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15 Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom More Spacious – Decorating a small bathroom is indeed more challenging. Where you are required to make the bathroom feel more spacious with quite a lot of equipment. Mistakes in decorating the interior of the bathroom can make it feel more cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, to help you have a comfortable bathroom, in this article, we provide 15 Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom More Spacious you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Rely on Bright Colors

bright small bathroom tips
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Color selection is the main step that will determine what your bathroom will look like. For a small and narrow bathroom, we highly recommend you choose bright colors, such as white, light blue, yellow, and beige.

Among the bright colors that you can choose, we recommend white for you to make as the main color. A white room will not have the corners of the room that look stiff. With this, a small bathroom will feel more spacious.

Not only that, making white the main color for a small bathroom will make it look naturally bright. So, even though it is relatively small and cramped, the bathroom will be far from feeling stuffy and cramped.

2. Using Large Mirror

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Maybe, the mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom. Usually, mirrors are used to make it easier to carry out activities in the bathroom, such as removing make-up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and others.

However, the function of the mirror in a small bathroom is not only to make it easier for you to do the activities. The existence of a mirror will greatly affect the comfort of the bathroom. The shadow of the bathroom will be displayed clearly in the mirror. So, the bigger the mirror used, the more the bathroom looks and feels wider.

3. Add Multiple Mirrors

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Using just one mirror in the bathroom is enough. However, it would be great to add one more mirror even if it is not being used. You can use this mirror as a decoration in making the bathroom look attractive. Not only that, adding a mirror to the bathroom will really help you to make the small bathroom feel more spacious.

4. Choose Glass Shower Door

glass shower door
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In making the bathroom comfortable, the cleanliness of the bathroom is the main thing that you must take care of. Therefore, create two areas in the bathroom, those are the wet area and the dry area.

To keep the dry area clean, maybe some people will choose to use a shower curtain. However, this will make the small bathroom feel more cramped.

So, instead of using a shower curtain, it would be better if you choose to use a glass shower door. This is one of the tips you can follow to make your small bathroom look bigger.

5. Remove The Glass Shower Door Totally

 comfy small bathroom tips
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Besides you can replace the shower curtain with a glass shower door, you can also choose not to use it at all totally. This will really help to make the small bathroom look more spacious. Not only that, but not using a glass shower door totally will certainly save your money.

However, the absence of a barrier will allow water to enter the dry area and make it wt and dirty. Therefore, you need to clean it after use in order to have a comfortable small bathroom.

6. Add LED lighting Behind The Mirror

LED mirror lighting
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In making a small bathroom feel more spacious, you need to make it look bright. Do not just rely on lighting from one lamp. You can add some extra lights to make it bright as well as a beautiful decoration.

The mirror is the main area that you need to decorate. You can add LED lighting right behind the mirror. This will give a very pretty glow to your small bathroom.

Nowadays, there are also mirrors that have lights in them. You can find a mirror like this in any store. The use of this mirror will be much more practical.

7. Pocket Door will Give More Space

small bathroom decor tips

The selection of doors for the bathroom is also something you need to pay attention to. Usually, the door that is often used is a door that can be pushed and pulled. Such a model door will only take up space in the bathroom and make it narrower and smaller.

The door model that is suitable for a small bathroom is a pocket door. You just need to slide it. So, there will be more empty areas that can make the small bathroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

8. Wall Shelves As Bathroom Storage

small bathroom storage
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The number of bottles and also other bathroom items does require you to use a storage area. And, do not even think about using shelves in a small bathroom. Because this will only take up space and make it narrower.

If you want to make your small bathroom feel more spacious, turn the walls into storage areas. Here, you can use wall shelves that are arranged vertically. Then, put a few bottles and other items in an organized manner for the bathroom to look neat.

9. Add Shower Niche for More Storage

shower niche
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Again, never add shelves that take up space in the small bathroom. It would be better to create a storage area on the wall. Besides hanging wall shelves, you can also add a shower niche.

For the vanities area, you can use wall shelves. However, in the shower area, it would be better to choose a shower niche. There is no need to make it too big. The important thing is that you can put several bottles containing shampoo, soap, and conditioner.

10. Use Wall-Hung Vanities

wall-hung vanities
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There are many interesting vanities designs and models that you can use for your bathroom. However, not all vanity designs will be suitable for small bathrooms.

Wall-hung vanities are the only design that is perfect for a small bathroom. The empty bottom area will make the small bathroom feel more spacious. Or, you can also use this area to put some baskets filled with towels or toilet tissue.

11. Minizimizing Decoration in Bathroom

minimalist small bathroom
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Room decoration is very important to make the room look attractive. However, the case will be different if the bathroom only has a limited area. Here, you need to restrain your lust in using some beautiful and adorable decorations.

For a small bathroom, the minimalist concept is indeed the most appropriate. Here, you are prohibited from using too many decorations. Because this will make the small bathroom feel full and narrower.

Wall shelves with several custom bottles are actually enough to make your small bathroom look beautiful. However, you can also add small plants to make the room feel fresh. And remember, the decor should be kept to a minimum.

13. Bathtub Caddy for Placing Some Items

bathtub caddy
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Lighting aromatherapy candles when you want to soak in warm water in the bathtub will really help to make you feel more relaxed and calm. Or maybe, you want to soak while watching videos on Youtube? If so, then you must have a place for you to put the candle and also your smartphone.

Here, you can use a bathtub caddy. On this board you can put the aromatherapy candles and also your smartphone. The use of a bathtub caddy will not make a small bathroom feel small. In fact, it is better to use a bathtub caddy than you have to use a small table in the bathroom. Which will only take up space and make the bathroom seem smaller and narrower.

14. Install A Window to Make It Look Bright

skylight window
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Installing windows in the bathroom may be quite extreme. Because this will interfere with your privacy. Therefore, you also need to look at your bathroom area.

You can apply a window for the bathroom on the second floor. And do not forget to install window film so that your privacy is maintained.

And for those of you who have a one-story house. Installing windows might be something you will avoid. Therefore, we recommend you to choos skylight windows. This one window will make a small bathroom look bright during the day without disturbing your privacy there.

15. Add Small Carpet

bathroom small carpet
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The last tip to make your small bathroom feel spacious is to add small carpet. You can put a small carpet in dry areas, such as in the vanities area.

Try to use a carpet with a light color. This will really help to make the bathroom look bright.

The existence of a carpet in the bathroom will give the illusion of a wide area on the floor. And this is what will make the bathroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

Final Words

Decorating a small bathroom is indeed more challenging. Where you have to make the bathroom look attractive without having to use excessive decorations which makes it look full and cramped. Because, to have a comfortable small bathroom, you have to make it look wider. And the points above are 15 Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom More Spacious you can follow. So, happy trying all!

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