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Shabby Chic living room Ideas | Embrace Stunning Array of Vintage Furniture! – Are you looking for a cute and romantic design for your living space? Surfing the net for many hours searching for a lovely interior design. Then we offer you the best style that suits you the most. Our choice comes to a shabby chic style. Before we dig into the shabby chic room design. Let’s talk about the brief history of this style.

The shabby chic style astonishingly popular worldwide cause it has a romantic array of vintage furniture. That furniture what makes the shabby chic design looks so lovely. Taking back into the 1980s started from Great Britain the shabby chic was well known as an upper-class design, at that time the Victorian introduce the good taste for the room decoration. This pop Victorian interior design spread fast to all over European countries.

When we talk about shabby chic design, it also refers to the French Country home style. Where there we can see many towns in the French embrace the shabby chic style.

The shabby chic room decor is an expansion of the vintage style. We can see lots of vintage furniture decorating this shabby chic room. So, what is the key point we should know to achieve a shabby chic room design? Alright, we can choose vintage furniture that has a floral pattern. That will make this room look romantic. Combining vintage furniture with some layering concept that will make the room look chic.

Why are so many people adore this shabby chic style especially for women? The answer is quite simple, it has a lovely curated decoration with some layering concept and combines with a vintage floral decoration and some antique distressed furniture. Those are the key point why are so many of us love this unique style.

Alright, it is time for us to decorate our living room with a stunning array of vintage furniture!

Stunning Shabby Chic Room Decor In White!

gorgeous shabby chic living room ideas in all white

This living room looking so gorgeous in white, do not worry to have a plain decoration in all white because this room has some fun layering textures that won’t make you bored inside. There some point we found out from this room design, it displays some white sofas that dressed beautifully in white gowns. In the middle, there is set some antique candlestick holder. We can see there is a vintage armoire and mirror set in this room. What a beautiful presentation of a lovely and classic decoration in this white shabby chic style!

Soft Palette Of Vintage Furniture

lovely soft palette for shabby chic living room decor

A shabby chic room decor thirst with soft and neutral palette decoration. We can prove that statement in this lovely room. It has some distressed furniture in a soft palette. There are display two blue vintage armchairs, and there is two pink vintage sofa. Bringing a rustic view by adding a distressed finish of a vintage rug and some antique chandelier. These curated displays of vintage furniture in a soft palette make this room totally soothing but also looking ancient at the same time. Beautifully decorated living room idea!

Pretty Glam In Pink Decor!

pretty glam pink shabby chic living room ideas

This room looking so pretty in glam pink! There is a floral vintage wallpaper set as a beautiful backdrop, now we look at the floral vintage sofa that stands out in a pink palette, this girly living room design is so brilliant to evoke a glam look by adding a jar of beautiful pink blush roses. Appearing a classic view by setting a distressed coffee table as the centerpiece of classic view. This eclectic room design in pink as pretty as it looks! Ladies do you want to have this lovely living room decor on your own?

Sweet Shabby Chic Room In Green

sweet shabby chic living room decor

Besides pink, are you thinking about which color that suits your shabby chic wall palette? Well, we already found the best option for you! A neutral wall palette will be perfect to decorate your shabby chic room style. starting off painting the wall with lime green will freshen up your shabby chic room. Now, we work on the decoration, there are some available furnishing we can choose to decorate this type of room, going with a stunning array of vintage furniture will enhance the antique and chic look of your room! This living room design looks so soothing with a green accent!

Sweet Little Chic Room Neutral Blue!

Shabby chic living room in blue

Having a little space in your living room? But did not know how to style and improve the appearance of your small living space. Well, do not worry about that, we can purpose this tiny space to be a pride of the entire room in this house. First of all, get rid of all useless item that makes your living space looks crowded. To begin with, this simple decoration, painted your wall with a light blue palette, and then start to set up some small sofa, beautify them with a blue skirt. Adding a white vintage coffee table in the middle and do not forget to put some roses on the table. That is all the simple decoration but it looks so lovely and peaceful in a blue palette.

After seeing some shabby chic living room ideas, now we look at the decoration. As we alluded to earlier, a shabby chic room style uses a lot of vintage furniture, so let see them down below!

Shabby Chic Sofa

One of the main pieces of furniture in the living room must come to the sofa. It comfy seating area and also beautify living room decoration. Now, we think about what kind of sofa fits with shabby chic design? Here we have some sofa designs that will look good for your chic room.

High Arm Sofa

sofa for shabby chic living room decoration

This white high-arm sofa will look good for our shabby chic room style. It looks simple in white that will blend very well with a high decorative shabby chic design.

Pink Sofa

pink sofa for shabby chic room

There is a big opportunity to decorate a shabby chic room with a pink accent, it evokes a lovely look into the whole room. So, then we can set a pink sofa into shabby chic decoration.

Floral Sofa with Elastic Skirt

sofa with skirt for living room

Giving a feminine accent be adding an elastic skirt to beautify our floral sofa.

Shabby Chic Throw Pillow

shabby chic throw pillow

Adding some throw pillows on the sofa will improve the appearance and comfy seating. Decorating the shabby chic sofa with some floral accent throw pillows, for example, the printed vintage floral fabric.

Distressed Metal Candlestick

candlestick for shabby chic living room

When we come to the shabby chic decoration, we all know it should be look antique. Then we have this distressed metal candlestick to brings out the antique feel decoration. The purpose of adding candle in our room is for sure to adjust lighting and also to give a rustic view, that is so important thing in a shabby chic decoration.

Distressed Coffee Table

distressed coffee table for shabby chic living room decoration

An old-fashioned look does not mean outdated style, just like this distressed wood coffee table. It looks unique with some distressed finishes that will lead our imagination to the old era.

Pink Roses Bouquet In A Jar

Pink Roses Bouquet In A Jar

Always bring the floral accent into the shabby chic room decor, It creates a romantic look when we step inside. Creating a romantic environment by adding a bouquet of roses in a jar, they look so lovely!

French Armoire

French Armoire for a shabby chic room decor

Another distinctive shabby chic decoration lies in the selection of furnishing. This French armoire is used to decorate the shabby chic room style.

Antique Chandelier

lighting for shabby chic room style

There is another essential decoration for a shabby chic room style, that is lighting. Are you looking for the perfect lighting to brighten your lovely shabby chic room? Our choice must come to the antique chandelier. There’s some candle standing on it, the natural light from the candle brings out the rustic view to this room.

Shabby chic room style was found in Great Britain around the 1980s, exactly at the victorian era. It has unique and lovely decorations such as combining antique furniture and some lovely floral accent! This pop victorian room style rapidly spread across Europe.

There some points we should underline when we will do this room decor. First, the shabby chic room should have antique furniture to brings out an antique look. The second one, shabby chic embraces the floral vintage accent to its decoration that makes this room looks so romantic. So, shabby chic lovers, we can choose distressed furniture to make our room looks antique. And then we can include some floral accents to create a romantic environment.

There is some shabby chic room design we already packed for you, and they’re also some identical shabby chic decoration you can include into your room style. We hope you enjoy this writing of shabby chic living room ideas. And let’s do the project of shabby chic room style and embrace the stunning array of vintage furniture!

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