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Welcoming New Seasons with These 12 Fresh Summer Bedroom Ideas and Tips – Changing seasons is the right time to change the look and atmosphere of your home interior. Maybe, some of you can’t afford to change the entire interior of the house. But, no problem, try from the bedroom first. For example, welcome summer with a more cheerful atmosphere with bright hues decorations. The appearance of the bedroom also becomes brighter. Moreover, maximum sunlight during summer will really help to make these colors more vivid. So, these are 12 fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips that can be your references.

1. Change The Bedding

summer bedroom
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The first of 12 fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips is to change the bedding. Start from the main spot in the bedroom which is the bed. The bed is the key to the appearance and atmosphere of the room. So, bring the summer atmosphere by choosing the right bedding.

Try not to use thick bed linen considering that the air in summer is very hot. Cotton is the most appropriate material fabric to be chosen. Also, replace the wool blanket with a duvet. Indeed, if you look at the appearance, the duvet looks thicker. However, the effect on the skin is not hot. Choose a bright-colored duvet cover such as pastel blue. Pair it with the pillow sheets for a more simple and harmonious look.

2. It Will be Great to Repaint The Wall

summer bedroom ideas and tips
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If you want to change the appearance completely, then repainting the wall is the most effective tip. Choose paint with different colors which of course must present summer vibes. For a softer impression, pastel blue is the right option.

Keep white as the main color to brighten and neutralize the room. That way, other colors and textures that are present there are easier to see clearly. The combination of white and pastel blue creates a soft effect on the eyes. For a more beautiful and simple result, apply the same color to the bedding area, such as blankets or pillows.

3. Pay Attention to The Curtain

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When redecorating a bedroom, pay attention to every corner and spot, from the bed, floor, walls, to the window area. Curtains on windows also affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room. To bring the summer vibes into the bedroom, use curtains in bright colors such as yellow or pastel blue. For a softer, calmer, and fresher impression, pastel blue can be an option.

Play with the curtains to give a more interesting effect, such as using long curtains that touch the floor, which makes the walls appear taller. It’s good to make the small room feel more spacious.

4. Install Sheer Curtain

sheer curtain
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Take advantage of sunlight during summer as the main source of lighting in the bedroom. Natural light works better in lighting a room. It can make the colors clearer and more vivid. Also, natural light brings warmth which increases the sense of comfort in the bedroom. Besides that, you also no longer need light, so it’s really great for saving your bills.

However, sometimes the sunlight during the day in summer is very extreme. So it needs a filter. And, installing sheer curtains is a very good idea. With sheer curtains, light can still enter and illuminate the bedroom well. Also, you can enjoy a golden hour at sunset. Feel the warmth and calm in these moments.

Also, play with sheer curtains to increase the aesthetic value of the bedroom in summer. Use long sheer curtains that touch the floor to create a tall effect on the walls and make the room feel more spacious.

5. Summer Hues

fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips
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Color selection is a very important step. The color you choose for the bedroom will determine the look and atmosphere. So, to bring summer vibes into the bedroom choose summer hues:

  • Blue Pastel

The first of the summer hues is blue pastel. This color is suitable for those of you who have calm criteria. Making pastel blue as the main color creates a soft bedroom appearance. The atmosphere is also fresh. It just depends on the decoration and light.

  • Yellow

Create a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom in summer by choosing yellow as the main or accent color. You can combine yellow and white for a room with a brighter appearance.

  • Green

Feel the freshness of summer by choosing green as the main color. White and green is a color combination that focuses on a fresh atmosphere. But, if you want to make the look softer, green and beige can be another option.

  • White and Pink

Look bold in summer with pink. However, for a softer and more feminine look, pastel pink can be an option. Soft pink and white will create a slightly elegant and attractive appearance.

6. Natural Materials

natural materials
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Using natural materials is the next of 12 fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips. We highly recommend rattan and wood. The natural brown color becomes a display or additional decoration that enlivens and enhances the room. This is also a safe way to bring another color, that is brown, into the room without disturbing the concept of the room itself. In fact, the colors of rattan and wood help to beautify and also to increase warmth and calm in the bedroom.

Pay attention to the spot that will be decorated with rattan and wood. So that it does not seem like they are blocking an area, do it scattered. Put down the rattan rug on the empty floor area. Fill the sides or corners of the room with rattan baskets. Hang the rattan pendant lamp in the middle of the room.

For wood, you can present this material in the form of tables such as a small table for the candles and other accessories and bedside tables for the sides of the bed.

7. Decorate The Room with Flowers

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Bring something refreshing into the bedroom. One of them is flowers. In summer, there are many beautiful flowers that will bloom in the garden of your house. Pick a few sprigs to use as bedroom decoration. The colors of the flowers enhance the appearance and bring a fresh feel to the room. Even though there are several colors that come from using flowers as decoration, this does not at all interfere with the concept or design of the room itself.

Use a clear vase and fill it with water as a container for the flowers. It can show the flower stalks which look more beautiful when displayed on the table. And, filling them with water will help to keep the flowers fresh for a longer period of time.

Some flowers can also produce a fresh fragrance which can increase comfort in the bedroom. There are also fragrances that can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. This all depends on the type of flower you use.

8. Add More Plants

cozy summer bedroom ideas and tips
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Bring freshness in summer by bringing some plants into the bedroom. It is okay to do it in a slightly exaggerated way. Using more than five small plants will create a fresh, more focused feel in the bedroom. However, also pay attention to the size of the plant itself. For large plants, use small amounts so they don’t take up a lot of space which can make the bedroom cramped and uncomfortable.

However, for small bedrooms, we recommend using a fairly large number of small plants. They are much more flexible. You can hang it to decorate the window area. Or, put these small plants on floating wall shelves as wall decorations. On whitewashed walls, the green color of the plants will look more vibrant so that the fresh feel comes very well in the bedroom in summer.

9. Floral Patterns

floral pattern
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Floral patterns are the next of 12 fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips. This has become a characteristic of summer. The floral pattern usually has bright colors which can evoke a fresh and cloudless feel in the bedroom. However, this decoration cannot be applied to the entire bedroom. The floral pattern can only be used in women’s bedrooms.

When presenting a floral pattern in the bedroom, pay attention to the aesthetics of the room. Doing it simply is much better so that the room does not seem full. Also, by applying a simple floral pattern the appearance becomes cuter. Patterns also become more focused.

Choose one or two spots to apply the floral pattern. First of course is the bed. Second, you can choose wallpaper or carpet. But, if you want to keep the room simple, carpet is the best option.

10. Apply Boho Style

boho style
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The next of 12 fresh summer bedroom ideas and tips is to apply the Boho style. This style can create an appearance that is cheerful but not excessive.

Wood and wood are the materials used in this style. With white as the main color and maximum natural lighting, the natural texture and color of wood and rattan look more alive in the room.

Bright colors are the mainstay of the Boho style. The color yellow is most often chosen. Although, indeed, sometimes there is a lot of incorporation of bright colors that give the perfect cloudless effect. Even though it uses lots of colors, the display remains attractive, there are no clashes between colors that are annoying to the eye.

Moreover, plants are the decoration used in this design. The natural green color brings freshness which increases the aesthetic value and comfort of the bedroom.

11. Change The Accessories

bedroom accessories
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Accessories or displays are the final stage that completes the appearance of the room. For the summer bedroom, choose displays that can add brightness and freshness. There are several accessories that you can choose for the summer bedroom, such as leaf paintings, plants, rattan plates, and so on. For the painting or pictures, it would be better with a light wooden frame.

Choose a spot to use as a decorative area. You can hang the pictures or paintings on the wall. However, you can also do things more easily, such as putting pictures and paintings on the floating wall shelves. Add other decorations such as plants to freshen up this area.

12. Add Coastal Style

coastal bedroom
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Bring a fresh feel to the bedroom in summer with a coastal design. This becomes the next of 12 fresh source bedroom ideas and tips that you can follow and apply.

The coastal design plays on white and light blue or pastel blue, creating a fresher and softer look. There is also a beige color which is an accent. This color brings a slightly warm, calm effect into the bedroom.

Coastal designs have displays related to the sea, whether it’s shells that fill the table area, sea paintings or pictures, and so on. Plants are also decorations that are not to be missed. The presence of plants enhances the fresh feel of the room. And, with maximum natural lighting, colors, textures, and decorations become more vivid.

Final Words

If your bedroom feels boring, this is the right time to make a change. Just follow the upcoming season, for example, summer with a cheerful and fresh atmosphere. Starting from the colors to the accessories in the room, they were replaced with new ones. Bright colors in summer such as yellow, green, and others will bring a cloudless atmosphere into the bedroom. Also, several elements help perfect the room both in terms of beauty and comfort.

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