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15 Easy Tips to Make Your Room Comfortable and Fresh – Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone’s dream. Therefore, many people are trying to make their homes feel as comfortable as possible. Even so, some people do not understand how to make a house or rooms feel comfortable. In fact, you just need to make the room feel fresh. And to help you create the comfortable home you dream of, 15 Easy Tips to Make Your Room Comfortable and Fresh. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make The Room Bright with Natural Lighting

fresh room ideas

Lighting is the main thing that you need to pay attention to. There are two types of lighting in your home:

  1. Natural lighting, which comes from sunlight.
  2. Artificial lighting, which comes from lamps that use electrical energy.

Both of these lightings are very important for the home, especially natural lighting. A bright house with natural lighting will feel more comfortable. Because natural light can make the room feel warmer. Not only that, but the colors in the house will also look more alive.

In maximizing natural lighting during the day, you can install large windows. Or, you can also replace the wooden door that is connected to the garden with a glass door. Lighting from the garden will be very helpful to make the room feel fresher.

2. Decorate The Room with Fresh Plants

fresh plants

Decorating the room is done to create an attractive room. There are many decorations that you can choose from, one of which is plants,

Bringing plants into the house is a great way to make a room feel fresh. The natural green color that adorns the room will really spoil your eyes. Not only that, some plants have good benefits for air cleanliness, such as aloe vera and Sansevieria plants.

There are 3 sizes of plants that you can choose to fill your room:

  • Small-size plants

The small plants are most suitable to be chosen to decorate several spots in the room. Its small size will not make the room feel cramped.

You can place small plants on top of cabinets, coffee tables, shelves, and cabinets. Or you can also hang it on the ceiling or wall. This is a trick to create a fresh room without taking up space in the room. So you can use this one trick as a mainstay way to decorate a narrow and small room.

  • Medium-size plants

Next, there are medium-size plants. Its larger size than small plants makes it impossible to place on tables or shelves. However, you can use medium-size plants as decorations to fill the empty space next to the furniture.

Usually, people will place medium-size plants next to the TV table, sofa, bed, wardrobe, and so on. You can also add a small table specifically to put plants to make it look more stand out.

  • Large-size plants

Next, there are large-size plants. Because of its large size, the use of this plant is enough in each room. Its large size is deep enough to make the room feel fresh.

Usually, large-size plants are chosen to decorate the corner of the room. However, make sure the corner of the room gets sunlight. For example the corner of the room adjacent to the window. Because plants are living things that need sunlight to grow. By placing it in an area exposed to sunlight, the plant will not wilt quickly.

3. Purge The Clutter in The Room

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A neat and clean room is a comfortable room. Therefore, in making the room feel comfortable and fresh, make sure you maintain the tidiness of your room.

In the room, there are many small items that if scattered will make the room seem messy. And here, you can use a table with a few drawers to put some of these small items.

Make sure you put these items organized. So, when you need the item you want, it is easy to find it. Or, you can also provide some storage to store these small objects. And then on the front is labeled or tagged.

4. Make Sure Your Room Free from Dust

clean room

As explained in the previous point that a comfortable and fresh room is a cleanroom. Therefore, keeping the room clean is very important.

Even if your room is closed, the dust will always be there. And if not cleaned, then dust can fly in the air in the house and make your chest tight. Especially for those of you who have breathing problems.

To have a dust-free room, you can clean it regularly. Starting from the ventilation, furniture, and some displays in the room.

In cleaning dust, avoid using a feather duster. Because this will make the dust fly in the air. Instead of using a duster, it would be better if you remove the dust with a damp cloth. With this, the dust will stick to the damp cloth and fall when the cloth is washed in a bucket of water.

5. Clean Your Floor Regularly

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The floor is a very important part to be cleaned every day. On the floor, not only dust sticks to it, some stains or dirt also often make the floor dirty. With this, the floor needs to be swept and also mopped.

Sweeping and mopping is indeed a traditional way or the old way of cleaning the house. Currently, there is a vacuum cleaner that you can use to clean dust and other dirt on the floor. This will be much easier and more practical in cleaning the room.

However, currently, there is also a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean the house well. You also don’t need to spend energy on making the room clean. Because you can set the robot vacuum cleaner and move by itself to clean dirty parts of the floor. Apart from being practical, this will make it much easier for you.

6. Open The Windows and The Door

open the window

Air circulation is also an important thing that you need to pay attention to. Air circulation that doesn’t work properly can make a room feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

To maintain air circulation, you can open windows and doors. With this, the old air in the room will be replaced with new, fresher and cleaner air.

It would be better to make windows and doors in the morning. Because the air in the morning is cleaner and fresher. So, it is good for people’s health at home.

Avoid window decorations that can block the entry of air, such as curtains covering windows.

7. Taking Good Care of The Garden at Home

beautiful garden

Abandoned gardens are not only visually disturbing but also not good for health. Even, abandoned gardens are often inhabited by animals such as snakes and mice. Therefore, for those of you who have a garden in your house, make sure you take good care of it.

The grass that is always cut regularly will make the garden look neat. You can also plant some beautiful plants or flowers in your garden.

A beautiful green garden will be seen through the windows and glass doors. And you can enjoy the freshness of the garden from indoors. Beautiful green plants will make the room feel fresher. Plus the air around the park is also fresher and cleaner.

8. Install The Fan Ceiling

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As explained in the previous point that air circulation greatly affects the comfort and freshness of the room. Besides opening the window in the morning, you can also install a ceiling fan in the room.

Ceiling fans not only maintain the air circulation in the room but can also make the room feel cooler. Especially, in summer which often makes the room feel uncomfortable. The use of a ceiling fan can minimize the heat in the room.

Not only that, but the use of ceiling fans is also more environmentally friendly. Unlike the use of an air conditioner. In addition, the wattage on the ceiling fan is also not as spread out as the air conditioner. So, you do not have to worry about the electricity bill going up.

9. Bathe Your Pets

cozy and fresh room tips

Pets are indeed a cure for loneliness and solitude. Not only that, his funny behavior is often entertainment for those of us who are tired from work and activities.

Keeping animals is very good. However, sometimes the animals often make the room dirty and unhealthy. Therefore, animal hygiene also needs to be considered.

For animals in the house, such as dogs, cats, and others, you need to bathe them regularly. Sometimes, animals that don’t bathe often bring on viruses, diseases, and also bad odors. Also, bathing your pets regularly is great for your pet’s health.

10. Make Sure The House is Free from Pest

pest control service

Pests are often very annoying. Not only damage the furniture, but pests can also cause disease. Therefore, make sure your room or house is large from pests.

To prevent pests from entering the room, you can close all channels. Then, close the doors and windows at night.

If your house already has pests, then you need to clean it quickly. You can call a pest control service around your home area.

11. Laundry Your Sheets

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Dust and dirt on sheets can make them dirty and also look unattractive. So, it needs to be replaced with a new one which is much cleaner and looks fresher.

There are several sheets at home that you need to pay attention to, starting from bed sheets, pillow sheets, throw pillow sheets, and so on. Replace all these sheets with new ones and wash the old sheets immediately. Do not keep it in the basket for too long as it can cause an unpleasant odor.

12. Manage Household Waste Properly

household waste

Next, there is manage household waste properly. This one is often left unattended and unnoticed. Garbage in the kitchen needs to be made every day. Never wait for the trash to be full as this can cause a very annoying bad smell.

Not only that, the garbage that accumulates for too long can also bring in pests such as flies. So in addition to disturbing the beauty of the room, it is also not good for health.

13. Add Some Aromatherapy Candles in The Room

comfy room tips

Adding a calming fragrance can add to the comfort of the room. With this, you can add some aromatherapy candles to the room. You can turn it on in the morning or at night.

The presence of aromatherapy candles can not only make the room smell good. You can also become more relaxed and calm.

The most appropriate room for aromatherapy candles to present is the bedroom and bathroom. When you want to sleep, you can turn on the aromatherapy candle for half an hour. And in the bathroom, you can turn it on while soaking in warm water. This will really help you become calmer and fresh again.

14. Use Air Humidifier to Maintain Air Humidity


For those of you who use the air conditioner or during winter, the room often becomes dry. So, to maintain the comfort and freshness of the room, air humidity needs to be considered.

In maintaining the humidity of the air in the room, you can rely on an air humidifier. You can place it in the living room and bedroom. Besides controlling the humidity in the room, the air humidifier can also help you to keep your skin from drying out.

15. Add Diffuser to Give A Calming Fragrance


Besides aromatherapy candles, you can also use a diffuser. You can fill it with water and the essential oil that you like. The diffuser will turn the water into steam. And this steam will later enter through the pores and make you calm. So, in addition to making the room smell nice and fresh, using a diffuser will also make you more relaxed.

Final Words

The comfort and freshness of the house is the main thing that needs to be done. And you can do all kinds of ways starting from doing renovations or just opening the window in the morning. The points above are 15 Easy Tips to Make Your Room Comfortable and Fresh that will help you a lot. Make sure you follow the fifteen points above for the sake of creating a comfortable and fresh home. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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