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How to Make Your Home Secure With Smart Devices

Smart homes are all the rage now. Home automation is made easier with the help of these domesticated smart devices along with energy-saving and reduced bills. Did you think it was all possible altogether? It is now!

Granted that smart devices are very useful for us and for our homes, but they can also be used to our advantage to increase home security. Smart devices can have multiple benefits but security is also one major win. Some devices are specifically made for the purpose of security, and here are three that we’ve listed for you below.

3 Smart Devices Ideal for Home Security

1. Video Doorbell

A smart video doorbell is better than a regular doorbell or even a video intercom for that matter. Video intercoms gained popularity and recognition back when they were launched, with everyone trying to get one installed in their homes. And why not, these devices allowed you to see who was outside, speak to them, and even unlock the door for them, with a singular device mounted somewhere on the wall at home. But smart video doorbells trump the video intercom.

Smart video doorbells feature a more sleek design with no external device or hub necessary to place in your household to access the doorbell. Instead, they feature mobile applications from where users can access the video feed in much better quality, including night vision, and speak to whoever is at the door as well. These mobile apps can be downloaded onto our smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices. And since they are accessible through mobile apps it makes the smart video doorbell accessible from practically wherever you are.

Get alerts whether someone is at the door and has rung the bell or not, and view the video history too, if need be, to keep watch of what was happening outside your gate or your door. Furthermore, extra features like facial recognition or even video cloud storage are specific to the device you purchase.

Find the Google Nest Hello – Video Doorbell for $229 at First Energy Home.

2. Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock would be the end to all your troubles of losing or misplacing your keys. These devices allow for keyless entry, and though you may think otherwise, they are tamperproof. Smart door locks are opened through a personalized code punched into the keypad, or with some devices, it uses your phone location or its mobile phone app to do the job.

Just like all smart devices, smart door locks also feature their own mobile app through, which the device is set up and configured, and is then at your disposal to use. Lock, unlock your door from wherever you are with a simple touch. Unlock the door for your friends and family while you’re at work, or even if you’re across the country. Get alerts to your devices while you’re away and whenever the door is unlocked.

Some smart door locks are even compatible with voice assistants, which means while you’re home and can’t get to the door, you can unlock the door with your voice.

Find the Yale Assure Lock SL – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for $299 at First Energy Home.

3. Smart Camera

Smart cameras provide a much better way of conducting surveillance for your property. These cameras boast HD quality video including night vision and crystal clear sound that goes both ways. That’s right, smart cameras feature two-way audio for easy communication between people at both ends of the camera.

But that’s not even the greatest part – what makes these devices brilliant is that their video feed is accessible straight from our mobile phones! Smart cameras, like all other smart devices, have their own mobile application through which they are set up and then accessed as well. Watch your video feed from your phone, talk to whoever is at the other end of the camera, and in case you miss anything, receive real-time alerts to your devices.

With some smart camera models, there are plenty of more features that can be unlocked with the respective subscriptions. For instance, facial recognition allowing you to get alerts specific to a certain person or your pet entering the room. There is also the option to view the previous 24-hour video history, and with some cloud storage is also available, for you to record the video footage in case it comes in handy later.

Find the Google Nest Cam for Indoors and outdoors, priced at $179.99 at First Energy Home.

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