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25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas: Enliven Your Moment with Family – Not only the living room, the dining room is also a room to relax and gather with family after a long day apart. Chatting while enjoying hot tea and bread will be much more enjoyable. Also, time with family will be of higher quality. However, this all needs to be supported by the right dining room, a dining room with a beautiful appearance and full comfort. And, to get this dreamy dining room, creating a minimalist dining room is an alternative way. This is a great idea and a simple way of creating a soothing ambiance. And, in this article, we have provided 25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas for those of you who want to Enliven Your Moment with Family. So, let’s check it out!

1. Don’t Just Use Dining Chairs

minimalist dining room
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If usually a dining room is only filled with a dining table and dining chairs, then this is the right time to create a dining room with a different appearance. On the long side, replace the dining chairs with a bench. Choose a side that blends with other rooms (open-plan concept). Besides giving a different and interesting impression, it also does not block the view of the dining room area. That way, the room will feel more spacious.

You can also take advantage of the bench in the dining room as an interesting spot. Adding a few touches in the form of a seat cushion or sheepskin rug can make it appear more stand out and aesthetic in the dining room.

2. Two Large Simple Pendant Lamps Design

minimalist dining room decor
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The presence of various kinds of lamp designs nowadays means that their function is not only to be a source of lighting at night but also to be a decoration to add to the beauty and aesthetics of the room. As in this idea where the minimalist impression is maintained by using two large pendant lamps. This is the next of 25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas. Its large size attracts attention so that the room no longer needs other decorations to look beautiful.

Hanging these two large pendant lamps at different heights is a game and a simple trick that can make the dining space appear more different. The impression given is much more interesting. Especially if you can make this spot look stand out by adding additional decorations such as plants right in the middle.

3. Maintain The Plain Look of The Wall

best minimalist dining room
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A minimalist room does seem very simple. Some areas are just left plain. However, aesthetic value is still very well considered.

The white washed wall looks bright and alive with natural lighting. Make it plain, giving the illusion of wide walls so that the dining room feels more spacious. However, so that the room doesn’t seem stiff and boring, hang two simple paintings with the same background color as the walls. Even so, the frame is very helpful as a barrier between the wall and the painting.

4. Get Warmth in Your Eating Space

warmth minimalist dining room
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Not just white, other colors can also create a natural impression in the dining room. One of them is beige. Making this color the main color can create a warm and calm ambiance. So, it would be very good to consistently maintain warmth and calm in the room. This could be an advantage.

You can illuminate the corner of the room with a slightly dim yellow light. Then, to make the warmth in the room even more consistent, choose wood as the main material. No need to apply it excessively. Just focus on the main spot which is the dining table and the dining chairs. Then, it can be perfect if you can apply wooden flooring to the dining room.

5. Carpet as A Visual Barrier

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The open-plan concept is a way to eliminate walls as barriers between rooms. That way, the room will feel more spacious. And the effect is that you will feel more comfortable in your own home.

The loss of walls does not mean you can’t create a barrier between one room and another. You can still create visual barriers between rooms, such as using a carpet.

To create a dining area in the room, choose a carpet of the size you want. Make sure the dining table and chairs are on the inside line of the carpet. And, the size of this carpet is the size of your dining area.

6. A Large Simple Painting on The Wall

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To maintain the minimalist design in the dining room, do it consistently starting from the design of the furniture and the decorations themselves. For the wall area, make it simpler by just hanging a large painting. The image of the painting itself also influences the concept and the design of the interior. So, choose a painting with a simple pattern. The abstract painting with smooth lines covers the stiff and firm lines in the room. It really helps in softening the room. The brown and white colors in the painting are very suitable for this Japandi dining room design.

7. Round Dining Area in A Small Space

round dining area
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One side of the room is used as a comfortable small dining space with full peace and warmth. Neutral colors such as ivory white and gray fill the room. The natural impression appears clearer and bolder with the dominant wood material. Wood is applied to furniture and floors.

The modern look comes from wooden furniture that has been refined. The curved lines on the table add a subtle impression to the appearance of the room.

On one side of the room, there are floating shelves for the books. So, apart from being a place to eat and gather with family, this small dining room is very suitable as a place to relax. Fill your free time in this room by reading books and enjoying hot coffee.

8. Modern Japandi Dining Room Design

japandi design
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The fairly large size of the room requires you to use large-sized furniture too. The goal is to avoid the room feeling empty. Moreover, if the room has a minimalist concept.

The large dining table is the main spot in the dining room. With its large size, it can stand out. And, take advantage of this as something that can make the room attractive. The dining table is made of wood with a minimalist design and has natural motifs and textures. The edge of the table is made more wavy. On the right and left sides of the table are equipped with several dining chairs with the same material. Provides harmony to the appearance. With the help of sunlight, all-natural elements work very well there. There are also simple plants in two spots to add freshness and liven up the atmosphere in the dining room.

9. Elegant Look with The Right Dining Table Decors

dining table decors
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Even though it looks minimalist with a very simple interior design, the dining room still looks stunning with its dining table decor. This simple but beautiful decoration brings an elegant impression to this minimalist room. The tableware is arranged very neatly there. The central area of the table is filled with several candles. The candlelight brings warmth and a soothing ambiance into this eating space. It also gives a romantic feel. So, with this, the minimalist dining room can not only be a room to gather and enjoy time with family, but you can also have a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved ones.

10. Get A Freshness in A Simple Way

fresh dining room
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One of the keys to creating a good minimalist room is to resist the urge to use or bring various kinds of decorations or displays into the room itself. So, of the many decorations that you can present in your room, choose one or two of them that not only focus on aesthetics but also on comfort. And, one of them is plants.

Indeed, plants are the safest decoration to decorate a room’s interior. The natural green color can blend with all designs and concepts so you do not need to worry about clashes between colors there.

A small simple plant looks so great with a white vase. This is a great dining table decoration. Placing it in the middle area does not disturb the space for you and your family when eating. Expand the freshness in the room by placing a large plant in the corner of the room.

11. Simple, Warm, and Calm

calm minimalist dining room
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The simplicity of this room does not make it look boring. In fact, the simple concept brings calm which makes the dining room a comfortable space to gather and enjoy a meal. Plain walls convey cleanliness and tidiness. And, because the walls are plain, the floor is made more textured with simple motifs so that the room is not stiff.

Natural nuances are introduced to make the calm more consistent. Wood is the main material. With maximum natural lighting, you can feel the full warmth that exists here. The corner of the room feels fresh with a large plant. The upper area of the room is also really well looked after. Two rattan pendant lamps are hung at different heights, creating an aesthetic impression.

12. Rattan Pendant Lamps

rattan pendant lamps
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If you are confused about how to make your minimalist dining room look stunning without adding other items or displays to it, then try playing with items that are definitely there. Like this idea that uses lights. Even though the minimalist dining room is fully lit with sunlight, lights are still needed to illuminate the room at night.

The many types of lamps currently available make it easy for you to choose the right one that fits your dining room interior. Rattan pendant lamps are a great one for the minimalist dining room. Don’t just use one or two. Try to be brave in taking action. Use 4 or 5 rattan pendant lamps for your dining room. Hang these lamps from the right side to the left side of the dining table.

13. Relying on Natural Elements

natural elements
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Relying on natural elements is the next of 25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas. Wood is the main material for this room. So, even though it is minimalist, the colors, motifs and texture of the wood itself have succeeded in making this dining room look stunning. And, with the help of sunlight, the motifs on the wood look clearer and more alive.

The ceiling is made more different by installing the timber vertically. It makes the ceiling look wider and gives a spacious feel to the dining room. Besides that, a spacious impression is also felt from the high walls.

The ceiling area was deliberately decorated with LED lights to keep it looking bright because it doesn’t get maximum natural lighting. Yellow lighting from the LED light makes the timber on the ceiling look warmer. It also gives a soothing ambiance that adds more comfort to the dining room.

14. Beautiful Flowers Enliven The Room

flower decor
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Even though you are minimalist, do not ever think about not bringing any decorations into the room. Decoration remains an important part of the room. It is just that, to maintain the minimalist concept itself, you have to choose the right decoration. And, try to stick to something that looks natural and colorful. In this idea, the minimalist dining room manages to look beautiful with beautiful flowers in the middle of the dining table. The black vase makes it look sharp there so the eye will immediately look at the beautiful flowers. Also, the vase fit the dining chair. They look glossy and soothing thanks to the natural lighting that enters freely through the window and glass door.

15. Lavender Dining Chair Forms a Soft Appearance

dining chair
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In making a minimalist dining room look pretty, you do not need to use various kinds of decorations or displays in large or excessive amounts. Just use what is already there to make it more interesting.

As the main spot in the dining room, you can take advantage of the dining chair. Use this as a tool to create a beautiful appearance in the room by choosing lavender-colored dining chairs. They look soft and pretty when exposed to sunlight.

If you want to bring a little splash of elegance to the minimalist dining room, choose the dining chair with gold legs. Or, you can give a little touch of gold to the dining table decoration or the pendant lamp.

16. Freshness in The Middle of the Table

fresh minimalist dining room
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For the white dining room shade with natural materials as a combination presents a bold natural feel. So, it will be perfect if you want to stick to the natural impression of the room. The natural ambiance can give a calm ambiance that will increase comfort. Plants are the perfect decoration for this minimalist dining room concept. Even though they are small in size, they are quite large in number and manage to stand out on the dining table. Using a glass vase means that the colors of the plants are not covered at all. So, the plants on the table can freely provide freshness to the dining room.

17. Minimalist Industrial Dining Room Design

minimalist industrial design
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Industrial design may seem old. However, with this idea, industrial design managed to look different. A little modern impression looks very charming in the dining room. The materials used in the dining room have been refined and polished so that they produce a glossy effect when exposed to sunlight.

Exposed brick walls, which are characteristic of the industrial design, present a natural orange color. This looks even more attractive with the three black and white displays hanging there. The frame acts as a firm barrier between the wall and the display.

There are no decorations on the windows, allowing sunlight to enter the room freely. Sunlight is what keeps the room bright even though white is present in small amounts.

18. Pretty Natural Dining Room

natural dining room
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The minimalist look in this dining room idea can be seen very clearly from the color choice. White and beige are the perfect color combinations to create a warm and calm atmosphere. With white as the main color, it can be seen very clearly that the dining room is made brighter. Also, the brightness is more consistent with maximum natural light. Using sheer curtains still allows natural light to enter the room. So, nothing is wasted at all.

The central area is made very minimalist with a minimalist-designed dining table and chairs. The simple decoration is only in the middle of the table. Even so, this room is far from feeling stiff. This is all saved by two pendant lights hanging adjacent to the dining table.

19. Minimalist Kitchen-Dining Room

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There are no walls or partitions that separate the kitchen and dining. The barrier only exists visually by using different floors. For the kitchen area, white tile flooring is used. And, for the dining area is wooden floor.

There is only one source of lighting, that is pendant lamps. The gold accents there show an elegant and expensive side to the kitchen-dining. By extending the gold color to the legs of the dining chairs and kitchen sink, the elegant look comes out really well. You can also see another elegant impression from the marble material for the kitchen backsplash. With a black motif, it looks bold in the room.

20. White Dining Room Shades

white room
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If you only want to use one color in a room, then white is the most appropriate color. This is a natural color which is very safe to use in rooms. There are many benefits you can get from making this color the main color for the room:

  • the room feels more spacious,
  • the room becomes brighter,
  • neutralize the appearance of the room,
  • other colors can be seen very clearly, and
  • eliminate dark corners in the room

Maximum natural lighting can make white colors livelier and brighter. However, the effect might be dazzling. So, to maintain comfort in the dining room, you can install sheer curtains on the windows.

21. Enliven The Room with A Touch of Yellow

yellow decor
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Bringing a cloudless ambiance into the minimalist dining room can add to the comfort of the room. That way, you can gather with your family for a longer time.

No need for troublesome and expensive special decorations. Here, you only need to rely on one color, which is yellow. Do this very carefully. Try not to make this color dominant in the room. Stay consistent with natural colors as the main color. Yellow just needs to be an accent.

The painting in yellow is great for decorating the wall area. Recessed light or lights that shine directly into the painting area as if giving a signal to look in that direction. And, you can find a beautiful yellow color in the natural minimalist dining room.

22. Shelves at The Top of The Room

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There is a good way to decorate a room which is not only concerned with aesthetics but also comfort. For example, floating wall shelves are hung at the top of the wall so that the middle of the wall still feels comfortable to be used as a seat for the dining space. And, hanging floating wall shelves on the top of the wall is a trick to make the room feel more spacious. It can give the illusion of height on the walls of the room. Also, you can use the floating wall shelves as a storage or decorative area.

23. Black and White Wall Gallery

wall decor
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The minimalist design is never far from natural colors. White is the main color and other colors are accents that decorate the room. Like this idea where the whitewashed wall looks plain and simple with only black and white pictures hanging on the wall. The black frame succeeds in separating the wall and the pictures. So, the pictures on the wall stand out.

The pictures hang on walls exposed to direct sunlight. It really helps in making the colors in this decorative spot more lively in the room.

24. Black and White Minimalist Dining Room

monochrome dining room
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The choice of color really determines the appearance and atmosphere of the room itself. If you want to make the dining room minimalist, then choosing two colors is enough. White and black is a perfect color combination. White will give a bright effect and neutralize the appearance. Meanwhile, black gives a firm but calm effect.

White is the main color to maintain brightness in the room. And, black is an accent. However, applied to the main spot, that is the dining chairs and rug, make the black stand out in the minimalist dining room.

25. Suitable for Large Family

large dining room
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This is the last of 25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas that you can follow. The empty corner of the room is used as a dining space for the large family. Instead of using chairs, in the wall area, a comfortable bench is made with a seat cushion and soft backrest. This saves much more space and can gather more people.

The throw pillows with neutral colors and simple patterns are the decoration for this dining space. So, additional decorations such as paintings or pictures on the wall are no longer needed. However, if you want to fill the wall area, then painting the soft color and smooth lines is the right one.

Final Words

The minimalist concept is the best in bringing calm to the room. So, it would be great to apply to rooms that are often a place for family gatherings, one of which is the dining room. And, it’s not difficult to make the minimalist dining room feel comfortable and beautiful. The points above are 25 Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas that you can choose and follow. Choose one of them that suits your own characteristics. Also pay attention to the layout, area, interior, and the concept of your room or home interior. So, good luck!

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