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Creating Sustainable Design and Thermal Comfort In Tropical House Interior – With the sun upon us, and warm weather outside, soon we will welcome the pleasing summer days! Thinking about the refreshing home renovation to welcome the warm weather of the year. Our decision falls to tropical house design!

We will be sharing with you some tips on creating sustainable and thermal comfort in every part of the space inside your home! In addition, we will link you to have some outstanding tropical interiors that include bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and dining rooms excellent projects!

Creating a sustainable design and thermal comfort in tropical house design

What is thermal comfort?

thermal comfort

Basically, everyone has their own thermal comfort whether being inside or outside of the door. So, what it is? It’s the perfect ratio of warm weather that makes us feel comfortable and satisfied with the thermal temperature around us. It includes enough humidity, air velocity, and more aspects that could define the weather’s comfortability. Thermal comfort is typically based on personal feelings, each every one of us might behave weather comfort differently.

In the world of architecture design, it’s very important to keep a sustainable temperature inside the home to provide a good living. To keep the balance of thermal comfort inside our home by creating a fireplace, that will warm up the interior when the weather slightly cold. On the contrary, if the weather inside is very hot caused by the heat of sunlight. We can install the sunshade outside of the window, or we can call it a pergola over the window. This simple system will block the extreme sunlight on sultry days.

Sunshade system

tropical sunshade interior

Summer is so intriguing, thinking about laying on the sand at the beach, feel the warmth of the sun. That will make us fall into a dreamy laidback lifestyle. But how if the heat of summer days makes us suffer inside our home. just like the chicken is toast in the oven, we don’t want that to happen!

It’s important to have a sustainable home design that fits any weather challenges. On sultry summer days, we can install a few wooden sunshades to block the heat of sunlight through the interior. There are many types of wooden sunshade systems we can choose such as sliding shutter, fixed sunshade, or sliding folding shutter such as in the picture above. After installing this sunshade system, that will decrease the thermal temperature on summer days. So, let’s apply this sunshade to create a sustainable design for your tropical house interior!

Natural and mechanical ventilation

good ventilation home design

In the tropical house interior, it’s very important to create good ventilation to supply the fresh air to come in and feel comfortable during scorching days. In architecture design, we can build ventilation both naturally and technically. For the technical ventilation, we can create a high building construction, this will provide a lot more CO2 inside the property. For the natural ventilation, we can create ventilation gaps above the wall that will allow the air outside to come in. As a result, these two ventilation types will cool down the temperature inside.

Incorporate greenery

greenery inside tropical home

Another method to keep the thermal comfort inside the home during the sultry summer days by incorporating greenery. Scientifically prove that green plants can absorb the sun’s energy which means it can help to cool down the temperature inside the living space.

Adding greenery is not only gives us thermal comfort but also improves the beauty of the natural home design. Subsequently, their presence could be a focal point to define our tropical house interior design.

After we discussed significant tips on creating the sustainable design of the tropical home interior, now, guide you to have brief information about the tropical room. Don’t miss any of them!

Tropical bedroom design

Figuring out what types of relaxing decoration for our private room, our decision must come to the tropical bedroom design. The calming effect made from fresh decoration assesses a few aspects. For instance incorporate greenery, fresh color paint tone, natural furniture, and decoration.

If you wonder to see the designs, you can check tropical bedroom ideas here. The tropical bedroom decoration usually comes with vivid color and cheerful decoration. Its balances with the attractiveness of summer days that full of sunlight. With a lot dose of sun in the summer season, we can keep the thermal comfort inside our bedroom by opens up the window. It allows the breeze and fresh air to come in. For a deep relaxing summer bedroom decoration, we can add some greenery inside!

Tropical living room decoration

The aftermark of the covid-19 subsequently makes us down. The abnormal lifestyle during the pandemic case could trigger stress. To ask this question and get rid of the burden in our mind by doing a refreshing renovation interior project.

The living room is considered a gathering place in our home. It’s better to include natural and refreshing elements in the design. We have compiled the essence of tropical living room decoration is on furniture sets. We suggest you get eco-friendly furniture to bold the natural accent in your living space. There are many furniture sets we can grab for the room. For instance, the table and chairs made from a combination of wood, organic fabric, rattan, or bamboo. Set the natural furniture accent to feature the tropical living room accent!

Sustainable tropical kitchen design

The kitchen is considered one of the busiest spaces in our home. Thinking about how many hours we have spent in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner prep, absolutely countless! With a massive action in the kitchen, we need a sustainable kitchen design that fits with any weather challenges. Soon we will cheer summer day, we will be facing the steamy days. In this case, it’s better to have the kitchen renovation for the upcoming summer season. Our choice obviously comes with a sustainable tropical kitchen idea!

Typically tropical designs have lots of ventilation that will supply the fresh air to come in. Having good air insulation keeps the weather inside the kitchen perfectly comfortable. We can have enough ventilation by installing some windows, besides giving the fresh air circulation. The open windows also allow the natural lighting penetrates the interior. As a result, we will feel comfortable cooking in the kitchen no matter how long we stay in! Moreover, the tropical kitchen design also includes some greenery to join the cozy ambiance, such a relaxing atmosphere!

Soothing tropical dining room ideas

After discussing the kitchen design, now we move to the dining area. After the living room, we spotted another gathering space at home is a dining room. It’s a special place that we could share the joy of having a meal together.

To make us more comfortable in the dining area. We can decorate this room with tropical ideas, it offers both soothing and inviting relaxing ambiance inside. Moreover, we feel connected with nature instead of being at home. Elevate our dining area by setting up some greeneries as a lush backdrop, paint the wall with neutral color shade. These two combinations will transform our dining area into a green lush paradise, enjoy the meal! Let’s start the project of tropical dining room design immediately!

Relaxing summer vibe bathroom decor

When we talk about tropical design, it couldn’t be apart from the summer vibe. Yet, we will welcome the summer season, and let’s get the fresh decoration in our home. With a lot amount of sun in the summer season, that will make us sweats a lot and for sure we need to take a bath to wash it down. To make us more comfortable have a shower in the bathroom, a relaxing tropical bathroom is needed!

Bringing the lush nature concept into the bathroom decor is quite pleasing! A timber accent will make our bathroom look inviting and sophisticated. If we want to have a rustic and jungle-like bathroom environment, we can add a bamboo and wood accent to the interior. This natural and fresh bathroom decoration would be incomplete without the existence of greenery. When the natural light penetrates the bathroom, it will give the energy inside!


Soon we will welcome warm and cheerful summer days. Thinking about the proper decoration to celebrate humid weather, suddenly we think about relaxing tropical house design. There is a major thing we bring into this writing is to keep the thermal comfort around our house.

The highlights of tropical home interior designs:

Creating comfortable sunshade

With a dose of sun in the summer season, it’s indeed comfortable to join the sun to the interior. To keep the thermal comfort balance inside, we can create a comfortable sunshade made from bamboo to prevent the extra heat to the interior.

Good ventilation

Ventilation is a key in tropical house design, it supplies the fresh air inside our home and cooling down the temperature when it gets so hot outside. We can create open-air ventilation in our courtyard, so the air will flow from the ceiling and fulfill the whole room. In a simple way, we can create ventilation by installing some windows. The air will flow through the gaps, which keep us feel cool.


It’s important to bring the green accent inside our home to create a relaxing atmosphere. The greenery also standing as a focal statement of tropical design. The plants can be cooling down the atmosphere. So, don’t forget to include green plants inside your summer house project!

Those are summer house interior designs we already shared with you and completed with the tips to achieve the design. We hope you enjoy our writing and let’s started the project immediately!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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