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22 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Enhance The Look Dramatically – The dining room is not just a room for eating, but more than that. The appearance also influences the beauty of the interior of the house. The decorations on the dining table present or add sensitivity to a design in the room. This is why many people are looking for dining table decor ideas.

Plants might be an alternative decoration for a dining table. Its fresh and natural look can easily fit into any type of room design. However, actually, there are many other decorations that you might not know before. These decorations will increase the beauty value yet make this room look different. So, here are 22 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Enhance The Look Dramatically that can be your reference.

1. Something Fresh and Simple

dining table decor ideas
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The first of 22 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Enhance The Look Dramatically is something fresh and simple. With a minimalist design vase, green plants are successful in bringing freshness. The presence of green in the monochrome dining room concept makes the look alive. It removes the stiffness and boring feeling in the room.

You can put this plant alone in the middle of the table. But, if you want to make it more interesting, adding white bowls there can also be an option that you can choose and apply.

2. An Empty Fruit Bowl

simple dining table decor ideas
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Keep in mind that the dining table decor functions to beautify yet add sensitivity to a design. So, decorations or displays for the dining table must follow the interior.

The simple fruit bowl with a beautiful curved lines texture will be very good for the minimalist dining room design. The ivory-white color adds sophistication to the look. And, to maintain the minimalist concept, the fruit bowl is left empty so that it shows lines and textures that match the rug.

3. Candle Sticks with Its Stands

candle stick
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Candlesticks are a simple decoration to beautify the dining table. Even though it seems very easy and simple, the presence of candlesticks can drastically change the appearance of your ordinary dining room. The light from candles changes the appearance and atmosphere to become warmer and calmer. At first glance, it also feels romantic so the dining room can be used for romantic dinners with loved ones.

Rely on candles to beautify the appearance. Use the candle stand to make the candles stand out more on the dining table. Black candle stands are the right option. Black will look sharper on the eyes.

4. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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The next of 22 Dining Table Decor Ideas is the pampas grass. This decoration is the mainstay for maintaining a warm concept in the room. The dining room, which is consistent with white, beige, and brown, often feels stiff and boring. Therefore, to give an interesting touch there, put pampas grass in a white vase. Place it in the middle of the table.

Pampas grass itself is quite charming and beautifies the dining room well, especially a small dining room with small capacities. So, there is no need for additional decorations that only take up the space and make the room narrower.

5. Bundle of Flowers

fresh dining table decor ideas
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If you are confused about what decoration is suitable for your dining room, then rely on something natural. For example flowers. Various types of flowers have different colors. This is also a subtle trick to add color to a room and create a more cloudless ambiance there.

The presence of flowers in the room will not disturb the minimalist concept of the room. But, you also have to do it right. A bundle of flowers can be placed in a glass vase with a simple design. That way, the flower stalks can still be seen. Fill the vase with water to keep the flowers fresh. Placing it in the middle of the table or slightly to the edge is up to you. Choose a spot that will make beautiful flowers on the table surface.

6. One Set of Tableware

beautiful dining table decor ideas
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One set of tableware can decorate the dining table very well. A measured concept will be sweeter when seen by the eye. Especially if the color of the tableware blends with the interior of the room.

The use of tableware fills the dining table fully. So, there is only a little space where you can add additional decorations in the form of plants or candles. However, even though this makes the dining table look full, the tableware will not disturb the dining room with a minimalist concept. As long as the colors on the tableware still fall into the neutral color group such as black, grey, beige, and white.

7. Wooden Tray

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Three displays can look like a group and work together to fill an empty dining table. These displays become tidier with a wooden tray. This is the next of 22 Dining Table Decor Ideas that are interesting to try.

Wood material displays natural colors and textures which will be very suitable for a dining room with a natural or neutral concept. Especially if the dining chair is also made of wood. Matching colors make the appearance more harmonious.

Get creative with wooden trays. Use displays that look similar in color and texture. For example, you can use white aromatherapy candles, white coral, and white pampas grass.

8. A Plate of Fruit

easy dining table decor ideas
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Make the plate look more dramatic by filling it with fruit. For fruit, it’s actually optional. However, what is visible on the surface of the dining table is a decoration that adds to the sensitivity of the concept or design of the dining room, so use fruit with colors that match the interior. For example, for the natural warm dining room with a minimalist design, the yellow color of lemon balances with the interior. In fact, the natural bright yellow color brings a little cloudless ambiance and makes this eating area look more lively.

9. Table Runner

table runner
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Table runners are one of the great decorations for long dining tables. It can give the illusion of a longer dining table. With a table runner, the center of the dining table is filled very well.

The color of the table runner can be adjusted to suit the interior of the room. For example, a room with a natural concept will look beautiful with a plain gray or beige table runner. Or, you can also bring a cloudless ambiance by choosing a brightly colored table runner. Patterns can be adjusted to suit taste. But, it would be better to choose a simple pattern because the middle area still has to be filled with other decorations such as plants, vases, and so on.

10. A Complementary Vase

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The light wooden dining table with textured legs is actually quite attractive for the dining room. On the table, there are small black vases that immediately catch the eye. However, it seemed as if something was making the room feel empty. If you also feel that way, the white vase is the most appropriate additional decoration for the dining table. Use a white vase with a soft texture for a more charming table appearance.

Leaving the white vase just like that on the table is fine. But, it would be better to make it more interesting and different by using wooden sticks in the backyard.

11. Two Different Vases Filled with Flowers

dining table vases
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Vases with the same material but different designs are the next of dining table decor ideas. With the same material, these vases have the same color tone. But, play on design is key. Different shapes and heights will look beautiful when juxtaposed. Even though you use the same plant, the vases will still look different.

Placing these two vases in the middle of the table makes it the center spot in the dining room. With plants with colors that match the interior, it becomes more stand out. Leave these vases without any additional decorations so they can be more focused in the middle of the room.

12. Wooden Book Stand

wooden book stand
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This idea shows that the dining room is not just a place to eat food. Having a book stand there adds to the function of the dining room as a reading place.

The concrete wall shows a natural light gray color and the wood for a natural brown, the atmosphere created in the room is calmer and warm. Natural lighting is also maximized so that reading in this room will feel so comfortable.

Indeed, the book stand is an item for placing books. But, when it is put on the table, it is visible to the eye which makes it look like a dining table decoration.

13. Woven Plate Coaster

plate coaster
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Even though it looks full, something natural is still acceptable to these eyes. The wooden long dining table is decorated with a white table runner. The top is filled with candlesticks and beautiful leaves. The beauty is further dramatized by the light from the candles, bringing warmth and a bit of romance to the dining room. And, what gives a full impression to the dining table is the woven plate coaster. The color almost resembles the color of the table. But, the texture really comes into play there. The natural texture brings its own beauty to the dining area.

14. Pile of Books

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Decorating a dining table does not always require a new display. Just take advantage of the things you have at home. For example, you can stack books that you no longer use on the dining table. Two to three books are enough to decorate the dining area. And, on the top, put something interesting, such as a small vase or miniature. The pile of books not only gives an aesthetic impression to the room but also makes other small displays stand out there.

Put the books in the middle area to make it a centerpiece. But, if you want to make your dining table feel wider, then move the pile of books slightly to the edge of the dining table.

15. Same Concept as The Wall

black dining table decor
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To maintain the concept of the room, just focus on the color of the concept itself. For example, for the Scandinavian design, focus on black, white, and gray. Likewise with displays for the dining table. Choose displays with the same color as the concept.

You can choose the same color as the wall in the room. As in this idea, the black color on one side of the wall is extended to the dining table area through the display. The black vases and candle stand look sharp on the table. But, black gives a calmer impression to the room.

16. Pretty Pink Candles

pink candles
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A little touch of pink in the black and white dining room changes the look and atmosphere drastically. The dominant black color should create a more dining and masculine appearance. But, not this time. With the pink candles and pink flowers, the appearance and atmosphere of the dining room change to sweet and calm. With pink flowers on the glass vase, the feminine impression can be seen very clearly. And, this is the next of 22 dining table decor ideas that can be chosen.

17. Mini Displays

mini dining table decor ideas
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Pay attention to the decoration that will be used for the minimalist dining room. Even though it seems trivial, decorations can change the appearance and atmosphere of the room. So, for the minimalist dining room, use decorations with a minimalist design too. Try not to have a size that is too large to maintain the minimalist concept itself. With this, mini displays are the right option. Starting from vases and bowls, choose mini sizes. For color, of course, matches the concept or interior of the room. Just stick to neutral colors if you do not want to be complicated.

18. Consistent With Freshness

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Maximum natural light, dominant wood material, and neutral colors give the dining room a natural appearance. So, for the decoration is consistent with natural elements too. Plants or flowers are the right decoration for this case. Green and floral colors create freshness to the natural dining room.

Even though flowers have different bright colors, their natural appearance will still fit into the concept and interior of the room. So, this does not disturb the dining room at all. In fact, using flowers is an alternative way to bring in other colors that enliven and enhance the room very well.

19. A Cute Miniature

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The pattern on the wall, dining chair, and rug already enliven the room very well. So, keep the dining decorations simple for a dining room appearance that is not too bulky. Avoid plants or flowers. It would be better to bring something simple but pleasing to the eye, like a miniature.

A miniature bear with a person riding on it looks beautiful on the round dining table. The white color makes the miniature fit into the concept very well. Even though it is small, placing it in the middle makes it the center of attention. This item beautifies your appearance without making it seem excessive.

20. Tablecloth

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The tablecloth is the simplest decoration for the dining table. However, there are several aspects that must be considered, such as color and pattern. It would be better to play with natural colors. But, if you want to add an interesting touch to the dining room, choose bright-colored tablecloths. However, keep the pattern simple so that the top area can still be decorated with other displays.

To ensure harmony in the room, choose a tablecloth with the same color and pattern as the throw pillows for the dining chair. It beautifies the room and keeps the look simple.

21. A Few Small Plants

small plants
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The colors of cut flowers are indeed more tempting. However, it cannot last long in the room. Withered flowers require you to replace them with new ones. Therefore, for those of you who want to bring something alive into the room that can last for several months (not temporarily), choose indoor houseplants.

Make your dining table centerpiece look fresh and alive at once. Instead of just using one plant that is quite large, it would be better to use two or three small plants.

22. Teapot and Cups

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Teapot and cups is the last of 22 dining table decor ideas you can choose from. Choose a model that is antique and has high artistic value. The teapot and cups from China could be an option. However, if you want something more natural and simple, clay teapots and cups are no less attractive for the dining table centerpiece.

Use the tray to place the teapot and cups. They can look like one group and work together very well in beautifying the look of the dining room.

Final Words

The objects seen in the room have an influence on the appearance and atmosphere of the room, even if it is just a bowl containing fruit or a vase containing fresh-cut flowers. So, what is on the dining table, even though its size is not large, has quite a big effect on the dining room. This is because the dining table is the main spot in this room. Therefore, it is important to choose the right dining table decor. And, the points above are 21 dining table decor ideas you can choose from. Choose one or two decorations that might match the concept/design of the interior.

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