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25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room – Beautifying a room does not always have to be with elaborate and luxurious decorations. You can also do this with easy and simple decors. Of course, there’s no need to worry about beauty. As you decorate your room properly, the beauty of the room will increase too. What you have to pay attention to when choosing decorations for a room is the color, design, and size. The decoration chosen or used must be the same as the interior concept of the room. That way, harmony in the appearance can be maintained properly. And, through the article entitled “25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room”, we will help you decorate your room for a better and more beautiful appearance. So, let’s check it out!

1. A Few Plants for Bathroom

bathroom simple decors
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It is better to make the appearance of a small bathroom natural. Make white the main color. This will really help to remove dark corners which can give a wider effect to this small bathroom. And, if you want to bring other colors there, then rely on natural elements such as wood for brown and plants for green.

Because of the small size of this room, pay attention to the plants you use. You cannot use plants that are too large because they can have a cramped effect. So, it is better to use several small plants of different types. Put these small plants on the floating wall shelves and window area. It is the first of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room you can choose and follow.

2. Black and White Pictures

black and white pictures
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From the color choice, you can immediately guess what concept is applied to this living room. White, gray, brown, and black bring the room to a more natural look. And, this is further enhanced by maximum natural lighting. The window area is deliberately not decorated with curtains or blinds so that natural light enters the room freely.

The decoration must of course adapt to the concept of the room. And, for this kind of living room, choose natural colored decorations too. Black and white pits are a great decoration. Using a black frame for the pictures will make them appear stand out and pretty on the whitewashed wall. Hang four black and white pictures so that they form a large rectangle. It is also a great decoration for maintaining a simple or minimalist design in the room.

3. Attractive Table Cabinet

best simple decors
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As the first area seen when entering the house, the entryway must be decorated as well as possible. No need for decoration to bother you. Just choose simple decors so that it will be easier for you to decorate. Here, you can rely on light wood table cabinets. This is the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room you you can choose from.

On the right and left sides of the table, provide something refreshing in the form of plants. Choose plants of different types and sizes for a more attractive appearance. Also, pay attention to the pot you use for the plant.

On the table, fill with pampas grass placed in a small white vase. Also, focus on the decoration on the wall area. Hang a round mirror of a larger size. With its light-reflecting properties, mirrors can help the entryway appear brighter.

4. Flowers and Aromatherapy Candles

top simple decors
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room are flowers and aromatherapy candles. You can use this decoration in all rooms, from the living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. The aromatherapy candles will look beautiful when lit. The fire from the candles gives a warm impression to the room. Also, the fragrance from aromatherapy candles makes the room fragrant and calming.

The flowers used to accompany aromatherapy candles certainly should not be large. Choose flowers that are small in size so they do not cover the appearance of the aromatherapy candles.

5. Rattan Pendant Light

rattan pendant light
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This classic bedroom looks very attractive with a distinctive vintage style. White as the main color brightens the appearance of the room. Gold color as an accent gives an elegant and expensive side to the bathroom. The appearance of the room looks more attractive with natural touches that really stand out. Starting from flowers for the vanity decoration to rattan pendant lamps with relatively large sizes. With this size, the rattan pendant lamp becomes a standout in the bedroom. This is one of the simple decors that can drastically change the appearance of a room.

Yellow lighting is perfect for the rattan pendant lamp. This provides a bit of calm and warmth in the bathroom.

6. Throw Pillows and Rattam Baskets for Mudroom

mudroom simple decors
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In your mind, maybe the mudroom is just an empty room filled with shoes and raincoats. In fact, the function of a mudroom is not only that but more. The appearance of the mudroom also affects the appearance of the rest of your house. Therefore, it is important to make it look beautiful and comfortable.

Decorate your mudroom in a safe way such as relying on neutral colors. White as the main color and natural lighting can make a room look beautiful. Just needs a little more decoration to make it perfect. You can make the bench in this room attractive with throw pillows in calm colors. And, use the area under the bench as storage. Use rattan baskets. This can also be another simple decor that can increase the beauty of the mudroom.

7. Standing Mirror to Fill Your Corner Room

standing mirror
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Do not just leave a corner of the room empty. Make this area look attractive with simple decors. Standing mirrors are the right decoration for room corners. This can cover the vertical lines in the corners of the room so that the room will feel more spacious. And also, mirrors have light-reflecting properties which really help to keep the room bright. Therefore, place the mirror in the corner of the room where there is a window. With this, light entering the room will directly hit the mirror surface and reflect back into the room.

So that the corners of the room are not too stiff, you can add other decorations as companions to the standing mirror. Place a large plant right next to a standing mirror. And, on the other side, decoration with rattan tatami cushions.

8. 3 Oval Mirrors

bedroom simple decors
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Indeed, mirrors function as items to help us with our activities, starting from make-up, looking at our appearance, and much more. However, currently there are many mirror designs available so this item can also be used as decoration to add to the beauty and aesthetic value of the room. Like in this idea where 3 oval mirrors are chosen to fill one side of the wall in the bedroom. The curved lines on the mirror disguise the straight and rigid lines in the room so that the appearance becomes softer. It is good for the soft, natural, and warm bedroom. The presence of a mirror really fits into the bedroom interior itself.

9. A Tray For the Corner of The Countertop

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A tray for the corner of the countertop is the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room. The tray can be placed on the countertop. You can also utilize it to cover perpendicular lines at the corners of the kitchen. So, with this, the tray on the coner is not only a decoration that adds beauty to the appearance but also reduces the impression of stiffness in the room.

You can fill the tray with several other displays that can enhance and enliven your kitchen. Make the most of your wooden cooking utensils. Place it in a container for a neater appearance. Also use small plants that can provide freshness to your kitchen.

10. Books in Your Kitchen

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Do not limit your creativity to something related to the function of the room. You can get out of this zone to increase your creativity. For example, you can use your favorite books as displays and decorations for your kitchen. The kitchen does not just have to be decorated with cooking utensils, cutlery, and plants. The books in your house can also enhance the look of the kitchen.

In order to make the impression is not too lonely and stiff, you can put books on wooden boards. The brown cover of the book will look good on this board. Also, provide other decorations as friends for the book. Here, you can use decorations related to the kitchen, such as cooking utensils made of wood on the left side of the book and plants on the right side.

11. Bath Cady

bath caddy
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is a bath caddy. This decoration not only improves the appearance of the bathroom but also adds to the comfort of this room. With a bath caddy, you can put some additional displays or items that you use when bathing. You can put plants there to refresh the appearance of the room. Or, you can also place and light aromatherapy candles which can make you feel more relaxed when swimming. And, if you prefer to fill your free time by watching series on Netflix, you can put your tab on the bath cady. With this, relaxing by soaking in warm water in the bathtub will be more enjoyable.

12. Leather Tissue Box Cover

table simple decors
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Take the advantages of the important items that you need every day as decorations that can add to the beauty of your room. You can use a tissue box as a place to put tissue in your house. Besides making the appearance neater, it can also be used as decoration for the table. And, this is the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room that you can follow.

The leather tissue box cover looks so simple but beautiful on top. There are also other decorations in the form of small green plants. The green color on the plants and the green color on the tissue box look harmonious and unified. It looks like works well in beautifying and refreshing the appearance of the room.

13. Colorful Pencil Holder

pencil holder
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You can also use the colorful pencil holder with beautiful colors and designs as decoration for your room. This is one of the simple decors that can increase the beauty of the appearance of your room. This decoration is very suitable for filling the table area, be it a coffee table in the living room, dining table in the dining room, and cabinet table in the entryway, and bedside table in the bedroom.

Even though it is called a pencil holder, you can still use it as another storage place, such as a place to put cooking utensils, cutlery, and also vases for small plants or flowers. Play with your creativity. The more creative you are, the more interesting the decoration in the room will be.

14. Alight Shower Niche

best bathroom simple decors
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Shower niche is important for the minimalist bathroom design. The presence of a shower niche means you no longer need additional storage to store toiletries such as soap bottles, shampoo, and so on. However, because the appearance is too plain and simple, it is necessary to add a special touch to the shower niche. That way, the minimalist bathroom doesn’t look too boring. Here, you can install LED light in the shower niche area. Choose yellow lighting to give a warm and calm effect there. The light from the LED light also creates a deeper effect for the shower niche.

15. Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is the ladder shelf. This simple decoration can be used for small bathrooms. Ladder shelves can be placed in the closet area. It adds more storage in the area above the closet which can save space in a small bathroom and make it feel more spacious.

You can use the ladder shelf as additional storage and also an interesting spot in the small bathroom. Choose one or two shelves there to use as a place to put displays in the form of pictures, small plants, aromatherapy candles, and so on.

16. Glass and Bowls

kitchen simple decors
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Do not ever think about installing a full close-kitchen cabinet in a small kitchen. This method will only make the room look narrower and uncomfortable. So, for some spaces, still use open-kitchen cabinets.

You can use the close-kitchen cabinet as a place to store small items that can interfere with the cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen. Meanwhile, for the open-kitchen cabinet, you can place items that have an aesthetic appearance to add value to the beauty of your kitchen. Here, you can rely on glass and bowls with simple designs. This is the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room. The glass and bowls with a simple design will be very suitable for the minimalist kitchen design. That way, harmony in the room is maintained very well.

17. Large Oil Paintings

oil painting
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The modern living room is made more minimalist so that it creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere. There is only a sofa and coffee table. For the floor, gray rug is used which seems to define the living room area in the house. And, that is interesting in this room is a large painting on the wooden wall. The colors in the painting are also found in the room, that is on the throw pillows. With this, the simple impression is still well maintained in the room.

The oil panting has a very attractive 3D texture when hung on the wall. The texture looks more alive when illuminated with light. So, if you want to make this decoration stand out in the room, install additional lights where the light shines directly at the painting.

18. Wooden Soap Dish

wooden soap dish
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The wooden soap dish is the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room. This decoration is suitable for decorating the vanity area in your bathroom. The wooden soap dish can make the natural bathroom perfect. The dominant white color with the natural brown color of the wood creates a warmer atmosphere.

The function of the soap dish is not only to store hand washing soap. Add other displays that can add to the beauty of the vanity area in your bedroom. The small green plant can provide freshness to the room. Also, the white bottle containing soap is perfect for the white vanity.

19. LED Digital Clock

bedroom simple decors
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Currently, there are many interesting clock designs. So, the function of the clock today is not only to show the time. With various types and designs of the clock, it can be a display to decorate a spot or area in the room. And, this becomes the next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room.

Like this idea which uses an LED digital clock for the bedside table. Its small size makes it more practical to use so you can move it in the area you like. You can also use this one clock to decorate your working space. Or, you can also put it on the table cabinet or coffee table in the living room.

20. String Light

string light
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is a string light. This is an additional lamp that not only adds light to the room but also improves the appearance of the room. You can use this item to make a spot or area in the room stand out more.

The string light can be used to change the appearance of an ordinary standing mirror to become more dramatic. Installing it on the edge of the mirror makes it look beautiful in the corner of the room. The yellow light from the string light conveys calm and warmth. So, it not only increases the beauty of the appearance but also adds comfort to your room.

21. Line Figure Picture

simple decors and ideas
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For the minimalist, modern, and Scandinavian living room, line figure pictures are the right decoration for the wall. The appearance is very simple so it can blend with the interior and concept of the room. It also maintains a simple and minimalist impression in the living room.

Add frames for the pictures so they can look beautiful on the wall. The line figure pictures with a white background are very beautiful when given a white frame too. This is like increasing the size of the picture itself. However, also pay attention to the paint on your walls. If the walls are painted white, then use a frame in another color such as brown or black.

22. Faux Fur Rug

faux fur rug
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Create warmth in the room by relying on faux fur rugs. It also becomes decoration which can also add to the beauty of the appearance of the room. Because the size is relatively small, you can use more than one faux fur rug. Two or three are enough to decorate a spot in the room. Choose different rug colors for a more attractive impression. It not only enhances the room but also enlivens the room but does not eliminate the simple impression of the room itself. Perfect, right?

23. Fruit Bowl and Candles

dining room simple decors
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is a fruit bowl and candles. These are the right displays to fill your empty dining table. You can put them right in the middle of the table. The wooden fruit bowl looks combined with the wooden table. It maintains the minimalist concept of the dining room. And, used candle holders for the candles. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the candles, it can also maintain safety. With candle holders, the candle will not be far away when lit. So, it is safe to use candles for the wooden table.

24. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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The next of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is a pampas grass. This decoration is currently hype and is in great demand by people. Pampas grass has a brown color which is suitable for the contemporary design. It is good for the simple room with a warm and calm atmosphere. The brown color will blend with the concept and interior of the room, maintaining a simple and minimalist appearance in the room itself.

Make the pampas grass more attractive by using the right vase or pot. The white large vase is good for the natural room. You can place it in the corner of the room or right next to a standing mirror.

25. Synthetic Vines

best bedroom simple decors
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The last of 25 Simple Decors That Will Enhance Your Room is a synthetic vine. This decoration is a great way to decorate and freshen the appearance of a room without worrying about caterpillars or pests. Also, synthetic vines will not wither. So, no special care is required. At most you just need to clean it because this is often a place where fine dust collects.

The use of synthetic vines is very flexible. You can install it on the wall or window area. It can decorate a spot spesifically.

Final Words

No matter how simple your room is, it definitely still needs decoration to beautify it and eliminate the stiff and boring impression. So, it can also be said that decoration is an important part that should not be skipped. And, no matter how lazy you are, you still have to add decoration to the room. However, you can do it more easily with simple decors. The points above are 25 Simple decors That Will Enhance Your Room. You can choose one or more of the points above and apply them to your lovely room. So, good luck!

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