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Mastering An Eye-Catching Interior With Brick Accent Wall Living Room Design – The brick house adjoining together in the same lane of the classic houses feature in London is something we can find easily. As the red brick house exposes from every corner of the street, it creates a unique look as long as we walkthrough. So, we can conclude that the brick wall has distinctive features and is so stylish endlessly. It is not only looking unique but it also has a solid texture when it comes to being the main construction building. But, that is not what will showcase the most in this writing. We want to highlight the brick accent and how it works on upgrading the interior look! Now, we have a plan to showcase the brick accent wall in the living room. A pretty good way to renovate the interior and polish it into a trendy piece of the design!

Creating a wow factor when someone entering the living room is quite challenging! However, we can be mastering an eye-catching interior look by appearing the brick accent wall to the design. The brick feature in the neutral empty room often brings out a warm and textural accent interior. We can showcase the brick wall as the backdrop, or accentuate the neutral living room decor with a stylish fireplace design. And still, a lot more projects we can show off the trendy interior decor. So, don’t miss any of them down below!

Warm up the neutral space with a brick accent wall!

the brick accent wall in white interior

The neutral color such as white is well-known for its ability to create an airy, spacious, and brighter room. It is not surprising that lots of people using this color as the perfect interior tone. Besides that, decorating in all clean neutral color tone room, sometimes makes us bored. When we feel that bored, that is the exact time we need to do some refreshment in our interior project. Look up to the living room above and imagine how it could be without the aesthetic brick wall. The white wall and less decoration are indeed pleasing but we need something that could spice it up. The aesthetic brick wall giving texture, color to the design. Setting up the brick wall as the focal point makes it easy to spot. The brick wall backdrop looks good together with some electronics. What an eye-catching interior design it is!

Industrial vibe

industrial vibe brick wall decor idea

Showing the raw accent interior is the characteristic of industrial design. This style is in great demand among males. We can transform the raw accent project with the brick accent wall. The pink plaster combine with the bricks giving the soft interior look but giving texture to the design. To bold the room theme style idea, we can install the metal hanging bookcase next to the brick wall. The open racks style fits the textured brick so it does not look rigged. In addition, we can put some manly craftmanship to support the theme style. The brick wall giving a unique interior look without being too hard. Its raw natural appearance creates a distinctive yet playful zone inside our home. So, it could be a good idea to bring an attractive interior look!

White brick wall design for minimalist interior style

white brick accent decor for minimalist interior style

If you have a small or tight living space, choosing the white and neutral color tone is the right decision. Another tip to make the tiny interior feel spacious is to add only functional decoration. Now, we are thinking about how to make a small space feel spacious but also look attractive to the eye. Well, we’ve got the idea, a thing we need to do is doing something on the wall. This free space is the biggest thing we can explore in a decorating project. Due to the small space interior, we can spruce it up with a white brick accent wall. Why it should be white, not red bricks? The white bricks are suitable to give texture in the small interior space, on the contrary, the red brick accent wall will make the room feel cramped. Then, infuse the neutral wall by sticking the LED tv and earthy color tone decoration. These decorations create an appealing minimalist interior look. The clean line decorations do not feel that bored by giving the textured brick accent wall!

Redbrick wall combine with mid-century style mid century style combine with brick accent wall

The brick wall has a unique feature that is why it uses a lot in the trend of interior design. In this living room design, the red bricks stand beautifully as the backdrop. The solid red and slightly earthy color tone looks elegant surrounds the white walls. In addition, the red modern sofa looks perfect together with the backdrop color tone wall. The modern mid-century decor itself showcases the clean line, functional decoration, organic form, and minimal ornament. These all features create a timeless interior design. And the highlight thing in this living room is the red bricks bring the casualty and warm ambiance!

Warm backdrop idea

warm backdrop with brick wall ideaThe brick accent wall can bring a warm ambiance to the living space. As we can see the brick wall project in this living room. The beautiful neatly brick wall backdrop shines, there are a few LED lights that shine through the sofa and help to highlight the brick wall. Adding the neutral Scandinavian sofa join with all functional decoration. It creates a subtle, cozy, and warm living room design. Who does not like to spend time in this cozy living space? None of us! We can learn something by featuring the brick wall, we can get rid of the plain and humdrum interior to be more appealing, and warm!

Artistic brick wall project!

artistic brick wall project in the living room

If you love to show the artistic side of the home decor, using bricks as the main material is a good idea. Creating a timeless, confidence in the imperfection, that is the highlight of this artistic living room project! The half-wall is plastered and lets the other half open that showcases the unique brick feature wall. This imperfection in the home design creates an artistic design. After that, we can put the neutral color tone furniture that runs very well with the aesthetic accent wall we have!

The aesthetic dividing wall idea

aesthetic diving wall accent

Do you have any loft in your home, does it well decorated or not yet? If not, let’s renovate the small space above into a cozy living space! Actually, we can create a bedroom, watching room, reading area or anything we want in the same place, the loft! We can share the tv room with the rest area using the dividing wall. The functional design that showcases the red brick divided wall is so unique. Besides that, the solid feature giving nice privacy to both different rooms. If we have a nice view over the loft we can welcome the guest in it and let them see the spectacular view above from your house.

The brick-divided wall in this loft infuses the space with character and a warm ambiance. The special color tone and the texture are made from the brick feature. It successfully creates an attractive and appealing interior look. What a clever way to function the space!

Welcoming look with a brick fireplace design

the brick fireplace design

Mastering an eye-catching interior is not an easy job. But, that does not mean we cannot have it in our home. With the unique brick feature, we have a big chance to make it come true. In the picture above, there is a beautiful living room in the country house style. The window glasses around showing the beautiful outdoor view. The wall is painted in a neutral color tone. And then, the brick fireplace makes this room cozier and stunning! Imagining the cold weather comes that pretty cold outside but the warm country house design inside makes us cozy staying at home!


The brick wall has a unique feature and that makes the building structure looks attractive. Lately, featuring the brick accent wall in the interior is quite appealing! In this writing, we have shared with you the brick wall project that could enhance the beauty of the interior. They could transform into the clean textured backdrop, rustic appearance with the plain bricks color tone, aesthetic fireplace idea, and so on.

There are lots of brick color tone varieties available. There is the red brick accent, to the neutral white hue. If you have a spacious living space and then you feel bored because of the plain decoration, infuse the interior with the red brick accent wall idea. This will bring a warm ambiance and the room will feel more attractive! On the contrary, if there is a small space, we can choose the neutral bricks color tone. This will not make the space feel cramped but still infuse the room with a textured design. Moreover, we can create a focal point in our living room such as create a backdrop, aesthetic wall, or the farmhouse fireplace style! The brick wall is absolutely stunning and could enhance the warm ambiance inside our lovely home!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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