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21 Ideas for Cozy Places at Home: Create Your Own Place for Resting – Home is supposed to be the most comfortable place. Put your love into it. Pay close attention to every detail. The choice of color, layout, and accessories must be considered carefully. So, no matter how small the house or room is, good and correct decoration will turn it into a beautiful and comfortable place. Having a cozy place at home can be your mainstay place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world. Do some relaxing activities such as enjoying a cup of coffee or reading your favorite book. In this article, we have provided 21 Ideas for Cozy Places at Home that you can use as a reference.

1. Soothing Mini Library

cozy places at home
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The first of 21 ideas for cozy places at home is a soothing mini library. An empty corner of a room is transformed into the coziest place in the house. The bookshelf is full from bottom to top creating a tall effect on the wall. It makes the corner of the room feel wider.

The choice of soft colors such as beige, gray, and soft pink creates a soft and calm appearance. Calmness is more focused here. Yellow light from the string light and candles provides additional lighting.

Books are certainly accessories that decorate a mini library. However, small plants are also present on the bookshelf. Its natural green color brings freshness that is pleasing to the eye.

2. Cozy Reading Nook

reading nook
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A cozy reading nook appears with a more minimalist appearance. White is the main color which makes the corner of the room look bright. With the help of maximum sunlight, the white color radiates its brightness well.

A lounge is the most comfortable spot in the room. Besides the soft cushion, there are also throw pillows and a blanket. These are decorations that are also used to create beauty in the corners of the room. The floral pattern provides a fresh and attractive effect to the minimalist reading nook.

3. Enjoy The Winter on The Window Bench

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Enjoying the winter scenery where the snow starts to fall and covers the land is a relaxing thing. Therefore, the window area is the spot to pay attention to here. The window bench is a place to relax, enjoy the beauty of winter by sitting or lying down there. With a throw pillow and soft seat cushion, this spot becomes comfortable.

Sometimes, cold air enters the house through the windows. So, to keep the body temperature warm, the window bench is also decorated with a thick blanket. And, to increase the warmth in the window bench area, candles are the decoration that fills this area. Scattered placement warms this spot evenly.

4. Take A Rest in The Bathroom

cozy bathroom
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Take a break in the bathroom. Soaking in warm water after daily activities will really help relax your body and mind. Make the bathroom the most comfortable place to rest. Choose colors that can bring calm, such as combining white and green.

Don’t focus too much on the quantity of the accessories. Decorate the bathroom minimally to create a calm atmosphere. Play with textures and patterns to enliven the bathroom. Also, put plants in several spots to bring freshness, both visually and in the atmosphere.

To increase calm in the bathroom, place several aromatherapy candles in several spots. Use a bath tray if there is no longer a place to put it all.

5. Get Freshness in the Sunroom

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The sunroom carries a modern industrial style. Gray is the main color. The concrete flooring, sofa, and chair have the same color which creates a minimalist impression. With minimal decoration, calm will be clearer in the sunroom.

The play on wood material brings warmth. The wood material is deliberately not polished anymore to provide its original color and texture. It looks lively with maximum natural lighting.

Indeed, there are no special decorations in the sunroom. Beauty only relies on the plants inside and outside the sunroom. The green color fills the sunroom well. It matches the neutral colors there.

6. Romantic Outdoor Dining Area

best cozy places at home ideas
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The romantic outdoor dining area is the next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home. The refreshing air and views are an added bonus that can make your mind and body more relaxed. Especially with delicious dishes on the dining table and enjoying them with your loved ones.

The outdoor dining area only uses two colors, namely black and white to maintain a natural impression. And, this place prioritizes wooden materials. The natural brown color will really boost the warm feel there. Also, the yellow light from the outdoor string light adds warmth and creates a calm atmosphere.

7. Relax in The Patio

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The white patio with blue accents creates a refreshing natural impression. The blue throw pillows with a simple pattern sweeten the appearance of the patio. Indeed, the refreshing view of the plants or trees is enough to make you comfortable when you are there. However, it cannot be denied that the beautiful appearance of the patio plays an important role in the comfort of this place.

The swing sofa replaces the chair or bench on the patio. The effect is more visually attractive. Also, the swing sofa is a spot for relaxing. Moreover, a soft seat cushion can make us feel comfortable to sit or relax for longer periods.

8. Small Home Office

home office
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The next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home is a small home office. The size of the room does not determine the comfort of the room itself. It’s the decoration that determines it. Like this idea where a minimalist-designed home office feels more spacious with white as the main color and maximum natural lighting. Decorating the room focuses only on the sides of the room so as to create more empty space there.

Decoration is really done minimally. The floating wall shelves contain stacked books or documents. The rest rely on green plants and flowers to refresh and sweeten the appearance of the home office.

The wall area was deliberately left blank. The decoration is done centrally, namely on floating wall shelves. Installing floating wall shelves on the top wall gives the impression of height on the wall.

9. Cozy Tiny Home Loft

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Because the ceiling of the loft is quite short, no furniture is used in this place. Benches or sofas are replaced with seat cushions and throw pillows. Even so, comfort is enough to cover the loft well. The carpet flooring is chosen to warm and make the skin feel comfortable. There are also skylight windows which maximize sunlight and bring warmth inside.

You can use the tranquility of the loft to isolate yourself from the chaos of the world. There are several books neatly stored on the built-in shelves. So, read your favorite book and dive into it.

10. Comfortable Under Stairs Area

under the stairs
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Don’t waste any empty space in the house, even if it’s the area under the stairs. This area can be the best hiding place. The right decoration will create complete comfort so that the area under the stairs becomes a comfortable place to rest.

Take advantage of the wall area by installing floating wall shelves. Make it a decorative area by placing several accessories, books, small plants, and lamps as a source of light.

Customize the bench with drawers for additional storage. Make the bench feel comfortable by choosing the right seat cushion. Decorate also with throw pillows and a blanket.

11. Hammock in The Backyard

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Such a beautiful view would be a pity to miss. Enjoying beautiful views not only pampers the eyes but also makes the mind and soul more relaxed. Therefore, a hammock in the backyard is the next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home.

Relaxing in a hammock is much more comfortable than relaxing on the couch or chair. However, the decoration of the hammock also determines the comfort of the hammock itself. Use a thick blanket to keep your body temperature warm. Also, put one or two small pillows there to support your neck or head.

12. Fresh Tiny Patio

tiny patio
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No matter how small the room or area in your house is, as long as the decoration is correct, comfort will be present there. And this was realized in idea one. The tiny patio is only filled with makeshift or necessary furniture. There is a chair, a seat cushion that looks like a folding sofa, and a small coffee table. Using a carpet with a soft striped motif is an additional decoration that also provides warmth to the patio.

The play on white and pink creates a more calm, feminine, and fresh appearance. Other freshness can also be obtained from the pink flowers that decorate the sides of the patio.

For lighting, yellow light is best. The scattered candles and string lights enhance the tranquility and warmth in the patio.

13. Take The Advantage of Fireplace Area

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Put down a rug in the fireplace area. No longer need a bench, seat cushion, or anything else. You can sit and relax on the rug. Take your favorite books and stack them neatly there to make a small table for placing a cup of hot chocolate. This becomes the next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home.

The fire burning in the fireplace can keep you warm even during the extreme winter season. Take advantage of the time you have by reading a book. This activity will make the mind calmer.

14. Living Room That Plays on The Texture

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It is okay not to use excessive accessories in the room because there are many other ways to beautify the room itself. And, one of them is by playing with texture. Choose a soft fabric sofa so that relaxing in the living room will feel more comfortable. Especially if the sofa is decorated with throw pillows and thick blankets. Expand the texture in the window area by using sheer curtains. Also, pay attention to the floor area. Put down a sheepskin rug or carpet with the same color tone as the interior or sofa. The sheepskin rug offers a clear texture to the room.

15. A Cozy Bedroom

cozy bedroom
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The beautiful view outside the house really isn’t wasted. The bed is placed right next to the window so you can enjoy this beautiful view comfortably. However, sunlight may be dazzling so cover some windows with curtains.

The afternoon is the right time to enjoy the tranquility in the bedroom. Create a calm and warm atmosphere by relying on yellow lighting. String lights are accessories for the window area. And, in several spots such as bedside table and bookshelf, place candles scattered. It would be better to use aromatherapy candles which can relax your mind.

16. Warm Vintage Style

vintage reading nook
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The reading nook has a soft worn look thanks to its strong vintage style, making it look interesting and different. The atmosphere in the reading nook feels warm and calm even though it is far from minimalist.

Soft pink, white, and sage green are the keys to a soft appearance on the reading nook. The horizontal lines on the wooden wall decorate the reading nook area well. There are wall lamps on the right and left sides with a distinctive vintage design. The yellow light from there provides warmth and calm to the reading nook.

17. A Small Garden in The Backyard

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Having a small garden in the backyard is a bonus. Green plants and trees are a source of freshness. And, being in a refreshing area will really soothe the soul and mind. However, to make the small garden a place to rest, the small garden must be made as comfortable as possible.

Simple decorations such as throw pillows and blankets are enough to make the bench feel comfortable. White pillows will match the garden. To add aesthetic value, outdoor lighting with yellow lighting is hung on trees and also on wall areas.

18. The Dining Area in The Corner of The Room

corner dining area
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The next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home is the dining area in the corner of the room. The corners of the room are filled with natural touches. The soft white and light gray fill the dining area very well. Black is an accent that gives a firm impression there, eliminating the stiffness in the corners of the room. But, this color also produces calm.

The minimalist concept creates complete calm in the dining corner room. There are only a few accessories such as a jug in the middle of the dining table and the sheepskin rug on the bench. Beauty really depends on the play of neutral colors, wood materials, and natural lighting.

19. Patio Near The Pool

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There is a pool which makes the backyard a very calming place. So, making the patio near the pool is the right idea. This becomes the next of 21 ideas for cozy places at home.

The white patio and play on natural materials maintain a natural feel in the backyard. White certainly makes the patio look bright and lively. The choice of wooden outdoor furniture brings a natural warmth. There is also a round wicker rug and other wicker accessories that hang on the wall and patio which beautify the appearance of the patio itself.

20. Tranquil Backyard

tranquil backyard
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Right above the pond, there is a bench which is a place to rest. With the seat cushion and throw pillows, the bench becomes a very comfortable place to relax. You can sit and dip your feet into the pool. The splash of water in the pond will also pamper your sense of hearing, bringing calm to your mind.

The seat cushion and throw pillow are decorations that can make the pond area look attractive. White is certainly a color that must be present to create a bright and lively impression in this natural area. If you want an attractive and soft impression, bring pastel colors there. The pastel green will match the freshness of the pond.

21. Outdoor Living Area

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The last of 21 ideas for cozy places at home is an outdoor living room. The sofa becomes a place to rest on the patio. There are also several throw pillows that add to the comfort of the sofa. The play of neutral color and lighting succeeds in creating calm and warmth. The candles are a source of lighting for the patio at night. They also serve as accessories to increase the aesthetic value of the patio. The warm yellow light from the candles seems to dispel the cold air on the patio. You can get physical warmth from the blanket on the sofa.

Final Words

The house is not only a place of refuge but also a place to rest. So, besides beauty, comfort is also an important point. Create a cozy place that can be relied upon as an escape from the tiredness and busyness of the world. The points above are 21 ideas for cozy places at home. Make the points above as your references in creating your own place for resting. So, good luck!

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