows. Besides that, the large skylight window will also provide a very beautiful view. When it rains, water will flow on the roof and skylight window which makes the atmosphere very calming. With this, rain will be a moment that you will look forward to.

9. Let The White Walls Look Plain

white attic bedroom decor
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Keeping the appearance simple is the key to creating comfort in the attic bedroom. Because the size is limited, do not make the display full. Maybe there are a lot of aesthetic decorations that attract your attention. However, try to refrain from using it in the attic bedroom. Because even though the decorations you like have high aesthetic value, using them in the attic bedroom will only make it look stuffy and messy.

It is much better to paint the walls in the attic bedroom white. This color can remove dark corners so that this small room will feel more spacious and comfortable. Let white work well thereby not putting any decorations on the walls.

10. Feel Fresh with Green

fresh attic bedroom decor
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Plain white walls with very simple decoration are perfect for this attic bedroom. With maximum natural lighting, white looks brighter and more alive. It removes dark shadows in the room and makes it feel more spacious.

Applying green for the bedding makes this color look stand out. The green bedding looks so beautiful when exposed to sunlight coming in through the window and directly hitting the bed area.

Another green color is presented in its natural form, namely in the form of plants. These small plants are placed scattered, providing overall freshness to the attic bedroom.

11. The Right Lighting Can Present Warmth

string light
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Even though it is small and narrow, the attic bedroom has perfect comfort with a warm ambiance. The dominant wood material brings overall warmth into the bedroom. Also, string lights with yellow lighting make warmth become bolder in the room. The right lighting can indeed create a look and atmosphere.

The string light does not just work to increase the warm feel of the room. This is also a decoration that increases the aesthetic value of the attic bedroom. String lights are used as window decoration. And, it becomes the next of 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can choose and apply.

12. Dominate of Wood Materials

wooden attic
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Because it is at the top of the house, the attic is a room that has a strong cold feel. And, to turn it into a comfortable bedroom, you have to dispel the cold nuances with warm shades. Here, wood material can be a mainstay. By applying it to the building of the room starting from the walls or roof and floor, warmth can be present very perfectly and thoroughly.

There is no need for special decorations to make an attic bedroom look attractive. You just need to let the motifs, textures, and natural brown color of the wood decorate the room. You only need to illuminate it with natural lighting to clarify the color, motif, and texture of the wood.

13. Keep It Simple to Bring Calm

simple attic bedroom decor
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The purpose of turning a dusty attic into a bedroom is to achieve peace. So, when you decorate your attic bedroom, maintain this calm by applying a simple or minimalist concept. There is no need for excessive decoration because the color, motif, and texture of the wood already look beautiful. Especially when exposed to sunlight coming in through the window. Here, you only need to add a little sweetener in the form of a minimalist table lamp design for the bedside table, layered bedding in a beautiful neutral color, and throw pillows for the armchair.

14. Two Bed Style for Twin

two bed
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The limited area does not prevent the attic from becoming a bedroom for twins. Beds that are not too large are placed on the right and left sides. And, the middle area becomes space for walking. So that it does not seem too stiff and very simple, a small cubby is placed which is also used as a place to store books. There is also a small rug in the middle area of the room to give the illusion of space for the small bedroom.

Two sconces provide artificial lighting to illuminate the attic bedroom. The yellow lighting is perfect. This is like working together with the wood material in the room to create warmth and comfort in the bedroom. Also, the windows are freely exposed without any decoration so that natural light enters the attic bedroom very freely.

15. Playing with Texture

rough wooden
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It does not matter if you do not want to present beautiful items to decorate the attic bedroom. In fact, this can create more space which can make it feel more spacious and comfortable. And, even though there are no interesting decorations in the room, the attic bedroom can still look beautiful and not seem stiff or boring.

Utilizing materials in the room is the key. Like this idea, which allows the wood material to remain in its natural form. There is no polish whatsoever so the wood texture still looks rough. This natural motif from wood gives a more attractive impression to the room.

To highlight the rough texture of the wood, brighten the attic bedroom with natural light. So, install large windows and leave them free from decorations that can prevent light from entering the room.

16. Feel The Calmness with Natural Materials

natural materials
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Installing natural materials in the attic bedroom is an alternative way to add calm to this room. Wood and natural stone are natural materials that you can rely on. Besides that, natural materials such as wood, can also bring warmth to your bedroom. Meanwhile, natural stone will make the appearance of the building look more sturdy.

These two natural materials have beautiful colors, motifs, and textures. So, you don’t need to provide additional decorations which can make the room look full and cramped. Let natural materials work well in beautifying the appearance of your bedroom. Just brighten the room with good natural lighting so that the textures and colors of natural materials can look alive.

17. Make It Alive with Vibrant Colors

vibrant colors
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This attic bedroom looks so natural with the use of natural materials in the form of wood for the roof and natural stone for the walls. Natural light also enters through the skylight window and spreads well to the corners of the room, eliminating dark shadows there and making the room feel more spacious.

The bedroom is made bold by applying bright colors as if coming out of its comfort zone, namely the natural concept. The natural impression is quite good in a room with natural materials and maximum natural lighting. For interior matters, the room is made fresher with bright colors such as white, yellow, purple, green, and blue. The motifs also look messy but are still cute to the eye, such as striped rugs and turkey rugs. They are great for enlivening the bedroom and giving a different impression.

18. Shabby Chic Attic Bedroom Design

white attic bedroom decor
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This idea seems sweeter. This is very suitable for women who want a bedroom with a simple, clean, sweet, and elegant appearance. The appearance looks soft and comfortable on the eyes because of the application of pastel colors. The soft white color makes the room look bright but not dazzling. In fact, this color brings calm which makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

The pastel blue velvet rug looks very beautiful when exposed to sunlight coming in through the window. The glossy appearance gives an elegant impression to the room.

The furniture chosen for the bedroom has a simple but beautiful shape. Curved lines add a smooth feel to the appearance of the room. With a little touch of flowers or simple green plants, the room becomes perfect.

19. Good Air Circulation Creates Comfort

skylight window
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The air in the attic is quite stuffy. This is the obstacle or factor that makes this room feel uncomfortable. However, all of this can be overcome by using a skylight window that can be opened. You can open this window in the morning. Let the air in and freshen the room.

Don’t put any decorations on the windows. Leave the windows plain. That way, natural light and fresh air can enter the room properly. Air circulation can run smoothly so your bedroom will feel more comfortable. And, this becomes the next of 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can apply.

20. A Cozy Spot in The Attic Bedroom

cozy attic bedroom decor
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This bedroom is comfortable enough just relying on the bed and string light. However, because there is still empty space adjacent to the bed, this space is used as a place to relax. The hanging chair is suspended from a beam in the attic. With blankets and throw pillows, this becomes a cozy spot in the bedroom. You can use this spot as a place to read books or play mobile games.

21. Boho Design Gives A Different Look

boho design
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If usually boho designs look full of bright colors and distinctive patterns, this idea is different. In this idea, the boho design is made simpler with the aim of maintaining calm in the room. There are no complicated patterns and it only relies on one color, namely ivory white. The combination of the natural brown color of wood and ivory white forms a calmer warmth.

Even though it is simple, the room still has some decorations that enliven the room very well. There is a white dream catcher hanging from the beams. Also, there are several items that are not only decoration but also additional lighting in the room such as bulb lights, string lights in the white lantern, and some candles on the table.

22. Full of White

white bedroom
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If you have to choose one color for your attic bedroom, then white is the most appropriate color for you to choose. You can apply it in full. In fact, this method can make the room look bright. It only needs a little lighting in the form of natural light. So, it does not matter if you want to install smaller windows or skylights.

However, if you want to bring other colors into the room then rely on natural materials. Wood is the best for bringing out the brown color. The combination of white and brown will bring a calm and warm natural feel which is suitable for an attic room.

Final Words

Take advantage of the silence and tranquility of the attic as the most comfortable room in the house. With proper insulation, this room will feel comfortable and free from noise. You only need a few more touches in the form of the right decoration to make it a bedroom full of comfort. And, the points above are 21 Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas. You can choose one or several of them that you think are suitable for your room. Also, adjust it to the interior concept and layout. So, good luck!

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