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20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy – Having a small house is not a problem. To make it comfortable, you just need to make your small house feel more spacious. And also, you have to decorate it and design it properly and correctly so that your small house becomes a place to live that has aesthetic value. It is just that, for this, you must have some references. And here, we have provided 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist and Bright Small House

small house
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The first of 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy is a minimalist and bright small house. The minimalist concept will make the tiny house look cleaner and neater. There will be no messy impression that will disturb the comfort of your small house.

The most appropriate colors for a minimalist concept are neutral colors. Here, you can rely on white to make your little house look bright. And provide natural lighting to make the white color look more alive and beautiful.

2. Warm and Soothing Small House

small house ideas
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Small houses are difficult to decorate. However, this is not a barrier to making the house feel comfortable. You can rely on wood as the main element of the house. Wood will bring warmth and serenity to your small home. Moreover, if you bring natural lighting into the house. It will be very helpful for the wood to show its true color and make the small house look very attractive.

3. Little Touch of Boho Style Make It Attractive

small house design ideas
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It is better not to use too many colors and motifs for a small house. Because this will only make a small house seem full, messy, and cramped.

If we look at the picture above, the house still relies on white as the main color. And in some spots, such as sofas, stairs, rugs, and doors, lighter colors are applied. The touch of Bohemian-style motifs on the carpet and throw pillows also evokes a slightly cloudless atmosphere in the small room.

4. Black for Mature and Firm Look

small house decor ideas
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Black is often a color that is avoided for small homes because it is considered to make the house dark and stuffy. In fact, if you decorate it properly, black will make the room look attractive and calm.

As in the picture above, where black wall tiles are applied to the walls of the kitchen area. Although it is jet-black, it does not make the room dark. This is because the owner of the house plays on the lighting. In the kitchen area, brighter lights are installed so that the jet-black color makes the house look attractive and more mature.

5. Look Bright with Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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Looking bright with natural lighting becomes the next of 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy. As explained in the previous point, small houses really need maximum lighting. That way, the annoying cramped and stuffy feel will disappear.

In maximizing natural lighting, you can install a large number of windows. You can also choose a large window as an area to relax. Here, you just need to add a bench with a soft seat cushion and some throw pillows that can make this spot feel cozy.

6. Simple and Minimalist Look So Pretty

minimalist small house
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If we look at the small house above, then you will feel a very calm and warm atmosphere. The minimalist concept and very simple decoration make a small house feel so comfortable. Coupled with wooden elements with dove surfaces that provide warmth and a more aesthetic appearance for today’s small homes.

In this idea, white remains the main color so that the small house still looks bright. Here, you can add black as a decoration to make it look contemporary and mature.

7. Make The Small House Feel Fresh with Plants

fresh small house ideas
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In a small house, you really have to decorate it very carefully. In this house, you could not use any decorations you want. Because the number of decorations that can be presented in the house is quite small. This aims to make a small house not seem cluttered and cramped.

There are many decorations that you can choose for your small house. Among these many decorations, plants are the perfect decoration for you to choose.

You can place several small plants in different spots, or randomly. The natural green color of the plant will bring a fresh impression to the house that will make it feel so comfortable.

8. Wood and White is a Great Combination

color combination
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It has been explained earlier that white is the most appropriate color for a small house. The white color can make the house look naturally bright and also feel more spacious.

Because white is a natural or neutral color, you can combine it with natural elements such as wood to create a comfortable and soothing natural feel. It becomes the next of 20 small house ideas that will make a small house feel comfortable.

9. Monochrome Small House

monochrome small house ideas
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The next of 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy is a monochrome small house.

Only relying on one color to decorate a house can make it look stiff and monotonous. Therefore, it would be better to choose two colors, or what is commonly called a monochrome concept.

You still make white the main color for your small house. And the next color is black for home decoration. You can apply it to beams, sofas, and several other spots in the house.

10. Modern Small House

modern small house ideas
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A modern concept that looks neat and also more contemporary is perfect for you to choose for your small house. And this is the next of small house ideas that can make the house feel more spacious and comfortable.

A very simple appearance and decoration with a combination of neutral colors will make a small house feel calmer and also attractive. Some dark colors give a more mature and contemporary impression of the house.

11. Skylight Make It Bright Naturally

skylight window
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The window is one of the items that can connect the inside of the house with the outside of the house. With windows, natural lighting can enter your home freely. However, this can interfere with your privacy in the house.

For those of you who want to make your small house look bright without disturbing your privacy, then this idea is perfect for you.

Skylight windows are located above the house or the ceiling which will protect your privacy very well. Plus, its location above will make natural lighting enter the house better.

12. Feel Warm with Wooden Ceiling

warm small house ideas
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Among the many natural elements that you can choose from, wooden is the most appropriate element for a small house. The color of the wood will make the house look so beautiful. Not only that, but the house will also be full of warmth and tranquility.

It does not matter if you want to apply white to all the walls of the house. This is actually the best way to make a small house look brighter and more spacious. However, on the ceiling, let the wood show its original color and texture.

13. All Go White

white small house concept
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All go white is the next of 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy. By making white as the main color, a small house will be far from the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling.

Here, you can paint the walls and ceiling white. You do not need to be afraid of the small house looking stiff, because the white granite on the countertop gives a glossy effect and a very interesting simple motif. Not only that, the wooden elements on the benches and stairs also play a role in removing the stiff impression of the house.

14. Attractive Navy Kitchen Cabinet 

kitchen cabinet
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Choosing an attractive navy kitchen cabinet is the next of new small house ideas. As a group of neutral colors, navy is very suitable to be combined with white. Its slightly darker appearance will give the effect of a more mature and modern appearance.

So that the navy color looks more alive in a small house, then you have to bring natural lighting. Or, you can play with lights that can make the navy look bright.

15. Open Shelf As Boundaries

room boundaries
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Do not ever think about building walls between rooms in a small house. Because this is a very fatal thing. The presence of a wall will only make a small house feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Instead of building walls, it would be better to choose an open shelf like the picture above as boundaries. On the shelf, you can put some small artificial plants that can make your home fresh and also some beautiful displays to make it look pretty.

16. Vines for Ceiling Decor

ceiling decor
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For those of you who want to have a small house that is fresh but simple, you can choose this one idea. Vines for the ceiling is an attractive idea of 20 New Small House Ideas.

Here, you can create a wire grid for the ceiling and let the vines get there. Also, give bulbs lamps to make it look more attractive and aesthetic. With this idea, you no longer need to decorate several spots with small plants that might take up space at home.

17. Pastel Colors As Combination for Soft and Calm Look

soft small house ideas
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Compared to just choosing one color to decorate the house, it would be better to choose two colors. Here, you can choose any color because all colors will easily fit with white.

Instead of choosing dark colors, it would be better for you to choose pastel colors. This will make the small house still look bright with a soft and calm look like the picture above. And it becomes the next idea of 20 New Small House Ideas you can choose.

18. Cubbies with Storage for Keeping Your Privacy

small house storage ideas
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Because there are no walls in a small house, your privacy will be very disturbed if guests visit the house. For privacy areas such as bedrooms, you need to cover them.

In this idea, cubbies were chosen to cover the small bedroom in the loft. Having a block of wood won’t let the cubbies fall down so it is very safe. In cubbies, there are also several rattan baskets that you can use as storage.

Here, you can utilize the cubbies to make a small house look aesthetic and feel comfortable. You can decorate it with green plants that will give a fresh impression to the house.

19. Fan Ceiling to Maintain The Air Circulation

fan ceiling
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To make a small house comfortable, make sure the air circulation in the house goes well. Here, you can open a window or also install a ceiling fan like in the picture above.

The fan ceiling not only makes the air circulation in your home run well but also keeps the house cool. This will be very useful when entering the summer. Compared to turning on the air conditioner which has a large wattage, it would be much better to turn on the ceiling fan.

20. Simple but Unique Pendant Lamp is Everything

attractive small house ideas
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The use of lights does seem trivial. However, an attractive lamp design will affect the beauty of your home.

If we look at the picture above, the minimalist concept makes the house look so monotonous and ordinary. However, with pendant lamps with a simple and unique model, the house looks more aesthetic and attractive. The beauty of the house will greatly affect your comfort there.

Final Words

Small houses are indeed more difficult and also more challenging to decorate. However, that does not mean you could not make this house have high comfort and aesthetic value. In making your home comfortable, you just need to make it feel more spacious. And to make it look beautiful, you have to decorate it properly. And the points above are 20 New Small House Ideas That Feel Spacious and Comfy that can be your references. So, make sure you choose an idea that fits your character. Good luck everyone!

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