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Basic Guide To Achieve Scandinavian Natural Lighting Concept – It’s so appealing to have sunshine that blasts into our home! Considering that natural light gives us lots of benefits. For instance, bask in the morning sun for 30 mins can supply Vitamin D our body needs, it will strengthen our bone. The study research has been shown that having a sunny day can boost our mood rather than being on a cloudy day. As a result, we will be happier to live a life. This rule is quite simple, when the weather is supported we would love to do some outdoor activities.

Considering most of the people spending time a lot at home. We have to make sure to create a cozy home living for all of our family! There are many ways to achieve a cozy living space. We have to find a balance of coziness between outdoor and indoor space.

In this writing, we would love to share with you some basic natural lighting guides for a sustainable home! Scandinavian home design is known for its outstanding sustainable design. A home that builds with enough natural light. Finally, we’ve got the benefit of natural light and able to save electrical energy!

Basic guides of Scandinavian natural lighting:

  • Design our home that direct to the south

If you love plenty of natural light comes through your living space. It’s very important to know the best direction that can receive enough sun. Basically, we can face and direct our home to the south. Where the sun rises and sets over that way. Facing our home to the south will provide us natural light all day long.

  • Large window installation

If you are fairly enough seeing Scandinavian home design, it’s been known that they use large window installation. What is the aim behind it? The large window installation allows sunlight to come through the living space. The larger window the bigger chance we’ll get natural lighting.

  • Roof window installation

We find it easy to spot roof window installation in a Scandinavian home design. Setting up the window on the roof will make the natural light easier robustly to the interior. In addition, installing a window directly facing the sky is effective to accept the natural light and transmitting it to the whole interior.

  • Pinewood exterior accent

The lightwood accent from the pinewood supports the bright look of our property. So, when we come to use pine wood for the exterior construction. The bright accent wood will help to transmit the bright shade of natural light to the interior. This material is much used in Scandinavian homes because they have durable features and inexpensive costs. So, it will save our budget to construct a home!

Those are a few basic guides to achieve the natural lighting concept. It’s better for us to see how it works properly with some pictures down below!

South direction for home entrance

natural lighting concept directing to the south

This appealing Scandinavian home style directing to the south. As we alluded to earlier, in most cases architecture projects, directing the home to the south will get plenty of natural light for our home! Basically, the south is the place where we can get the sun to rise and sets each day. If you want to build a home that take the advantage of natural light to brighten the interior, then we can direct our home to the south!

Large window installation

applying natural light concept by large window installation

Creating a sustainable home that we mean we need to design and take the benefit of the natural surrounding. Building a home with less energy source should support our dream sustainable home design. For instance, take solar energy to brighten up our home in an affordable and easier way. In this case, we will save electrical energy consumption, as long as the sun rises, we have plenty of light that brightens up our living space!

We can apply a basic guide in the Scandinavian natural lighting concept that has been using large window installation. Home designer, after we directing our home to the south to get plenty of natural light. Now, we can do a second step! Installing a large window will transfer the sun outside to the interior. Even when it’s cloudy or even snowy outside. The large window installation still provides the sun comes to the interior.

Roof window installation

roof window installation to support natural lighting

Another basic guide to achieving the Scandinavian natural lighting concept is by installing window roofing. Just like the sun above that can cover up to brighten up the large space on earth. We can copy how the sun brightens up our world. By installing a window above that will transfer the light to the whole room!

We can apply this concept to any living space we want, such as a bedroom, living room, and even dining room. Imagining has a warm and bright dining area for a breakfast is fantastic. Giving us great energy in the morning. If you want to create a sustainable home that has plenty of natural light, you can apply this concept!

Bright and subtle pinewood exterior accent

the subtle pinewood installation in Scandinavian style

Building a home with plenty of natural lighting is so appealing! Especially for Scandinavian countries that have long cold weather than sunny days in a year. Designing a home that sustainable for the natural environment surround is quite important! Starting off to choose affordable materials that could withstand any climates around.

With an abundance of pinewood supply, Scandinavian houses tend to choose local materials. As we all know that pinewood has durable and lightwood features. Those two combinations are perfect to beautify the Scandi home look.


The Scandinavian home design put forward the natural light to lighten up the living space. In this writing, we highlight 4 basic guides to achieve the Scandinavian natural light concept. The first one, we can trick natural light by facing our home entrance to the south. The second rule told us to have a large window installation. The large glass window installation allows potential natural light to come to the interior. The third basic rule, we can invite more natural light to come to the interior by installing a window on the roof. The last one is using pinewood materials to reflect a bright accent! We hope you enjoy our natural light consideration in creating a sustainable Scandinavian home design!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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