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17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into The Room – A home is a place where you take refuge, rest, calm yourself and your mind. So, besides beauty, comfort is also an important part of the house. Make your home a comfortable place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. Bring tranquility into your home by relying on natural elements, the right materials, and the right color options. Through this article, we will help you in having your dreamy home for you to live. And, here are 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility Into The Room that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose A Neutral Hues

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Color selection is the first step in designing and decorating a room. This is an important part that you should not underestimate. Color will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room itself. So, the first of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room is to choose a neutral hue.

There are several neutral colors that you can choose: white, beige, brown, gray, and black. It would be better to choose white as the main color which can brighten the appearance of the room. Or, if you are bored with a white room concept, then beige can be used as a second option. This color will bring the room into full calm and warmth. It is just that the appearance tends to be shady.

Gray and brown can be additional colors to sweeten and emphasize the tranquility of the room. And, black is a color that can be used as an accent in a room to eliminate the stiff and boring impression.

2. Still Present Happiness to The Room

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Calm does not mean unpleasant. A room that only relies on calm colors can make us feel bored there because the appearance is too natural. Therefore, presents a cloudless ambiance by presenting bright colors. Avoid choosing bold colors such as red and purple. The pastel group is the safest color to choose. You can choose pastel blue for a fresher room appearance. Or, you can choose pastel pink for a more feminine and soft impression.

Bring bright colors to the room in small quantities because you have to remain consistent with the tranquility of the room. However, if you are worried that these colors will not be visible in the room, then apply them scatteredly to small items that are there such as throw pillows on the couch, the curtain, the rug, the displays, and so on.

3. Make The Most of Fireplace

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The fireplace is the main spot in the room, especially the living room. When winter arrives, everyone will circle the fireplace to get warmth. So, this area is often a place to rest when the winter holidays arrive.

Take advantage of the fireplace to bring tranquility to your room. First of all, make this area the center of attention with the right decoration. Put all your focus. Decorate the top of the fireplace with candles, mirrors, and several other decorations. A small plant or flower in a beautiful vase can provide freshness to your eyes. Place a rug with soft material around the fireplace. Also, put throw pillows there. And, done, the fireplace becomes the most comfortable spot that can make you feel calm there.

4. Get A Warmth with Scattered Candles

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Bringing tranquility does not have to redecorate or remodel your room. You can do it very simply and easily. You only need to rely on candles. Place candles scattered throughout the room. This is the next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room.

When decorating a room with candles, pay attention to the space there. Do not let your space for walking and activities become uncomfortable just because of the presence of candles. So, the safest area to decorate with candles is the sides of the room.

The yellow light from the candles will bring complete calm. Besides that, it also brings warmth that can boost the comfort of your lovely room.

5. Focus on Lighting

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Lighting is an important aspect of home interiors. It would be better to maximize natural lighting in the room rather than using light from lamps. Natural light can spread to all sides to the corners of the room and also eliminate dark shadows that can make the room cramped and stuffy. Besides that, natural light can also bring the colors in the room to life. And, what is more important is that maximum natural lighting can bring calm and warmth which can make your room more comfortable.

Use large windows and let them look plain without curtains or anything that could block the entry of light into the interior of your house. It would be good if you could install skylihgt window. Light from above will spread very well in the room and also make your room evenly bright.

6. Install Soft Wallpaper

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The wall is a decorative area. Usually, there will be beautiful displays such as pictures, paintings, rattan plates, etc. hanging there. However, you have to leave all this behind if you want to bring tranquility to your room. However, that does not mean you do not beautify the wall area. It is just that, indeed, a special touch is needed where you have to beautify the dining room but not make it seem full. Minimalism is really needed here.

To make the walls look beautiful and minimalist, choose soft wallpaper. This becomes the next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room you can follow. Wallpaper with soft colors and soft lines is the best option. Just install the wallpaper on one side of the room wall. Or, for a more attractive appearance, part of the wall can be made into a wall panel and the empty space can be used as wallpaper.

7. Present A Scent

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The next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room is to present a scent. Use aromatherapy candles for the room. The scent of the candle will make you feel relaxed. Or, you can also use the flowers in your garden. Pick some flowers that you like and put them in a vase filled with water so that the freshness of the flowers can last longer.

Using flowers to bring scent to a room not only affects comfort but also appearance. Flowers with beautiful colors also decorate the room and provide freshness there.

You can use flowers and aromatherapy candles at the same time. Put them in one container and place them on a coffee table, the bedside table, or the cabinet table.

8. Focus on Two Colors Will Be Good

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As explained in point one below, choosing color is a very important first step. Of the several neutral colors that you can use in your room, we recommend that you choose and focus on just two colors. White and beige are the perfect color combinations to bring tranquility into the room.

Make white the main color to make the room look bright. And, use beige as an accent there. Choose decorations in the same color. For example, you can use a standing mirror with a wooden frame. And, right next to it, place a clay pot containing pampas grass. A brown color that is focused on one spot will give a neat impression to your room.

9. Functional Wall Decor

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Applying a minimalist concept to a room is indeed an effective way to make a room calm. However, there are many perceptions that minimalist rooms tend to be empty, so many people don’t decorate the room. In fact, making a room minimalist doesn’t mean eliminating the decoration there. Decorations are still needed to beautify and sweeten the appearance of the room so that comfort and beauty can go hand in hand.

There are many decorations to choose from. However, it would be better if you could choose functional decoration. You can use floating bookshelves for walls in the corners of the room. Put your favorite magazines, newspapers, or books.

This tip is very suitable to be applied to a room for relaxing, such as a dining room or living room. With books, you can make these two rooms a comfortable reading place.

10. Greenery The Room

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Relying on natural elements is the best way to make a room calm. Natural elements will bring a natural feel that not only makes the room full of calm but also freshness. And, there is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, decorating a room with plants is the next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room you can follow.

Greenery your room with several indoor plants of different sizes and types. So, besides refreshing the room, this can also make it look more attractive.

Make plants look neat in the room by placing them centrally. You can choose the corner of the room or the side of the room. Start with large plants in the corner of the room and fill the other sides with medium and small plants. It would be better to place the plant in an area exposed to sunlight so that the plant can stay fresh even though it is indoors.

11. Take an Advantage of The Beautiful View Outside

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The beautiful view outside the house is a bonus that you shouldn’t waste. Take advantage of this view to bring calm into your home. Frame the view with large windows. But, this will be much better if you use a glass facade. You can see green trees, rain, and snow very clearly from inside your house. Relaxing in a room with a natural concept, sitting on a soft sofa, and enjoying the beautiful view will really help in making you relax again.

On the other hand, the beautiful view means you don’t need to bother beautifying the room with certain decorations. Just give a simple touch like a plant in the corner of the room or flowers on the coffee table. And, let this beautiful view take center stage and add beauty to the room.

12. Do Layered Bedding

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The next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room is to do a layered bedding. Use bedding with different colors and textiles. Starting from the thin layer and then layered with a duvet cover and blanket.

Layered bedding brings warmth into your bedroom. Especially if you use a sheepskin blanket or wool blanket. Warmth increasingly enveloped the bed area. This is so good for enjoying winter in the bedroom. The air that enters through the gap in the window will not be able to against the warmth of the blanket you are using.

Not only that, layered bedding will also make your bed feel softer. If you do this, your sleep will be more comfortable and of better quality.

13. Add Bath Tray on The Bathtub

bath tray
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Relieve the fatigue in your head and tense muscles after working by soaking in warm water in the bathtub. Relaxing in the bathroom will feel much more enjoyable if the atmosphere in the bathroom itself is supportive. The calmness in the bathroom will rub off on you.

It’s not difficult to make a bathroom feel calm. Besides applying a minimalist concept, the decoration you use also really determines the atmosphere. In the bathtub area, you can present decorations in the form of a bath tray. And, there, you can put aromatherapy candles which can help you become calmer. The fire from the candle also brings warmth which makes the bathroom feel more comfortable.

Besides candles, you can also use the bath tray as a place to put your iPad. Enjoy K-dramas on Netflix while soaking in warm water.

14. Vertical Garden in The Bathroom

vertical garden
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Bring tranquility to the bathroom with a vertical garden is the next of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room you can choose and follow. What needs to be considered here is the application. Try not to overdo the vertical garden. Choose a small spot that can be seen standing out in the room. And, the vanity area is the right option.

Apply a vertical garden on the wall in the vanity area. Make the green color and texture of the plants clearer by installing LED lights on the sides and also on the back of the mirror. Yellow lighting doesn’t make the colors on the leaves look more vibrant, but it does succeed in bringing calm to the bathroom.

15. Purge All Clutter

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Clean all the clutter in the dining room to bring complete peace there. Leave the whitewashed walls clean without any hanging displays. Instead, it will give a neat impression to the white dining room concept. You do not need to worry that the room will look stiff, strange, and boring. Natural lighting can work well to make this minimalist dining room feel comfortable and beautiful.

If you want to bring other colors into the room, then just focus on the middle area. You can use a large wooden dining table to bring in a natural brown color that can provide calm and warmth. Extend another brown color to the dining chairs. Choose dining chairs with black legs which can give a slightly firm impression to remove the stiffness of your interior appearance.

16. Create A Reading Nook

reading nook
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Creating a place to relax and calm down is the key to a peaceful home. Choose a spot in your house that you can use as a place to relax, whether it is reading a book, meditating, or listening to music. You can move the bench to this spot. Also, use a footrest that can make the reading nook more comfortable. Put throw pillows in bright soft colors and also a blanket on the couch. Fill the right side of the chair couch with a floor lamp and coffee table on top of which there are plants to decorate. For the wall area, make it simpler by leaning a standing mirror there.

Because no walls separate the reading nook and other areas, create a visual barrier using a rug. This is also a decoration that beautifies and brings more warmth to the reading nook.

17. Soften The Look of The Room

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The last of 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room is to soften the look. This is an effective tip for making a minimalist room calmer.

Start by choosing soft colors and expand to the furniture area of the room. Use furniture that does not have stiff and sharp corners. A sofa without legs is the right option. If you are still using a square or rectangular coffee table, then replace it with a circular one.

Soften the look by doing very simple decorations. Decorate the coffee table with books in matching colors. Likewise, for sofas, choose throw pillows in the same color as the sofa. And, on the walls, leave it plain. Here, trust natural lighting to beautify your room.

Final Words

Considering that home is a place where you rest, it is very important to make it comfortable. Bring calm into your home so you can rest and relax there. The points above are 17 Decors & Tips for Bringing Tranquility into the Room. In applying the points above, pay attention to the layout, concept, and interior. And the most important thing is, to adapt it to your own characteristics. So, good luck!

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