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32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You – Monochrome theme is very interesting. By relying on two colors, you can create a very attractive interior. If you want to apply a monochrome theme to your apartment, then reading this article is the right choice. Because in this article, we will provide some of the best references we have. Here are 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You. So, let’s check it out!

1. Monochrome Apartment That Has Soothing Ambiance

monochrome apartment
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The first of 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas is a monochrome apartment that has a soothing ambiance. If usually monochrome is decorated with black and white, this idea is a little different. This apartment bedroom uses gray with light and dark shades. So that the apartment looks shadier. With the help of natural lighting, the apartment feels so comfortable.

2. Minimalist Monochrome Apartment Living Room

minimalist monochrome apartment
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Jet-black does seem very dark. However, the jet-black interior can make your apartment look attractive. With a touch of gray, the apartment looks more mature. And this one idea is suitable for a minimalist concept apartment.

3. Sheer Make It Bright but Shady

sheer decoration
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The large windows in the apartment are indeed very good at providing excess natural light. However, large windows can interfere with your privacy. Therefore, try to use sheer on the apartment. This one item can maintain your privacy while making the apartment look bright.

You can hang the sheer until it hits the ceiling. And let the sheer fall to the floor. This one trick can give the illusion of height on the walls of your apartment. With this, the small apartment looks more spacious.

4. Cool and Masculine Nuances

cool and masculine nuances
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A darker appearance does look more cool and masculine. The black cabinet makes this apartment living room look stand out. Even though this apartment looks very simple, the gray velvet sofa and carpet are enough to decorate this apartment. So that the appearance of the apartment does not seem stiff.

5. Feel Warm with Fabric Wall Panel

fabric wall panel
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Adding fabric elements to the interior is one trick that can make the interior of the apartment feel so calm, warm, and comfortable. Start from the spot that catches the eye the most, that is the wall.

In decorating walls, you can rely on fabric wall panels. Besides creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere, this accent also embellishes the walls of the apartment.

6. Dominant White Make It Bright

bright monochrome apartment
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The dominant white color will certainly make the apartment look bright. Indeed, white is much better to serve as the main color for a small apartment. Because, in addition to looking bright, the apartment will also look wider.

To beautify the interior of the apartment, you can give black decorations. Also, give a touch of gray to make it look softer and not stiff.

7. Feel Fresh with Plants

plant decoration
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The combination of black and white sometimes gives a cold feel to the room. Not only that, but the room will also seem stiff and uncomfortable. And plants become decorations that you can rely on. The natural green color of the plants will beautify your monochrome apartment. Besides that, the presence of plants is also very helpful to make this place feel fresh.

8. Bright Monochrome Apartment

bright interior
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For those of you who want a quieter, warmer, and more comfortable interior, then make white as the main color. And, make black as a room decoration. Also, present some small plants that beautify and make your room feel comfortable.

9. Open-Plan Monochrome Apartment

open plan monochrome apartment
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For apartments with small sizes, an open-plan concept will be very useful. This will make the apartment feel more spacious and comfortable. It is just that you need to apply the monochrome concept consistently. If you apply the monochrome concept to the living room, then apply it to the dining area and also the kitchen as well.

Give illusionary boundaries to determine which area is the living room and kitchen area. Here, you can use pendant lamps and also rugs.

10. Mirror Wardrobe for Monochrome Studio Apartment

monochrome studio apartment
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The studio apartment is very small. And making white as the main color is the right choice. You can give black decorations to get rid of the stiff impression of a white apartment. And the most important thing is to present the glass element there. A mirrored wardrobe will be very helpful to make the studio apartment feel and look wider and brighter.

11. Modern Monochrome Apartment Kitchen

modern monochrome apartment
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The next of 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You is a modern monochrome apartment. The black dove cabinet makes it look softer. However, the glossy surface of the marble island table gives this apartment a brighter and more vibrant effect. Plus, natural light from the window directly hits the marble.

12. Monochrome Apartment in Japandi Style

japandi interior design
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Japandi style is perfect for those of you who want an apartment with a calm and soothing atmosphere. With subtle wood elements, this apartment feels very warm and comfortable. The black color exposed to the sun adds to the serenity that makes it perfect.

13. Wall Mirror Make It Feel More Spacious

wall mirror
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The mirror is a material that is suitable for use in small apartments. However, you can also apply it to a spacious apartment.

If we look at the picture above, the mirror is indeed used to decorate the wall area. However, the effect given by the mirror is to make the apartment look wider. With this, the apartment will be far from cramped.

14. Fresh Monochrome Apartment

fresh mono apartment
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The combination of black and white sometimes feels boring and stiff. However, if it is decorated properly, the monochrome apartment will look beautiful and comfortable. In this case, you can depend on plants. Some plants on the windowsill will be very helpful to give a fresh effect to the apartment.

15. Monochrome Apartment in Classic Style

classic style
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The classic style may seem old, but this style will always stick in the hearts of lovers of luxurious interiors. The carvings that characterize the classic style will really help make a monochrome apartment look more attractive.

16. Simple, Bright, and Fresh

monochrome apartment ideas
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Who would have thought that such a simple decoration can actually make an apartment look attractive and also feel comfortable. The apartment is simply decorated to make it feel more spacious. That way, there will be plenty of space for you to move.

The dominant white color makes the apartment look so bright. The help of sunlight and plants at the end of the room helps this small room feel more fresh. Even though it’s white, you do not have to worry about the apartment looking stiff. This time, the idea is to use a throw pillow and a jet black coffee table. Plus, the velvet rug in gray gives a softer and calmer effect.

17. Cozy Corner Spot

cozy corner spot
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In this idea, the corner of the room is not left empty. The corner of the room that may seem ordinary is turned into the most comfortable spot. With a comfortable chair and additional plants, you can make it a place to relax and unwind.

18. Luxurious Monochrome Apartment

luxurious monochrome apartment
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Who would have thought that by combining two colors, you can create an apartment with an luxurious look. This apartment does carry a classic style, where the carvings on the ceiling and walls really play on the beauty of the room. The chandelier used in this apartment is also an important item that makes it look classy. It does not stop here, the red rose decoration slightly evokes a sexy look to the apartment.

19. Elegant Monochrome Apartment

elegant apartment
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Although small and narrow, this apartment looks quite elegant. Marble which is used as an accent wall and backsplash gives a beautiful and expensive look. As well as a touch of black that is firm and mixes well with soft and calm grays.

20. Warm and Elegant at Once

warm and elegant apartment
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Marble accents are indeed the most reliable in making a room look expensive and elegant. With the help of natural lighting, marble motifs will look more alive and charming. However, even so, this apartment idea is far from cold and assertive. This is because of the wooden elements used for the kitchen cabinets and floors.

21. Beautiful Marble Accent

beautiful marble accent
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If the apartment feels too simple, minimalist, and boring, then give it a motif that can make it look attractive. The idea at this time is using marble to give a beautiful abstract motif. The gray marble is perfect to combine with the jet black kitchen cabinets. The results obtained from this one idea are firm but calming.

22. Dark Neutral Apartment Interior

dark neutral monochrome apartment
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Black is not always firm and masculine. In fact, this one idea features a dark neutral apartment interior. The walls and backsplash are already quite stunning so they no longer need wall decorations for apartments. What makes it neutral are the combination of white and black, plant decorations, and natural lighting that comes in through the windows.

23. Simple Modern Monochrome Apartment

simple modern monochrome apartment ideas
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Even though it is simple, this apartment looks pretty and snazzy. If usually black and white brings a cold and firm feel, this apartment actually feels so soothing. The marble material used has a very simple motif so that the apartment looks more calm.

24. Minimalist Apartment Kitchen

minimalist monochrome apartment ideas
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White is still chosen as the main color for the creation of an apartment with a bright appearance. Even so, a little shady effect is obtained from the gray decoration on the kitchen cabinet. And the most important thing is the touch of black that is so little but powerful enough to remove the impression of being stiff and boring in the room.

25. Soft Monochrome Apartment Look

soft monochrome apartment look
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Soft monochrome apartment look becomes the next of 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You. This time the shade of white was chosen darker for the sake of creating a soft look. Not only that, the black color in the kitchen cabinet is also not too dark. So, this idea will be perfect for those of you who want a monochrome apartment with a soft and calm look.

26. Fresh Small Monochrome Apartment

fresh small apartment
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Besides white, gray is no less interesting to combine with black. Like in this monochrome apartment. The atmosphere that appears will be calmer and much more comfortable. The wood material also makes this apartment feel so warm. Not only that, the presence of plants inserted in the kitchen makes the apartment fresh.

27. Elegant and Luxury Apartment

elegant and luxury interior
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Gray and wood colors are ideas that you can choose to create an apartment that is full of serenity. You can give a touch of gold as a decoration. Additional marble elements really help create an elegant and luxurious appearance.

28. Comfortable Minimalist Workspace

comfortable minimalist workspace
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Working at home alone is much more comfortable. Therefore, even though the space in the apartment is very minimal, you have to create a comfortable workspace there.

If we look at the picture above, the hallway in the apartment is used to create a comfortable workspace. With shades of gray and black, the workspace atmosphere will be very calm.

29. Monochrome Small Bathroom

monochrome small apartment bathroom
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Making the dominant white color is very appropriate for a small apartment bathroom. The white color will help this small room feel more spacious. Because the bathroom does not need decoration, then you can apply black on the floor of the room. And do not forget to bring plants so that the bathroom feels fresher and does not look monotonous.

30. Comfortable Monochrome Bedroom Apartment

monochrome apartment decor ideas
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This monochrome bedroom looks so simple without the same bedframe. Even so, the bed on the floor feels quite comfortable and can make you sleep soundly. Because the black and white layered bedding that is applied makes the mattress feel softer and warmer.

31. Cozy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
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Reading is a fun activity. Besides making you forget about tired activities, reading can also help you increase your knowledge. And reading will be much more fun if there is a spot that is so comfortable to read.

In this idea, the small apartment has a cozy reading nook with a monochrome theme. A very comfortable arm style sofa in ivory white gives a softer and calmer look. And the dashing black floor lamp so beautifully decorates the reading nook.

32. Fresh Monochrome Apartment Bathroom

best monochrome apartment ideas
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Black and white often looks elegant, firm, and calm. However, this one idea displays a fresh and cloudless appearance. Because the fresh artificial plants are placed in several spots in the bathroom. Not only that, you can find several motifs that make the apartment bathroom feel so pleasant and alive. And it becomes the last of 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You.

Final Words

Even though it only uses two colors, the monochrome theme is quite reliable in making the apartment look charming. The combination of white and black or gray and black is perfect for making the apartment look so minimalist. And the points above are 32 Monochrome Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Attract You.

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