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11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean – The kitchen is arguably a room that is easily dirty. Cooking activities often make the kitchen a lot of stains and trash. In fact, some items are also seen scattered. Even though the cleanliness of the kitchen will greatly affect the mood. A clean kitchen will give you happiness and make your cooking mood increase. Therefore, it is important to keep the kitchen clean. And, in this article, we have provided 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean. So, let’s check it out!

1. Clean Your Kitchen Immediately After Using

The first of 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean is to clean your kitchen immediately after using it. Usually, the kitchen will be dirty and messy after use. And, if not cleaned directly, the stains on the countertop and backsplash will be difficult to clean. Therefore, it is important to clean your kitchen after you use it to prepare food for your family.

First of all, pay attention to the area around the stove. Clean the stains on the backsplash, countertop, and stove with a damp cloth. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, you can use a special soap to clean the kitchen area. The use of soap can also make the smells of used cooking disappear and be replaced by a fresh scent of soap.

If there are pieces of vegetables or onions on the countertop, throw them in the trash immediately before they create an unpleasant odor that can disturb the comfort of the kitchen.

2. Don’t Put Dirty Utensils on The Countertop

When we cook, sometimes we forget one thing, namely putting utensils on the countertop. This one habit is certainly not good for the kitchen. Putting dirty utensils on the countertop will make it dirty. Some stains like oil are also difficult to clean. In removing oil on the countertop, you need to clean it with soap. Therefore, the next 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean is not to put dirty utensils on the countertop.

To get rid of this habit, you can take a plate or bowl and place it in an area close to you while cooking. That way, it will be easier for you to put the dirty utensils away. And, when cooking is finished, you can immediately put the dirty utensils in the sink.

3. Clean Your Sink Regularly

When cooking, there are often leftovers in the sink. If left alone, the leftovers of this dish will rot and give off a bad smell. Besides that, the sink also looks dirty and makes the kitchen unhygienic. Therefore, it is important to clean your sink regularly. You can throw leftover food after washing it into the trash can.

After using the sink, you can also make it dry again by wiping it. Use a special cloth for sinks. This will really help to avoid dry water spots on the sink which can interfere with the beauty of the kitchen.

4. Tidy Up The Items in The Kitchen Cabinet

As a closed area, the conditions inside the kitchen cabinet are often ignored. Some people put the items haphazardly which makes them messy and unorganized. As a result, when you want to take the items needed it will be difficult to get them. It took some time to find where the items were.

In maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen not only for areas that are visible to the eye. Other areas, such as the kitchen cabinet, are also important areas to keep clean. Therefore, make sure you tidy up the items in the kitchen cabinet.

Start to get it organized. For example, the kitchen cabinet on the right is for placing plates, bowls, and glasses. Switch to the kitchen cabinet afterward to put cooking utensils. And so on. Besides making the kitchen cabinet tidy, this method also makes it easier for you to get the items you want to use.

5. Wash The Tools After Using

After cooking, some people will put their tools in the sink and wash them at some point. Habits like this are also not good for kitchen cleanliness. After cooking, it would be better to wash the tools immediately. That way, the sink will look empty and not cause a messy effect on the kitchen display. Besides that, dirty cooking utensils will also cause an unpleasant odor which makes the kitchen uncomfortable. In fact, the pungent odor can also be wafted into other rooms. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure you wash the tools after use.

6. Create Kitchen Counter Zones

While cooking sometimes the whole kitchen gets dirty. This happens because you do not create kitchen counter zones. For example, you put a stove on the kitchen island while other cooking equipment such as a mixer is in another area. With this, when cooking the stove area and other areas get dirty together. Therefore, you need to determine the area that is used most often for cooking. Put cooking utensils in the same area. So, when cooking, only certain areas are dirty. This method not only helps to keep the kitchen clean but also makes it easier for you to cook. Besides that, this method also saves you the need to walk around the kitchen area when cooking so it will save more time.

7. Vacuum and Sweep Your Kitchen Every Night

Morning time is the start of the day which you can use to raise your mood so that the activities on that day will feel so enjoyable. Start by lighting an aromatherapy candle in the kitchen and making a glass of milk coffee. Avoid cleaning the kitchen area in the morning because it can make you tired.

The best time to clean the kitchen is at night. During the day, evening, and even at night, you often still prepare food for yourself and your family. Thus, cleaning in the morning is not effective for keeping the kitchen clean. Therefore, you can clean the kitchen when the room is no longer used which is at night.

Dust or maybe dirt from cooking often contaminates the countertop or even the floor. Therefore, you need to vacuum or sweep the kitchen until it is clean. If there are stains on the floor, you can mop the floor with a floor cleaner. This will really help to remove stains more easily and also provide a fragrance that can keep the kitchen fresh until the morning.

8. Do Not Put Too Many Items on The Countertop

The countertop area is the most visible area to the eye. And, putting kitchen utensils on it is an inappropriate choice. Too many items that can be seen by the eye will give the kitchen a messy impression. Not only that, the dust that sticks will also be more. Therefore, the next of 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean is to not put too many items on the countertop.

You can hide kitchen items and store them in the kitchen cabinet. That way, in the countertop area there are only a few items such as the oven and so on.

However, if you want cooking to be much easier, you can put kitchen utensils or other items that are often used. For bottles filled with oil, soy sauce, and sauces are the most frequently used so you can put them near the stove.

9. Clean Out The Refrigerator Regularly

A refrigerator is a place where you store food and ingredients, starting from snacks, drinks, vegetables, and meat. Because it is often used to store food, refrigerators often have an unpleasant odor. And as kitchen appliances, of course, the cleanliness of the refrigerator also affects the cleanliness of the kitchen itself. Therefore, for those of you who want to keep your kitchen clean, also pay attention to the cleanliness of the refrigerator in your kitchen.

Clean the refrigerator at least once a month. You can remove all the items in it to make cleaning easier. Use a cloth that has been covered with cleaning water so that the dirt in the refrigerator can be removed. Besides that, a special cleaning fluid will also provide a fragrance that can remove the pungent odors from the meat.

After cleaning your fridge, you can put all the items back into the fridge. Make sure you arrange it neatly because the tidiness of the contents of the refrigerator is also very important to maintain.

10. Do Not Forget to Clean Your Oven

The oven is the area that gets the most attention. Indeed, after cooking using the oven, this one item still has a hot temperature that makes it impossible to clean it immediately. And this often makes us forget to clean it. In fact, the oven is also a part of the kitchen that we need to pay attention to. Therefore, the next of 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean is not to forget to clean your oven.

To make cleaning the oven easier, you can add a special cleaning liquid to your monthly shopping list. Cleaning the oven with a special liquid will really help to remove stains that are difficult to clean.

Clean the oven regularly. You can do it once a week to avoid accumulated dirt. If dirt has accumulated, dried out, and crusted over, it will be more difficult to remove.

11. Empty The Trash Everyday

Do you still take out the trash when the trash is full? If yes, then from now you have to get rid of this one habit.

There are two types of waste at home: (1) Dry waste, which contains drinking bottles, plastic, paper, and so on. And, (2) wet garbage, which contains food scraps, dirt, and so on.

The waste referred to in the tips this time is wet waste. Usually, wet waste that is left for too long will cause a pungent odor and make the kitchen seem dirty and uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure you take out the trash every day. Do not wait until it is full before you throw it away.

After making the trash, wash the trash with water and soap. Sometimes, liquid drips into the trash which, if left unchecked, will make the kitchen smelly. So by cleaning it, the freshness of the kitchen will be properly maintained.

Final Words

Cleanliness is the most important thing in the kitchen. As a room for cooking, the kitchen must be hygienic and free from impurities that can interfere with health. So with this, keeping the kitchen clean is a homeowner’s obligation. Actually, it is quite easy to keep the kitchen clean. The points above are 11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean you can follow. You can apply the first to the last point in the kitchen in your home. That way, the kitchen is not only clean but also fresh every day.

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