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17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas: Create A Cozy Place at Home from A Small Space

jordlinghome.com – Small reading nook ideas may be considered trivial by some people. This is because reading books can indeed be anywhere. However, it would be more comfortable if we set up a separate place to read. That way we can be more focused. And, usually, the reading area is filled with calm nuances so that reading will become more focused.

Actually, in having a cozy reading nook, you do not need to prepare a large place or decorate it with some fancy stuff. Here, you can only provide soft cushions accompanied by throw pillows. And, if you want to make it feel warm, you can roll out a carpet or rug there. And done, you have a simple cozy reading nook in the room.

However, in creating a comfortable reading nook, you also need to consider the aesthetic aspect. That way, comfort and beauty become harmonious. And here, we have provided 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas to Create A Cozy Place at Home from A Small Space. So, let’s check it out!

1. A Special Small Room for Reading

Small Reading Nook Ideas
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There is a tiny room in your house and confused how to decorate it? Making it a reading nook is an interesting idea to try. And, it becomes the first of 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas.

Because there are no doors that separate rooms, you need to make it look different by having a different color scheme. For example, you can choose a bolder color scheme if the outside room is already bright. The black color will bring serenity to the small reading nook.

You can also add soft, serene lighting. Choose a bulb with a bright yellow lighting. Try to keep the lighting on this small reading nook not too bright and not too dim. That way, reading will be comfortable.

2. Beside The Workspace

Small Reading Nook
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Sometimes, boredom often comes when working in the workspace. And, reading your favorite book can be another activity to make you feel refreshed and relaxed. Therefore, create a reading nook near the workspace.

In creating the small workspace, there will be more space on the side area. And, of course, it is very unfortunate if this space is left empty or only filled with a large plant. You can turn this small space into a cozy reading nook.

You can choose built-in benches and shelves for results that are more integrated with the workspace. With a white color concept, the reading nook looks bright. Display several displays on the wall to give a little interesting effect and get rid of the stiff or boring impression on the reading nook.

3. Make It Calm with Soft-Tones

soft Small Reading Nook Ideas
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Do not underestimate the color selection for the reading nook. The color you choose will determine the look and feel of the room. And, for those of you who want to make the appearance and the atmosphere in the reading nook calm, you can choose soft-tone colors.

Still make white as the main color to neutralize the appearance of the reading nook. Besides that, the white color is also very helpful to make other colors and textures look clearer in the room.

In one area of the wall in the reading nook, it is textured with vertical scratches. These scratches are like a wall made of timber. Besides that, the gray color with blue undertones gives an interesting effect on the reading nook. These pastel colors make the look more calm. With natural lighting as the main lighting, the gray color looks more alive.

4. Fresh and Warm at Once

warm Small Reading Nook Ideas
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Fresh and warm at once is the next of 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas. With white as the main color, the reading nook looks so naturally bright. And also, natural nuances are well present here. The nuances of nature bring calm and freshness which makes reading nook feel more comfortable.

Besides the white color that neutralizes the appearance, maximum natural light also makes natural nuances present in the reading nook. And, it feels a little lacking if there are no natural ingredients in it. Therefore, wood material is used for flooring, shelves, and window frames. With the same color tone, the display looks so harmonious. The presence of wood material also brings warmth to the reading nook atmosphere.

A touch of green on the seat cushion and also some small plants give a fresh effect in the reading nook. This small spot looks so attractive with wall displays and throw pillows in neutral colors.

5. Natural Small Reading Nook

natural Small Reading Nook Ideas
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If you want to make the reading nook simple, you can make it look more natural. Here, you can choose white as the main color. Also provide natural materials such as wood for drawers, flooring, or wall accents.

Present a touch more like presenting other colors to give an attractive display effect. You can choose green to bring a fresher impression to the reading nook. You can present the green color on the throw pillow. Or, you can also decorate the shelves with small plants.

The most important of the natural concept is lighting. Make sure you make natural lighting the main lighting for your reading nook. If you think it is too dazzling when reading, you can roll out the blind on the window to block out a bit of the incoming light.

6. Make It Dark for a Calm Atmosphere

calm Small Reading Nook Ideas
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The next of 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas is a reading nook with a dark appearance. This one idea is suitable for those of you who are bored with a bright reading nook with white shades. Also, the use of black is too mainstream because black is the opposite of white.

You can choose navy or dark green for your reading nook. So that this dark color does not look like black, make sure you illuminate the reading nook well. You can maximize natural lighting by not providing curtains on the curtains. Apart from that, it also looks for great ways to make reading nook a comfortable place to be. The view from the window will make you feel fresher and more relaxed in the reading nook.

7. Reading Nook in The Attic

attic ideas
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It would be a shame if the attic in your house was left empty. In fact, attic has calm which can make reading more focused and of good quality.

You can choose an attic angle to be a reading nook. Put a shelf in in the corner there as a place to store your precious books. You can also make it interesting by placing some displays in the form of plants or other things.

It’s time to move on to the most important spot, namely the sofa. Choose a sofa with arms to get a sense of comfort when reading. You can also add additional chairs for your chair. And finally, present a floor lamp and point it at the chair. That way, reading at night will remain comfortable.

8. Simple but Feels so Cozy

simple reading nook
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If you want to have a reading nook in a simple way, then you can try this one idea. This becomes the next of 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas. With seat cushions and pillows, you can have a comfortable reading nook.

Choose a round seat cushion for your reading nook. This will provide curved lines which will give a softer and more attractive effect on the display. And, to make it look aesthetically pleasing, you can decorate it with a few throw pillows with different shapes and fabrics. Try to choose the same throw pillow color as the seat cushion. That way, the display will be harmonious.

9. Turn Your Small Balcony into a Comfortable Reading Nook

small balcony
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Having a reading nook does not always have to be indoors. You can also make it outdoors. And balcony is the right area for you to choose. For those of you who have a small balcony, try not to put too many things. This is because it will give a cramped and uncomfortable effect. Therefore, just choose a seat cushion as an area to sit. Add throw pillows for a more interesting impression. Besides that, the seat cushion also brings comfort.

For decoration issues, you can make the look livelier by placing fresh flowers or plants. You can also play with lighting. Here, you can decorate the balcony with a lantern filled with candles. And, in the area above the seat cushion, decoration with outdoor string light. Also provide a blanket made of wall on the seat cushion to make you feel warmer in the cold outside air, especially in winter.

10. Make It Cozy with Bean Bag

bean bag
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There are many seats that you can choose for your reading nook. So that armchair isn’t the only type of bench that you can use. As in this one idea that uses a bean bag for the reading nook. With a soft white color, the appearance also becomes softer. Very suitable juxtaposed with beige painted walls.

Before the bean bag is placed, first spread the rug with a soft surface. That way, when you sit, your feet will feel more comfortable when they touch the rug.

This reading nook also looks aesthetically pleasing and alive with a touch of yellow on the throw pillow. Despite its small size, the yellow color makes it stand out. Besides that, there is an orange color on the wall area. There is also a pendant light with a simple but charming design which is placed right above the bean bag. The light will fall directly on the bean bag area and make reading more comfortable.

11. Utilize The Window Area in The Corner of The Room

simple Small Reading Nook Ideas
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If there is a window in the corner of the room, then this is the most appropriate spot for you to use as a reading nook. As we know, reading will be much more comfortable when you get natural light. Therefore, in the window area you can make a built-in chair. In the seating area, create a drawer for storage. Here, you can put in the blanket for you to use if you feel cold.

At the top, right above the window, add floating wall shelves to give the illusion of a taller wall. This will really help to make the small reading nook feel more spacious.

12. Tucked The Reading Nook in The Small Workroom

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Tucked the reading nook in the small workroom is the next of the 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas you can follow. As we know, working too long sometimes feels so boring. And interspersing work with reading is the right choice. Therefore, having a reading nook in the workroom is mandatory.

The area near the window is the most appropriate spot to serve as a reading nook. You can create a long bench there and throw pillows to make it look attractive and also comfortable. Also, choose a bench with drawers which you can use as a storage area. You can store all your books there so that the workroom will look neat and beautiful.

13. Japandi Small Reading Nook Design

japandi design
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Japandi design that has full of serenity, makes it perfect for a reading nook. This design carries a minimalist concept which is also very good for making the appearance neat and clean.

In Japandi designs, wood is the main material used. This one material brings warmth and serenity that makes reading nook feel so comfortable. Besides that, Japandi design also makes natural lighting as the main lighting. So, reading in the Japandi reading nook design will be able to focus more.

A little touch in the form of plants brings freshness that adds comfort to the reading nook. The fresh green color of the plants also makes the appearance more lively and attractive.

14. Small Reading Nook in The Corner of The Living Room

small reading nook
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The corner of the living room will usually be filled with shelves to place some displays that will enhance the aesthetic value of the living room itself. However, if you want to bring something different here, you can remove the shelves in the corner of the room. You can turn it into a comfortable reading nook.

Make reading nook feel simple in an easy way. Here, you only need to install floating bench. On the bench, give the sheepskin rug. Its soft texture will make sitting on it feel so comfortable. Also add other decorations in the form of throw pillows. Having a throw pillow also helps provide comfort for the reading nook. And, if you want to make it alive, you can bring green plants or beautiful flowers there.

15. Small Reading Nook Under The Stairs

under the stairs
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Under the stairs are often left empty. In fact, you can make this one area a comfortable reading nook. You can have built-in shelves along with a bench. Here, you only need to add a throw pillow that can make you feel comfortable while reading.

Make the reading nook under the stairs look stand out by making it attractive. Therefore, don’t just put your books on the shelves. You can also put some displays that can bring an interesting impression there. Also, provide lighting that can make the reading nook look stand out.

16. Small Reading Nook in The Landing Area

landing area
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Making the small reading nook in the landing area is indeed an interesting idea to try. Having a window there will really help in making the reading nook feel comfortable. Therefore, you can make a bench as wide as the window. Put a seat cushion and throw pillow to make it feel comfortable.

in another area, you can build a shelf as a place to store your books. Build shelves all the way to the top to give the illusion of high walls. This will really help to make the small reading nook feel more spacious.

17. Feel So Fresh and Alive with Plants

fresh Small Reading Nook Ideas
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Feel so fresh and alive with plants is the last of the 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas you can choose from. In the area right under the skylight window, you can put a chair or maybe a small bed for reading. That way, the light that enters through the skylight window will directly hit this area and make reading comfortable.

You can make the reading nook feel comfortable and also look attractive creating a natural look. With white as the main color, the look is neutral. The texture and color of the wood material look clearer in the room. And also, some of the plants that are present there look fresher. The green color on the plants looks more stand out there.

Final Words

Do not be sad if you only have a small space in your house. You can make this small space a comfortable reading nook. Indeed, although reading can be anywhere. However, it would be better to provide a special place for reading at home. And, the points above are the 17 Best Small Reading Nook Ideas for those of you who want to Create A Cozy Place at Home from A Small Space. So, happy decorating all!

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