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11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh – The beauty of the bedroom is not the only thing that needs attention. As a room for resting, the comfort of the bedroom is also an important point here that must be considered as well. And, there are many ways you can do to make your bedroom feel comfortable. One way is to make it feel fresh. And here, we have provided 11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh. So, let’s check it out!

1. Clean Your Bed Regularly

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The bed is the main item in the bedroom. And, as the main item, of course, the bed is the item that is used most often so it is often dirty and looks shabby. And of course, this will greatly affect the beauty and freshness of the bedroom.

So, if you want to keep your bedroom fresh, every time you wake up you can immediately make a bed. If necessary, vacuum the bed to remove dirt that can make your skin itchy.

If the bed linen looks dirty and shabby, this is a sign that you have to replace them with new ones. You can immediately put dirty bed linen in the laundry. With new bed linen that looks cleaner, of course, the appearance will be fresher. Not only that, but new bed linen also often gives off a fragrance to clothes freshener which makes the bedroom smell good and full of comfort.

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2. Wipe The Surfaces with Damp Rag

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We can never avoid the appearance of dust in the room. No matter how close your bedroom is, dust will always be present on the surface. And, if left continuously, dust will accumulate and make the bedroom not fresh. Not only that, but the air in the bedroom is also dirty and can have an impact on breathing. Therefore, the next of 11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh is to wipe the surfaces with a damp rag.

Usually, people will use a duster to clean surfaces of dust. However, a duster is not the right tool. A duster can indeed remove dust from surfaces, but dust will fly in the air and stick to other surfaces. Besides that, using a duster is also not right for those of you who have respiratory problems. Therefore, use a damp rag. The dust will immediately stick and you can clean it by washing it with water. So, no dust flying in the air.

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3. Do Not Sweep The Floor but Vacuum It

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In cleaning the floor of the room, people tend to use a broom. Indeed, a broom can clean your bedroom from dust. However, using a broom can make fine dust fly in the air which is not very good for breathing. Therefore, instead of using a broom, it would be better to use a vacuum. The vacuum will immediately suck up the dust on the floor so there will be no dust flying in the air. This will be much safer for your breathing, especially for those of you who have asthma.

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4. Make Sure Your Garbage Clean

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Do not forget to place a small trash can in your bedroom. Currently, there are many designs and colors of places that are so attractive. So you can use the trash as a bedroom decoration to add to the beauty of the bedroom. Even so, no matter how good the trash can look dirty if not cleaned. Indeed, the contents of the trash in the bedroom mostly consist of tissue, paper, and cotton. However, it could also be that some snack packs and minimums are often there. And of course, if it is not cleaned it will really disturb the freshness of the room. The garbage from food if left for a long time will decompose and cause an unpleasant odor. Therefore, the next of 11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh is to make sure your garbage is clean.

If there is food waste in your bedroom trash, then try to throw it away at night. It would be better if the trash can is washed with water and soap because sometimes there is a smelly liquid that sticks there. And, by washing the trash can with water and soap, the trash can be cleaned again as before. After washing, dry the trash can with a dry rag so it can be used immediately.

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5. Do Not Smoke in Your Room

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This one tip is for those of you who smoke. No matter how much you want to smoke, try not to smoke in the room. Even if you open a window or door, the smoke in the bedroom just disappears. Cigarette smoke can also stick to fabric surfaces such as bed linen, curtains, rugs, and so on which will make the bedroom smell of cigarettes. And of course, this will really disturb the freshness and also the comfort of the bedroom.

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6. Open Your Shoes when Entering The Bedroom

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One habit that we often do is to wear shoes in the room. This one habit is certainly not good for cleanliness and also the freshness of the bedroom. We never know what we have stepped on out there. So that when we bring shoes into the room, there will be dirt from outside that can contaminate the bedroom floor. Therefore, open your shoes when entering the bedroom is the next of 11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh.

Besides bringing dirt into the bedroom, the shoes we often use also often have an unpleasant odor. And of course, this will greatly affect the air in the bedroom. The air will stink and make the bedroom not fresh and uncomfortable. So, try to keep your shoes outside the bedroom.

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7. Use A Carpet Freshener

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Carpet can be a source of odors. Therefore, the condition of the carpet needs to be considered properly. Vacuuming the carpet alone is not enough to make the carpet clean and odor free. Therefore carpet freshener is needed here.

From now on, add carpet freshener to your monthly shopping list. The bigger your bedroom, the more carpet freshener you will need.

You don’t need to spray carpet freshener on the entire surface of the carpet. Just spray it in several different spots. That way, the freshness of the bedroom can be maintained properly.

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8. Open Your Window

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The air in the bedroom greatly affects the freshness of the room. So, for those of you who want to have a fresh bedroom, you have to make sure that the air circulation in your bedroom is going well. Here, you can open a window. You can open it anytime. However, the best time to open the window is in the morning because the air is still clean. The incoming air will replace the dirty air in the room. And this is what will make the bedroom fresh.

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9. Add Some Plants to The Bedroom

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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, if you want to make your bedroom feel fresh, you can decorate your room with some plants. You can use indoor plants to make the look fresher and livelier.

You can use not only green plants to make your bedroom feel fresh. You can also pick some pretty colorful flowers and put them in a vase filled with water to keep them fresh. These flowers will perfume the bedroom and make it fresh and serene.

There are three sizes of plants that you can use in the bedroom:

  • Small Plants

In refreshing the bedroom with small plants, more is needed. The use of one small plant is not enough. At least you use 3-4 small plants. You can put these plants on the floating wall shelves as decoration. With this, the bedroom not only looks fresh but also attractive.

  • Medium Plants

You can decorate your bedroom with 2 medium plants. Plants of this size are most appropriate for you to place on the bedside table. Or, you can also make it look aesthetic by placing it next to your cupboard or desk by placing some books underneath.

  • Large Plants

Because of its large size, you do not need to use this plant in large quantities. One big plant is enough to give freshness to the bedroom.

The most appropriate location for placing large plants is the corner of the room. It is better if you can put plants in the corner of the room adjacent to the window. Considering that plants are also living things that need sunlight for them to grow, placing them in a place exposed to sunlight will be great for plant growth.

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10. Use Diffuser

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Diffuser is a tool to keep the room moist. The way this item works is by turning water into steam. And, usually, people will pour a drop or two of essential oil into it. So, when the diffuser is turned on, the room will feel so fragrant and calming. The fragrance of this essential oil makes the bedroom fresh and comfortable.

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11. Add Aromatherapy Candles

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A fragrant bedroom is a fresh bedroom. There are many ways that you can choose to make your bedroom smell good, such as decorating your bedroom with fresh flowers, using essential oils, or adding aromatherapy candles to the bedroom. Adding aromatherapy candles becomes the last of 11 tips you can follow to make your bedroom fresh.

You can use one or more aromatherapy candles in the bedroom. The fragrance from aromatherapy candles not only gives a fresh effect to the bedroom but also makes it a comfortable room and can make you feel more relaxed.

You can also make aromatherapy candles as decorations to increase the beauty of your bedroom. You can put aromatherapy candles on the bedside table, desk, open rack, or floating wall shelves.

When aromatherapy candles are lit, there is a light from the fire that can bring warmth into the bedroom. And with this, the comfort of the bedroom will increase drastically.

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Final Words

Bringing freshness to be one way you can try to make your bedroom feel more comfortable. Making the bedroom comfortable can indeed be regarded as an obligation. The bedroom is a place to rest. And, resting in a comfortable bedroom will make you more relaxed. And, to help you in having a fresh and comfortable bedroom, the points above are 11 Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Bedroom Fresh. With the easy ways that we have summarized in this article, you can make your bedroom a comfortable place for you to calm yourself and your mind. So, happy trying all!

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