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23 Up-to-Date Monochrome Dining Room Decors & Ideas Applying monochrome design to the dining room is the right idea to create a neutral and simple appearance. It is interesting for you to try decorating the room by just playing with two colors. Indeed, there are no rules in choosing colors, you can combine two colors, whether it’s navy with white, pink with green, beige with gray, or white with black. However, among the many colors you can choose, black and white are the most popular. These two colors are in the neutral color group. The white color gives a bright effect and the black color vice versa. Black also gives a firm but calm effect. So, this will make it easier for you to create a simple or minimalist neutral room.

1. Large Decorations

monochrome dining room
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The amount of decoration in a room does not determine whether the room will look attractive. It all depends on the color scheme, texture, and shape. The decoration must match the concept of the room. As in this idea where minimal decoration does not determine the beauty of the dining room. Due to the small number of decorations, the large size is a lifesaver.

On the whitewashed wall hangs a large painting where the colors in the painting are also in the interior. And, there is a large, attractive pendant lamp. The inner layer made of rattan creates a natural impression of the dining room.

2. Sleek Monochrome Dining Room

dining room decoration and ideas
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The whitewashed walls are left bare without any decorations, creating a clean look. The dining chairs and the dining table are jet black. Sunlight coming in through the large window hits the black surface and can be seen reflecting into the room. Right above it, there are metal globe pendant lamps that look glossy when reflected by sunlight.

The dining room is deliberately not decorated so that the reflection of light and color can stand out there. So, the impression in the room is simpler. A calm atmosphere dominates and increases the comfort of the dining room. There is only a small plant in the middle of the dining room to eliminate the stiff impression.

3. Minimalist Monochrome Dining Room

minimalist monochrome dining room
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To create a dining room with a bright appearance, white is the main color. This color is applied to the walls and floor. And, black is an accent. It is present on the dining chairs, the dining table, and the window frame. The black and white colors are completely consistent. Even the dining table decoration also has the same color as the dining table.

The plain appearance without any motifs there creates a perfect minimalist impression. Even so, the dining room is far from feeling stiff and boring. There is a large window without a grid which successfully shows the beautiful view outside the house. Besides that, it also maximizes the natural lighting that enables and makes the colors alive.

4. Enjoy The Beautiful View

beautiful view
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This idea takes advantage of the beautiful view outside the house to add comfort to the dining room. The large window and glass door are used as a barrier between indoor and outdoor. There you can see a large green garden which brings freshness into the house.

There are no decorations such as curtains on the windows and glass doors so that the view can be enjoyed very well. Besides that, natural light also enters freely into the dining room, making the white and black colors more lively.

5. Thick Cool Nuances

large monochrome dining room
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Actually, the dining room is not very spacious. However, the high ceiling makes the dining room feel more spacious. Apart from that, windows are also installed at the top of the wall so that the top of the dining room remains bright. And, with concrete walls, the feel of the room seems cooler even though the light comes in optimally.

Another gray color is spread to the pendant lamps. Its large size makes the gray color more dominant. The low-profile furniture gives the illusion of taller walls.

6. Corner Dining Room

corner dining room
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This idea takes advantage of a small space in the corner of a comfortable dining room. Instead of dining chairs, the bench is much better at saving existing space. The color of the bench is made the same as the wall so that the corner of the room seems wider. There are no decorations on the windows so that sunlight can illuminate the corner dining room well. The sconces are not only lights to illuminate the room at night but they are also decorations for the wall. Other decorations include throw pillows in neutral colors. Also, there are flowers as a simple decoration which creates a slightly fresh impression.

7. A Little Freshness

fresh monochrome dining room
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Black is applied to the walls so that the appearance of the dining room seems shady. But, it does not make the room dark. The ceiling remains white and natural light remains maximum. There is also a mirror as wall decor which reflects light into the room and makes the room brighter. Due to limited space, decorations are kept to a minimum. And, in the corner of the room, there is a large plant that brings another color into the interior. The green color brings a fresh feel and natural impression to the dining room.

8. Give More Dimension

best monochrome dining room
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Gray and black are the colors chosen for the small dining area. The impression created is more dining. However, the presence of wood material creates a balance between cold and warm nuances.

Because the space is small, there are not many decorations there. But, the wooden cabinet table becomes a decorative area. Some decorations are focused there, starting from small plants, some beautiful bottles, and jugs.

Another beauty is also in the pendant lamps. The round pendant lamps match the round mirror on the wall. The black color makes it stand out there. It gives dimension to a small area which makes it seem more spacious. Curved lines add softness to the look.

9. Modern Monochrome Dining Room Design

simple monochrome dining room
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Modern design focuses more on geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, and so on. The perpendicular lines create a firm impression. As in this idea makes the square shape more dominant, starting from the mirror on the wall and the dining table. However, dining chairs are made more curved, and sharp corners are smoothed. It’s a great way to reduce the stiff impression in the dining room. Even so, firmness is still visible in this modern monochrome dining room. Not only from the geometric shape but also from the deep black color.

10. Bring A Nuance with Wallpaper

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The simple dining room looks attractive with wallpaper installed on one side of the wall. The black and white wallpaper emphasizes the monochrome design in the dining room. Also, the wallpaper brings another vibe into the room. This is like bringing the dining room to the feel of the 80s where old buildings with a very strong monochrome theme. Indeed, there are no colors that make the wallpaper look alive but you can feel a freshness from there.

11. Minimalist Elegance for A Timeless Look

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The dining room has a minimalist design and has a calm atmosphere. The wall area is kept clean, there are no decorations hanging there. Even so, the wall panels have a texture that is enough to beautify the appearance of the room. Also, playing on texture is more reliable here, such as the use of wood material for the dining table and the floor, fabric material for the dining chairs, and the rug.

The combination of light gray and black brings an elegant look to the room. However, apart from that, the pendant lamp design is the key to the elegant appearance of this room. The black and white dining room is large in size so it fills the upper area of the dining room well. The simple design really supports the interior. There is a texture on pendant lamps that makes it enchanting.

12. Let The Marble Enliven The Room

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Monochrome design is indeed the best for those of you who want to make the dining room look minimalist. Black and white can fill a room well. You just need to decorate the room regularly to emphasize the room. No need for excessive display. Just the small plants as the dining table decorations.

To eliminate the stiff impression and make the dining room stunning, use marble material, whether for the dining table, countertop, or kitchen backsplash. The marble has a smooth abstract motif which is very effective in removing a stiff impression. In addition, it also provides an elegant and luxurious look and feel to the dining room.

13. Double Function Kitchen Island

kitchen island
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This idea combines the kitchen with the dining. What’s interesting about this idea is that the kitchen island has more functions, namely as a dining bench. The soft seat cushion makes it comfortable when sitting on it. With several throw pillows that decorate the dining bench, the appearance is attractive but still simple.

The white marble with a soft gray motif decorates the kitchen-dining very well. This is why the decoration is minimized to make the marble stand out there. But, to reduce the stiff impression in the room, a bowl of lemon is enough to decorate the dining area.

14. Classic Dining Room Design

classic monochrome dining room design
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The classic style brings the dining room to a more different atmosphere. It looks elegant with intricate carvings on the ceiling. With minimal decoration, the eye’s attention will be immediately drawn to the beautiful ceiling area.

The dining chair is made of velvet that looks sleek when exposed to sunlight. It’s great to emphasize the elegant and luxurious look of the dining room. The beauty of the dining room does not only depend on color but also on texture. There are many textures present from the carvings on the ceiling, wall panels, velvet dining chairs, the rug, and the herringbone floor.

15. Glass Partition

glass partition
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Between the kitchen and the dining room, there is a barrier in the form of a glass partition. Installing the glass partition is one way to make a room feel more spacious. You can see another room when you are in one of the rooms.

With the same concept, you can be more creative. For example, for the dining room only use black and white dining table and chairs. And, for a more elegant or luxurious impression, present marble material in the kitchen by applying it to the backsplash and the kitchen island.

16. Soft Pink Bring Another Feel

soft pink
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The monochrome concept prioritizes the use of only two colors. And the most popular is black and white. But, it’s okay if you want to present another color to make the look more interesting. As long as the color you choose does not disturb the concept of monochrome itself.

This idea chooses soft pink. It looks like a soft white color, but it’s pink. Applying it to the dining chair makes this color more focused so it doesn’t disturb the concept of the interior. And, the presence of soft pink certainly creates a soft appearance in the room. It also brings a slightly feminine impression.

17. Gallery Wall

gallery wall
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The small dining area in the corner of the room is made fuller with the gallery wall so it stands out. The black and white pictures with white edges are arranged neatly on the whitewashed wall. So, the look is clean. Also, the use of black frames for the pictures creates a barrier between the pictures and the wall. Besides that, it gives a bold and garden effect to the walls. With this, the eyes will immediately look at the wall and find beauty in the form of memories of the beautiful past.

18. Fresh Monochrome Dining Room

fresh monochrome dining room
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The L-shaped kitchen provides empty space in the middle which can be used as a dining area in this idea. The dining area is made simple to make the kitchen not feel cramped. Use carpet as a visual barrier. But, the motif of the carpet gives a beautiful impression. Also, in the middle of the dining table, there is a glass vase containing fresh roses. Besides beautifying the appearance, it also makes the dining-kitchen fresh.

So that it is not too stiff, the wooden dining chairs are not painted. So, the color of natural wood is still visible very clearly. This is safe for the monochrome concept. In fact, the color and texture of the wood become a natural beauty in the middle of this room.

19. Stunning Pendant Lamps

pendant lamps
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The high roof makes the dining room feel more spacious. Meanwhile, the room only has a dining table and dining chairs. Also, the wall only has a simple large painting. So, the impression is that the room is empty and uninteresting. Therefore, to fill this void, two large pendant lamps were chosen. With black, it looks stand out in the white dining room. The design is simple but very attractive. The circular shape provides a softness to this minimalist monochrome dining room design.

20. Picture The View

beautiful monochrome dining room
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To make the room look pretty and not boring, this idea takes advantage of the beautiful view outside the house. Large windows with black frames match the monochrome interior design. There is no grid on the window so the beautiful view is well framed. It looks like a painting on the whitewashed wall.

The decoration in the room is very simple, just gold pendant lamps and a small plant on the black dining table. It’s good enough to focus on the beautiful view as the main beauty of the room.

21. Industrial Monochrome Dining Room

industrial monochrome dining room
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This monochrome industrial design creates a worn impression by using an old sofa. Leather material gives an attractive impression. The white tiles wall decorates the dining room. It’s already enough for the small dining room. However, this one idea makes the look more stunning by hanging a black and white painting. The dark black color looks bold on the wall. However, when exposed to sunlight, it has a calming effect.

Although the feel of the room tends to be dining. However, there, there was still a hint of warmth. The brown color and wood material are a source of visual warmth in the room.

22. Simple Decorations

simple dining room
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Choosing a monochrome design for the dining room can be the first step in creating a minimalist or simple dining room. White is the main color not only to brighten the appearance of the room but also to neutralize it. In this way, other colors and textures present there can be seen more clearly by the eye.

There are some plants as dining table decorations that bring a little freshness. The rest, there are only a few small displays such as an aluminum vase and a candle. For the wall, a black-and-white picture is a great choice. Also, choose a minimalist-designed pendant lamp and wooden chair to make this room perfect.

23. Clean Monochrome Dining Room Look

clean monochrome dining room
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The concrete floor and whitewashed walls without decoration create a clean look to the kitchen-dining. Beauty only depends on the design of the furniture and the wood material for the stools and the bowl. Black and white create an elegant and neutral impression. But, with the concrete floor which presents a gray color there, a cool feel is created well. Two large black pendant lamps save the room from feeling empty because the decoration is very simple.

Final Words

If one color can give a room a stiff effect, then try filling the room with two colors, or what is usually called a monochrome design. The play on just two colors creates a simpler impression. So, it is a great step if you want to make your dining room minimalist. But, with just two colors, you can also focus on decoration such as playing on textures or displays for the dining table and the wall. And, from the simple to a room full of decoration, we have provided it all in the ideas above. You just choose the right one that matches your personality.

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