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7 DIY Inexpensive Vertical Garden Outdoor Ideas For Small Spaces – A trend of vertical garden ideas brought a lot of benefits. They can save the small space efficiently, improving air quality around our home because a vertical garden is a natural air filter that will make the environment cleaner, keeping the temperature cooler, etc.

A vertical garden just requires an upward not to be outwards, so it will save a lot of tiny space. On this vertical garden project, we want something on a budget, affordable, and suit our small spaces.

All we need to DIY an inexpensive vertical garden are; recycle plastic bottles, decorated and painted tin cans, clay pots, wooden planters, pipe planters, etc. They are some way to keep our small garden look beautiful and also save money a lot. Be creative and go green everyone!

Alright, we already talked about the benefits and the material to DIY inexpensive vertical garden ideas. So, now we will show you 20 inexpensive vertical garden outdoor ideas for small spaces.

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Inexpensive Plastic Bottel Self-Watering Planters

inexpensive bottle planter


  • Plastic bottles
  • Pieces of string
  • Paint (optional)

How to DIY plastic bottle self-watering planters?

  • First, cut the bottle into two pieces
  • The second step, make a hole in the cap of the bottle
  • third, run the string through the bottle
  • Fourth, put stones and soil into the bottle, and then add the plant
  • Next step, arrange the bottle upside down and connected another bottle below.
  • Filled the water on the upper bottle and then it will transfer water to the lower bottle.

Now, you can recycle your bottle into a piece of work to beautify your home.

Wooden Herbs Planters

wooden herbs planter

Picking up your fresh herbs behind your kitchen window, that is a great idea! We can DIY a simple plant stands for herbs.


  • Plank of wood
  • Some strings
  • small container

How to DIY plants stand for herbs? It is quite simple, we need to combine the planks of wood into the shape of a standing planter. The second one is to install a stainless steel hook shape s to hook the string so then container can hang on the stand plants. The third one, fill soil into the container, and the last one is to plant the herb’s seeds. Watering them regularly, and wait them to grow generously.

Grow vegetable only in 1 Square foot

grow vegetable on PVC

What we need to DIY a PVC tower for growing our vegetables? We only need a pipe, then we have to drill the pipe to make our vegetables come out from the hole and ready to harvest. After drilling a pipe and make holes, we need to install it on the ground level, make sure to install it sturdily sticks to the ground so it won’t sprawl when the wind blows. Filling the pipe with soil and put cardboard into the hole prevents the seed falls from the PVC tower planter. Watering them in each hole, when the seed grows into a larger vegetable, you can take off the cardboard. The types of plants that suit this PVC tower are lettuce, bok choy, and herbs.

The PVC tower planter is quite affordable, creative, and inexpensive idea for those whom to love gardening but have no large space. Do you love this PVC tower planter?  It only takes one square foot to grow your green vegetables and herbs.

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Topsy-Turvy Pots


topsy-turvy pots

Another creative idea to grow plants in a small space is topsy-turvy pots. How we can make this one to put in our garden? Let us follow these steps below:

Materials for making topsy-turvy pots are:

  • clay pots/plastic pots/ any pots you own
  • Rebar
  • mix planing, soil
  • seeds of flowers, vegetables, or herbs

How to DIY topsy-turvy pots?

  • First, we need to spot the space where we can put the topsy-turvy pots
  • The second one, stuck the rebar to the ground firmly, when the rebar stuck on the ground sturdily, we can go for the next step called stacking. You might need to lengthen or shorter rebel it depends on how many stacks you want and the size of your pots
  • The third one stuck the bigger pot at the base. This way will make our topsy-turvy planter stronger to stand.
  • Fourth, keep stacking and stacking the clay pots until reach out the peak of the rebar
  • Next step, fill our clay pots with potting mix and plants out favorite flowers or herbs
  • The final tips, start watering them at the top slowly and then go to the lower pot in the same manner. Watering plants in topsy-turvy pots at least twice a day because a clay pot loses the water so fast that will make our plants easy to dry.

DIY Recycled Pallet for Outdoor Planter

recycle pallet planter

Do you have any used pallets lay in your trash basket and you have no idea to recycle them? Well, we have an idea to juggle your old pallet into a beautiful and meaningful craft. Take them out from the trash basket, and then stick them on the wall or maybe fence in your home, so then you can recycle your old pallet to be a planter.

All we need to do to have the old pallet planter is just stick it to the wall, we can nail them to stick on the wooden garden fence we have or we can use pot-holding clips to hook on the wall railing.

We can paint the old pallet base on the color we want or we can let them in old looks to create a classic garden decoration. Now, we can plant our favorite flowers on the old pallet. One thing we should consider having a wall pallet planter is not trying to try growing heavy plants. It will make the pallet fall to the ground that caused by could not afford the heavy things on it.

Cheap DIY Vertical Garden Repurpose Soda Bottle!

repurpose bottle soda

Having lots of leftover soda bottles in your trash can or even tons of them after having a party? And have you ever think how to repurpose them to be an affordable and inexpensive craft to decorate your small garden? Well, we can recycle them to create a vertical garden on a budget! Here are some material and some steps in crafted skills to make a vertical garden:


  • Leftover 2-liter soda bottles and clean them
  • wire
  • Scissor
  • Fertilizer
  • Mix planting or soil
  • Seedlings

How to do it?

  • First, make two holes upside and downside the bottle near the cap and the same on the cylinder side at the bottom of the bottle with a scissor
  • Second, cut off a half-body part of the bottle, to access mixed platting inside the bottle. See in the picture above how to cut the upper body of the bottle.
  • The third one, thread the wire through the holes, to prevent the bottle slip on the wire, we can tie a big knot with rope under the bottle holes.
  • In the next step, do threading the wire through the hole and pull it out through the others. Do it as much as the bottles you have to make hanging bottle planters
  • Finally, your hanging bottle planters are ready to use, fill the bottle with mix planting and then add the seeds you have.

We can plant the vegetable seeds or flowers on our cheap DIY repurpose soda bottle. This vertical garden idea is highly recommended to beautify your small space, let us craft it out!

DIY Inexpensive Tin Cans For Vertical Garden

DIY tin cans for vertical garden

Do you have many leftover tin cans after your snacking biscuits? Anyway, do not throw them away into the trash can, we can repurpose them into a beautiful gardening craft. Let us DIY leftover tin cans into a smart planter for our vertical garden. Here are some materials and how to make them:


  • clean leftover tin cans
  • spray paint
  • pot holding clips
  • mix planting, soil
  • any seeds of flowers, vegetables, or herbs

How to make tin cans planter?

  • First, collecting our leftover tin cans and make sure they are cleaned before used as a planter.
  • The second one, we can decorate and painted the tin can as we want. Using spray paint on the tin cans. So, then we have remodification of the tin can and it will be more colorful to decorate our vertical garden.
  • Now, stick our painted tin cans onto the wall with pot holding clips, and then fill the tin can with mix planting or soil.
  • Finally, pour the seeds onto the media planting
  • water our seed plants to make them grow generously.

By doing recycle leftover tin cans we can create a creative garden and beautify our small space at home. Do you like to DIY tin cans as a project to create a green vertical garden in your home?

Vertical gardening is trending because of its effectiveness for the super fast mobility change of life now. This idea appears to solve the problem of gardening in a small space. We need to be creative to cultivate something useless turn to be meaningful and useful for a better environment.

Crafting junk stuff into a useful thing is what we need now. In this article, we talked about crafting ideas for inexpensive vertical gardens, besides repurposing our old stuff, it also can save our money and improve our creativity. I hope these 7 inexpensive vertical garden ideas for small spaces can help you a lot to build the garden in a small space.

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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