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7 Invigorating Tropical Bathroom Decor Ideas – Summer will come very soon and thinking about the fresh and relaxing decoration to our interior space suddenly lead our mind to the tropical environment! Imagining where we’re being at the seaside or seeing exotic tropical landscaping, it’s such a relief! Moreover, fascinating about the invigorating tropical country has offer, that’s the idea come to decorate our home with tropical decor!

Figuring out where is the right space in our home that needs some refreshing tropical touch. The answer is, it absolutely fits all of the room space in our home! In the previous article, we already share with you the gorgeous tropical design for the kitchen. Now, we invite you to see some of the best invigorating bathroom decor ideas. But, before we see some of the designs below, better for us to know some highlights of tropical design is. We already collected some tropical essentials that could be your inspiration in designing the bathroom.


Color is one of the most important things in a home decoration project. There are thousands or even a million colors that we could choose to decorate our home. We believe that every color has its own mood. Sometimes, it’s very crucial to choose some color that fits with our theme. To prevent that happen to you, here we will share with you some of the best colors that could transform into relaxing tropical room decor!

We have compiled some of the best tropical colors, generally, they go beyond bright colors! The energy and the vibrancy of the tropics country have offered, these essential we can simply get from the natural bright colors. The spirit of natural bright colors will boost our mood and will bring us to life! Here are some of the best tropical colors that we could apply to the interior!

  • Caribbean turquoise
  • Pineapple
  • Bright mango
  • Bright green
  • Tropical forest
  • Pink orchid
  • Hawaiian coconut, etc.

Include greeneries inside

It’s very important to include a natural accent into the tropic design. We can trick the fresh environment by taking some greeneries to the interior. Creating the natural atmosphere by adding some greeneries inside, there we nearly achieve a lush and relaxing tropical ambiance!

Generous in natural lighting

Science has knowledge us about the existent of our world. As we look out to the map, the tropics country located on the equator of this Earth, that what makes these regions blessed with plenty of sunlight around the year. We all know that solar energy is useful for any part of our life. For instance, taking advantage of solar energy to build lighting systems. In simple form, we can feel the benefit of direct morning sunlight for our bodies. It’s well-known to contain natural Vitamin D that could strengthen our bones. Those are a few benefits of solar energy for our life.

In the world of architecture design, we can take advantage energy of the sun to supply natural lighting. As a result, we will have a well-lit interior space by the sun. Blessed with a lot of suns, the tropical design has lots of natural lighting for the interior. There we will feel the inviting and cheerful environment after applying the natural lighting concept to the interior!

Those are a few highlights of tropical design that you could apply before you dig into the bathroom renovation project! Let’s see 7 invigorating tropical bathroom decor ideas down below!

Hawaiian coconut color tone for an energetic tropical vibe!

natural tropical bathroom decor

We already discussed some of the tropical color tones above. In this picture, we can see that the Hawaiian coconut color tone is implied beautifully in the bathroom. This color reflects on the brick wall color tone.

This bathroom also supported by good natural air ventilation and natural lighting. As we can see above, the height wall meets the outstanding bamboo ceiling. We also see the gaps made from bamboo paneling on that ceiling allows the fresh air to come in.

The natural lighting concept made from the sun robustly comes to the interior through the gaps of the bamboo ceiling. In addition, the natural light hit the mirror that tucks on the brick wall. As a result, the bathroom will look more spacious and bright.

For decoration, this bathroom includes natural materials for an inviting environment. The woven basket made from seagrass, natural rock basin, and rattan pendant lamp clearly define natural decoration. In addition, tropical plants set to bold tropical design. This bathroom is so refreshing! Would you like to have this one?

Dreamy tropical outdoor bathroom

tropical outdoor bathroom

It’s been exciting to decorate our home with a fresh touch element. Thinking about the lushly tropical view that could make us fall into a deep relaxing ambiance! With the shining summer day we will get soon, it’s quite interesting to have some outdoor project! Each one of them is an outdoor bathroom! Seriously? We can make it happen, but of course with enough privacy wall!

Right next to the wall in our garden, where we can start the project there. Starting off installing a pergola. Here we show you a timber paneling style to create a natural look ceiling! The next step is we can set a quirky small bathtub on the gravel. Creating an open sky ceiling in the middle will make us connect with nature while still having a privacy wall. Surrounded by lush green plants is such a relaxing bathroom ambiance!

Energetic bright mango color tone

bright mango tropical bathroom design

As we already talked to earlier, the bright color tone can reflect the fresh tropical ambiance. This bathroom brushing bright mango paint color to the wall makes this small bathroom looks energetic and fun! the table lamp set in the higher place creates a warm effect to the bathroom. The abstract painting tuck on the wall to make this tiny bathroom looks classy. Then the large mirror set in the middle to cater to all the lighting inside. This small tropical bathroom is so practical to follow, and those who live in the studio apartment can apply this inviting design!

Create a jungle vibe with large green lush tropical wallpaper!

tropical wallpaper for bathroom

The easiest way to make a new style to the interior space is by sticking the wallpaper. Lately, there are thousands of amazing wallpaper available in various themes! With the high-quality prints, we will get a better view that spread onto the wall! For a tropical theme, we can choose a lush green wallpaper, then spread it to the wall. Don’t need to take too many times to have tropical bathroom decoration. Gently spreading tropical forest wallpaper as a backdrop in our bathroom. In a second we will get the new design!

The timber wall panel creates a classy and sleek modern bathroom design. In addition, installing a few mirrors on the wall support the lighting concept in this bathroom. The white basin and countertop standing on the wooden cabinet creating a floating effect. Plus, the dimmed lighting made from two pendant lamp creating a cozy and warm environment in this bathroom!

Classic tropical bathroom look

classic tropical bathroom decor

The misty look made from the turquoise wall all around in this bathroom. The classic touch joins this misty tropical look. By adding some quirky decoration such as abstract painting, wooden soap place, rock bowl basin. Two classic wall lamps tuck on each side of the mirror add the quirky classic decoration. To refresh the look in this bathroom, don’t forget to allow greenery inside. Put a vase of the green plant on the countertop to improve the coziness and give a statement to this tropical bathroom!

Antique tropical bathroom decor idea!

natural wooden ceiling for tropical bathroom idea

This tropical bathroom looks so rustic and bold in antique view! The first thing we want to highlight in this bathroom design is the ceiling. The quirky accent made from the woven rattan ceiling and wooden beam installation to keep it sturdy. Then, go down, blue shade ceramic tiles decorate the whole interior. In addition, the geometric tiles flooring gives more statement to the design. The bamboo rack is set to the interior to give a natural decoration. The ceiling design shows the raw construction and that is the beauty of architecture! Would you love to have this antique tropical vibe decor?

Soothing tropical backdrop!

tropical backdrop bathroom design

We have come to the last amazing bathroom designs. Thinking about the clean modern bathroom meets natural decoration that could relieve our stress. Having our own spa in our home is possible! Relieving tropical environment is what we need in our bathroom. Soaking up in the bathtub that has an invigorating tropical backdrop is the highlight of this bathroom design.

The large glass window is the extension design of this bathroom, offering lush green plants view from the wide-open window is a wow factor in this bathroom. For the flooring type, this bathroom is using concrete that blends subtly with river stones under the bathtub. In addition, the dimmed lighting supports the relaxing spa atmosphere to the interior. It’s a superb bathroom design that crafts natural decoration and super sleek modern line design!


We already share with you 7 invigorating tropical bathroom decor ideas. We hope you enjoy our tips to make your dream tropical bathroom come true. Now, we want to remind a few highlights of tropical decoration so you can start the project properly. They are:

1. Choose the right color

As we alluded to very earlier above, color is one of the most important things to decor the space with a tropical theme. Our selection must come to the bright colors such as bright mango, green forest, calming turquoise, and many more still. With the bright color, energy has been brought that will liven up the interior space. The joy of the tropical vibe will lead our minds to get a happy and cheerful summer day!

2. Greeneries

Another key factor to achieve a relaxing tropical design is including some greeneries inside. Let give the space to some green plants to join the relaxing ambiance in our bathroom!

3. Natural lighting

The last key point we want to highlight in this tropical bathroom project is featuring enough natural lighting. When the natural light penetrates the interior, suddenly it will liven up the energy of tropical vibe! We can trick this natural lighting by installing a few windows and installing mirrors in the bathroom.

So, we have come to the final now, we wrap up these tropical bathroom decor ideas with those three key major elements to support. We hope this helps you all out to make your refreshing tropical bathroom come true. Don’t wait any longer, just apply these tips and start the project immediately. Let’s cheer summer days with refreshing tropical home decor everyone!

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