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Refreshing Memory Of The Space With Tropical Kitchen Design – When we feel bored at home, that is exactly the time we need a renovation. Soon we’ll welcome the sunny summer days. With the sun above us, the clear sky outside that gives us the energy of life. This joy and energy of summer could be our inspiration to do some renovation into the interior space. After we got the inspiration, decode the space in our home to have a tropical decoration. Think about how much time we spend in the kitchen? Starting has a breakfast preparation in the morning, lunch, and prepare big dinner meal for our family. We believe that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So, it’s perfect to apply tropical design in the kitchen.

The highlight of tropical design:

Allow the natural lighting comes in

Let’s just open the window and let natural light come to the interior. When the fresh air comes to join the relaxing ambiance in the kitchen. There where we feel comfortable no matter how long we are preparing food in the kitchen.

Creating good air ventilation

Creating natural ventilation can be made by installing large windows in our kitchen wall. Feel the warmth of the morning sun that touches our skin. Furthermore, the large window, allows the fresh air to come in that creates good air ventilation. As a result, the air circulation in our kitchen will always be fresh.

Adding some greenery to connect us with nature

One of the best decorations for tropical design is to put some greenery. So, we live in a comfortable soothing ambiance inside the property. The intention of put greenery inside is to connect us with nature. Plus, letting indoor houseplant set in the interior will give us the benefit of natural air purifying system.

Neutral color tone

Another highlight of the tropical design is using a neutral color tone for the interior. These colors give a soothing effect to our eyes. To stand out from the tropical design, we can choose a remarkable green color tone to add a fresh environment.

After peeling off the tropical design feature, it’s better for us to see the humble tropical kitchen design down below!

Captivating scenic view and refreshing tropical ambiance

tropical kitchen design open plan

Would you like to have this scenic kitchen design? The design is absolutely captivating! As you enter the room, you’ll immediately feel connected with nature. The design is quite comforting yet far from clutter. The extension of this kitchen is on the flooring type. Using unfinished wood paneling creates a hidden natural gem inside of the property.

Another highlight of this kitchen design is the natural ventilation made from height ceiling and open large window. This allows natural light and fresh air to robustly come to the interior.

To achieve the idea of distinctive tropical kitchen design, the designer uses many natural materials such as wood to be set on the dining table, stools, cabinets, and even countertop. Giving a clear division of tropical design by adding greeneries inside.

When the sun goes down, the dimmed lighting from some pendant lamps creates a warm ambiance to the interior space!

Simple tropical design to cater small family!

simple tropical kitchen design

When you have a small kitchen space, then you wanna convert the old design to be a simple and polished tropical kitchen vibe. You’re definitely can have a compact refreshing design! First of all, it’s important to work with empty space, get rid of all clutter inside. Trick the small space to look spacious by adding simple and sustainable furniture only.

After you have an empty kitchen space, then you are ready to dig in the project immediately. Another important thing to create the tropical design is to allow natural lighting and enough air ventilation. So, we will get a refreshing ambiance! Several windows can be installed to supply fresh air and natural lighting robustly come to the interior.

Then we can add some natural furniture to understand the tropical design. Such as woven baskets that show natural materials and making a friendly environment. Enjoy the natural lighting that comes to space refreshing scenic view outside of the windows.

Refreshing kitchen design by neutral color tone

neutral tropical kitchen design

Creating a soothing environment for the interior can be tricked by brushing a neutral color tone to the wall. A white wall feature in the interior can make a spacious and bright room. This soothing environment is capable to introduce a tropical island kitchen. Adding natural material will give a refreshing memory of the space.

The glossy accent from wooden flooring comfortably fits with a neutral wall to create a friendly environment. Giving a quirky accent to this natural kitchen design by applying a geometrical pattern under the cabinet. In addition, we can use unfinished wooden furniture to extend the intimate natural vibe in the interior. Installing rattan pendant lampshade to achieve the refreshing kitchen island idea.

Classy tropical design

classy tropical kitchen design

When the natural design contrast with modern and elegant touch decoration. Creating a comfortable and sustainable architecture design. A glossy gray marble beautifully set as a dining table. The quirky tiles under the table invite a warm bar area. Completed with unique stools that add a classy accent to this kitchen. Giving the tropical statement by adding some greeneries and installing woven pendant lamps.

Outdoor tropical kitchen idea!

open plan design tropical kitchen

When the summer comes, immediately we want to feel the warm ambiance outside of the door! We can make a big deal by moving our kitchen to the outside. Let’s spot a space in the backyard that we can create an outdoor kitchen there. Right through the lush backyard garden, enjoy a cooking experience like in the wildlife nature! Installing a white table and countertop then we are ready to have summer prep. Having al fresco dining in our backyard is a great deal!

Lush kitchen view through the window

scenic tropical kitchen design idea

The last tropical kitchen display in this writing. We are featuring the sleek and modern kitchen style with an amazing lush garden view. The gray cabinet standing right next to the wooden cabinet, creating a stylish color tone saturation in this clean kitchen. The hanging wooden shelf blends subtly to the neutral white wall. Creating transparency between the indoor and outdoor by installing full-height windows. The benefit of installing a full-height window is to give natural lighting, fresh air to come in, and offer a great view of the lush garden!


It’s always been exciting to talk about room decoration. There are tons of designs available we can choose to decorate our home interior. In this writing, our choice comes from the tropical kitchen design. The refreshing memory of the space is what we need to welcome the summer season!

Considering that the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in our home. It’s important to renovate it with a proper design. Our choice falls to the relaxing ambiance so we can feel comfortable and creating a less busy look that far from clutter.

For those who want to create a tropical kitchen style, we already compile 4 major points to follow. There are:

  • Allow natural lighting to come in
  • Creating good air ventilation. So, the air circulation inside will always remain fresh
  • Invite some greenery inside to enhance the beauty of tropical design
  • Using natural color tone to create a soothing ambiance

Those are 4 major points we already highlight to achieve a dreamy tropical kitchen style. We hope you enjoy the tips and the designs. Let’s start the project immediately!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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