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Choosing The Perfect Plants To Create A Rhythm In Chinese Garden Landscaping Project – When we talk about the Asian garden design, specifically oriental landscaping style. The idea of decorating the green space is just like the reflection of nature. The sense of natural ambiance deeply attaches to it. There are Japanese, Korean, and Chinese gardens that make oriental landscape ideas look so amazing!

Just like all oriental garden landscaping ideas, the Chinese garden structure has the main elements to construct it. We all know it there are water, rocks, and plants are the key materials on landscaping. In this writing, we will be a focus on choosing the perfect plants that can be used in Chinese garden landscaping. With a curated landscaping plan and perfect plants selection, that will successfully create a good rhythm to your green space area!

Why it is important in creating a rhythm in the landscaping project?

The rhythm in the landscaping means to create the pattern, contrasting element, and keep it in balance create a harmony. When the garden already achieves its rhythm, then there the landscaping really works well. Transforming our thoughts on decorating the plants, giving a structure into beautiful and meaningful artwork. It is quite important on knowing well the structure and create a good rhythm in the Chinese garden. Down below, we will be sharing with you some essential plants you can choose to be added to your landscaping project. So, that your plan in creating harmonious green space is close to reaching!


bamboo in Chinese gardenAs a country that has more than 400 varieties of bamboo. It is easy to notice bamboo in Chinese garden design. Displaying the screen of these tall plants creates a dramatic effect. And creating a nice rhythm to the landscaping style. The benefit of growing bamboo around our house, we can make it a natural fencing idea. It defines a clear eco-friendly theme that is successful to create a calming atmosphere. More than that, bamboo is a kind of fast-growing tree on earth. That means we do not need to wait for a long time to create a perfect screen or shades in our garden.

The golden bell (Forsythia manshurica)

 Manchurian Golden-bells for landscaping project

Giving contrast to the landscaping is indeed needed, especially if you want to create a harmonious-looking garden. This golden bell has a vivid yellow color that can infuse energy into your green space. This golden color shade will bring out the liveliness and cheerful ambiance. So, if you love to see the beautiful color, this plant absolutely gorgeous to be added in!

 Chinese Lilac

 Chinese Lilac for fine landscaping project

When we step into a traditional Chinese garden, we often see beautiful flowers in a lilac color tone. These little sweets flowers are called Chinese lilac. They have a lot of prunes in one single tree. So, when they bloom, the lush flower blooming all around. The beautiful color shines, and this color tone is very fine. It’s just perfect for creating a harmonious Chinese landscaping style.

How do take care of Chinese lilac so that they can thrive beautifully living in our outdoor space? They do not only look beautiful where they are blooms only but what makes us love them so much. It is how they are included in fewer maintenance plants. They can thrive in well-drained soil and are tolerant to the full sun. But, still, we have to water them every day to keep the soil rich and moist to make them grow gorgeously. Then spreading some natural fertilizer to support their growth. They will bloom in the mid-spring season, soft lilac color tone will give a soothing accent to the Chinese garden, it gives an absolute beautiful rhythm to the landscaping style!

Sacred Lotus

sacred lotus in Chinese garden

Another essential plant in the Chinese garden is the sacred lotus. Due to the process, from the blooming to rebirth it symbolizes human cycles. In the eastern part of Asia, they believe the sacred lotus is the symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth process. They can live in the dirty water but then after crossing some states of growth, they are turned into beautiful flowers. The positivity and the pureness will come up so beautifully. As a country, that is full of philosophy, the Chinese are designed with thoughtful elements in decoration. For such this gorgeous sacred lotus, the process as beautiful as result, they are bloom so lovely! So, it is not a surprise, that there always will be a sacred lotus in the Chinese garden pond!

Buddhist Pine

Buddhist Pine

Choosing the perfect plants for the landscaping theme is quite important. Most all of the gardens around the world using native plants in their green space decoration. In a Chinese garden, we can easily find Buddhist Pine sets. They are native plants to China and the family of Podocarpaceae. Their presence gives an aesthetic to the oriental garden landscaping style!

Tree Peony

tree peony in Chinese garden

Another beautiful accent flower we can add to create harmony in the Chinese gardens is the peony trees. Their color tone is so lovely, there are red, yellow, white, to purple. The essence of this color will infuse the beauty in our landscaping project! Liven up your dream where there is a calming lotus pond in the middle, blooming peonies follow the water feature giving a scenic and welcoming atmosphere. Adding the rhythm in the relaxing garden style with cheerful peonies will not break the essence. So, we have a complete dream decoration, such a calming and beautiful landscape!

Maidenhair Tree

Maidenhair Tree create a rhythm in Chinese garden

Let’s have a look at this beautiful landscape above. There is a comfortable garden pavilion at the corner, a geometrical water feature in the middle that reflects the majestic maidenhair tree that standing in front of it. It is such a beautiful backdrop that everyone dreams for! The calming water feature combines with a dramatic portrait of the maidenhair tree. It is such a beautiful paradise in one frame! Would you like to have this calming backyard garden project?


The Chinese garden is one of a few oriental gardens designs. Along with Japanese and Korean gardens, the landscaping shares a similar style in decorating the green space. Featuring the concept of nature all or oriental garden styles look so beautiful yet calming! Plants take an important part in the landscaping project, with the proper selection and the right setting, they will turn our outdoor space into a magical paradise! In this writing, we have shared some essentials plants that use a lot in Chinese garden landscaping ideas. We hope this little idea can help you to transform a dream beautiful rhythm garden around your living space. Happy gardening!

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