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The Essential Of Scandinavian Exterior House Paint Colors

Jordlinghome.com – When we will buy a property or even just come inside through it. The first spot we can see is the exterior. Decorating both indoor and outdoor space should be equally the same. If we want to have a good living, both can rank the appealing point of our house. Currently, we are going to discuss the exterior side.

We have been talked a lot about Scandinavian interior design. Now, we are moving out to the outside of the door. We’ve been known the comfortable and sustainable Scandinavian home design. Furthermore, we want to see the Scandinavian house externally. Aren’t they as comfortable and sustainable as the interior they have? Le’s we find the answer by discussing the paint color ideas.

Decorating our outdoor space will improve the curb appeal of our property. There are many ways we can do to beautify the exterior of our property. Each one of them is to select the proper paint color for the exterior.

As we all know, Scandinavian home designs are in great demand across the globe. People choose this style for its sustainability and versatility this design in. Some of you might already know the basic Scandinavian paint color ideas. But, we want to inform the basic Scandinavian paint color is definitely comes with neutral colors. We will see that those colors still dominated the major paint ideas in Scandi home design. In addition to the exterior, Scandinavian houses also tend to choose some earthy color tone to paint their home.

There are a few benefits of applying neutral and earthy color paint to our property:

  • The neutral colors are known as boring colors to some

But then, those colors are well known for their sustainable color palette. The light reflection they have been brought creates a soothing environment. In the end, those colors are creating a calm and cozy atmosphere.

  • The benefits of using earthy paint colors for the exterior

When you are aiming to invest in the sustainable home feature. Then, the earthy color paint is what you need! They are subtle, and just stand out perfectly with the natural surroundings. There are many earthy color shades to be applied for enchanting our home exterior. In this writing, we focus on the Scandinavian exterior home paint colors. Basically, they tend to choose earthy color paint to decorate their home exterior. The main reason is that the earthy color looks subtle with the natural environment.

We can find a lot of earthy color shade. For instance, the green shade, brown, white, orange, and some blue color shade. They are muted colors that will stay in harmony with nature. That is one of many aspects of creating a Scandinavian home style. To create a sustainable home, they tend to choose stable colors that simply close to nature!

Here we will show you the essentials of Scandinavian exterior home paint colors down below!


white Scandinavian exterior home exterior

The first Scandinavian paint color we display in this writing is white. A color that comes from a group of neutral colors. Painting our Scandinavian home exterior with white will give a fresh look to our home. White also diffuses light much better than any color that exists in this world. Moreover, white is also known as an elegant and pure color. As a result, we have a lot of benefits by painting our home with white color. The sustainability of this color is running well with the Scandinavian goal that stands in sustainability design!


black for Scandinavian exterior paint idea

After displaying white above as the Scandinavian exterior essential paint. Now, we are moving to the opposite, black. The Scandinavian countries are well known for their cold climate all year round. This is the reason why they choose black as the pro per paint for their home exterior. The black-painted house will receive the sun and that maximizes the low minimum sun Scandinavian countries have received. So, when the weather is colder outside, this black house will keep the temperature inside warmer.

In addition, painting a house with a full black color palette will create a big statement exterior look! Lately, it’s been on trend to paint the exterior house in black in architectural development! If you live in a cold climate place, this black house might be suited you the most! This big statement impacts our curb appeal to the outstanding modern house look!

Wood accent color tone

wood accent color tone for Scandinavian home exterior

Using organic material to construct the building, Scandinavian homes using lots of natural materials to create a sustainable home design. The natural material that comes from wood creates a unique Scandinavian organic color tone palette. Typically they using lightwood accent wood such as oak, pine, etc. So, our third Scandinavian paint accent color for the exterior falls to light wood accent.

This wood color tone blends subtly in the natural surrounding. The wood accent color tone also leads our mind to the sustainable and eco-friendly home design! Besides enchanting the beauty of the exterior, the wood construction also useful as natural heating when the weather is getting colder outsides. Then, when the weather outside is hot, the wood construction will cooling down the temperature inside. What a sustainable home design is!


Gray Scandinavian home exterior

As we alluded to earlier, the Scandinavian home design tends to choose an earthy color for the home exterior look. In the picture above, the gray accent color tone made from the construction of the natural slate. This house looks subtly with the natural surrounding. The clean line green lawn landscaping looks perfect with an outstanding facade stone!


Basically, there are still many paint colors that decorate the Scandinavian exterior. But the key point we highlight in this writing is to choose neutral colors or an earthy color palette to paint the exterior.

In this writing, we already compile the 4 most used colors to paint the Scandinavian home exterior. They are white, black, wood, and gray. We hope you enjoy the tips on painting the Scandinavian exterior house. the key point we want to highlight in this writing is that a Scandinavian home is one of the sustainable home designs. So, when we choose home paint, we have to consider the value of the color itself, and is that give the benefit for us and surround our living?

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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