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Create A Unique Bedroom Character With Exposed Brick Wall Design Ideas

Jordlinghome.com – When it comes to decorating the interior space, we cannot be in a hurry choosing the theme style at a tremendous pace. We have to think clearly at the right time. The first thing is that you have to know the major thing you want to live alive in your bedroom decoration. Remembering that bedroom is a private place to relax, so you have the opportunity to keep up your dream place! If you love the design that is unique and giving a character to your own room. Here we will bring you to see how the exposed brick wall design giving an impactful classic, unique, and stylish room look!

Whether the old or new ones, the brick wall always gives us a unique character home design. There are some who love to extend its beauty for the interior and half of them love to apply it for the interior. Just like in the bedroom, many masculine bedroom styles feature the brick wall to give an industrial touch which is unique! However, the brick wall does not always attach to the manly room style. The textural wall work well together with a rustic, minimalist, and also feminine interior design. The brick accent feature giving the focal point in the bedroom decor. In this writing, we will bring you to have a look at how good the exposed brick wall decorating the bedroom is! So, make sure to follow the designs down below and choose your own style based on your desire!

Exposing the brick wall in a Scandinavian bedroom design

brick wall in the Scandinavian bedroom design

As we alluded to earlier, the brick wall is so pretty to combine with any other interior design. Just like what we have now, the clean Scandinavian bedroom design meets the exposed brick wall giving a character and soul inside! It infuses the empty boring wall with energy-giving an attractive look! Installing the exposed bricks as the backdrop of your bedroom. It creates a dramatic look and your clean space feels more attractive! Contrasting the white wall with a featured brick wall backdrop giving a trendy vibe in your Nordic room style. The warm bedding setting, white wall work together along with distinctive exposed brick wall create a harmonious, super cozy, and also trendy interior!

Industrial wall

the industrial bedroom with brick wall accent

Now we take a look into an industrial bedroom design that displays a brick wall as the focal point. The raw look from the exposed brick wall giving a stylish manly room. To define the industrial style, there is some metal decoration set on the wall, the industrial wall lamps style also added to bold the theme style. Nowadays, raw interior design is in great demand among males. It gives a unique masculine look but also looks aesthetic by showing the raw character of the construction. As we can see that the brick wall creates a dramatic effect and trendy accent in manly room decor.

Rustic theme style with pale bricks color tone

rustic bedroom with brick wall

There is a lot of bricks color tone available, we can choose the right one to showcase the theme style we want to show up. In this bedroom essential, the pale color tone brick wall is set as the backdrop. It gives a rustic feel atmosphere, in addition, we set the textural decoration to give the look more attractive and bring the liveliness inside! The outdoor garden wall lamp can be added to give a unique rustic interior appearance. The natural light cascading through the interior space creates a warm ambiance inside. In addition the warm and serene atmosphere we can get from the subtle look of wall lamps. Infuse the bedroom interior with an outstanding pale bricks color scheme to showcase the rustic decor!

The exposed brick wall looks pretty well in a feminine bedroom too!

feminine bedroom with brick wall

There is a notion that the exposed brick wall only looks good in a manly room interior. Actually, it does not only fits with the manly interior style but also looks stunning with the feminine bedroom style too! In this bedroom, the red bricks wall expose as a beautiful backdrop. Surrounded by the neutral wall and decorations, it softens the look and brings out the feminine side of interior style. The pink pastel color shade lay beautifully on the bedding. Come along with the bright wooden flooring style. This girl’s bedroom looks so lovely!

The brick fireplace giving a warm ambiance in the minimalist bedroom style!

red brick fire place in the minimalist bedroomWhen the air is getting colder outside, we want something that could warm us inside our room. In addition, the presence of the red brick fireplace gives a stylish interior look. The unique exposed feature looks so classy between the neutral wall. Moreover, when we feel bored about the neutral minimalist room design. These brick walls will takeaways the humdrum and cold space into a warm and cozy atmosphere! So, if you feel bored with the neutral, plain room decor, appearing the brick accent in your room will help that problem!

Showcase the aesthetic bedroom project with exposed brick walls!

aesthetic brick wall in the bedroom

The brick wall giving a warm, serenity, and trendy look to the interior design. We can see in this clean minimalist bedroom is more attractive and cozy with the exposed brick feature at the backdrop! The clean neutral rack line up the backdrop, and it correlates well together with the soft color tone the brick has itself. Put minimal decoration into your room, this will make your room look spacious. Then, extend the look by adjusting the proper lighting. When the sun goes down, there is no natural light to highlight your precious bedroom. Then, adjust the proper lighting is needed to create a cozy environment. We can set the LED lights at the backdrop, let it shine through the focal point design, aesthetic brick wall backdrop!

Final Thoughts

In the trend interior design, we can find lots of refreshments that make it a more trendy and impactful look. The brick wall is a strong foundation for home construction. Lately, we can feature the brick accent wall to highlight the look in our interior space! In this writing, we have shared with you some remarkable brick feature walls in the bedroom. It is just perfect to blend with any other theme styles decor. For such minimalist, rustic, industrial, or even girly bedroom ideas. We can transform the brick feature as the backdrop or even creating the fireplace.

The brick accent wall is not only given a trendy look but also creates a warm and cozy atmosphere inside. Moreover, the textural accent giving a unique character to the design which is so beautiful! After seeing the brick bedroom project ideas, which one is your favorite? Yet going to be applied in your own room decor!

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