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Learning The Concept Of Oriental Landscaping Style Through Korean Garden Design – It’s been exciting to peel off the oriental landscaping style. The classic, vulnerable East Asians garden design. In earlier, we already shared Japanese and Chinese landscaping styles. Now, we want to introduce the Korean garden design. It is not really mentioned as Japanese but we guarantee after we discuss it together, we will see and open up your mind about another Asian garden style.

Korean garden design is just like other oriental landscaping. It uses a lot of rocks, water, and shade plants for the structure. But, there is one major thing that makes this garden quite distinctive from another oriental garden design. The human-made garden path is a highlight in Korean landscaping style. The pathways are nice, wide, and quite comfortable. Here down below we will provide some pictures and descriptions. So, we will learn together better through the visual and explanation!

The main concept of oriental landscaping style

Natural element decoration

The oriental style and most all gardens around the globe have the same purpose. It is to create an open space that is good for relaxation. Basically, to create a relaxing ambiance, natural elements are needed in the landscaping project. Appearing water features, rock structures, and incorporate plants all together in the same space allure the natural calming effect!

Infuse the oriental garden landscaping with a pagoda

If we take a look into all oriental garden landscaping styles, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean all have distinctive pagoda architecture design that is set in the garden. Whether it is small or large, this gives an aesthetic and makes oriental green landscaping style look distinctive compare to any garden across the globe.

Create a meaningful garden decor

Another concept of oriental landscaping style is showcasing meaningful decoration. In this term, we all know that every decoration and every element that is set in the garden has a meaning. For instance, the uncurated landscaping style gives the essence of natural design and still many more lessons we can take from the majestic oriental landscaping style! Now, let’s see the traditional Korean garden ideas with the element that construct them!

Lotus Pond in the traditional Korean garden

large lotus pond in traditional Korean garden

Appearing water feature is the major thing decoration in all oriental landscaping styles. Lotus pond is quite common in traditional Korean landscaping design. It takes a huge green space area creating a scenic and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the presence of water controls the air, when the sun feels so hot in the summer season, water helps to cool down the temperature. Alright, let’s take look back at the picture above, where the huge lotus pond looking so green and lush. Showcasing the natural landscaping and color palette are important points in creating a relaxing and thoughtful landscaping project.

The presence of the straight bridge

the presence of straight bridge in Korean garden

Another distinctive feature of Korean garden landscaping style among other oriental styles is the straight bridge feature. Unlike Japanese and Chinese that prefer to feature the arch bridge style, Korean more prefer the straight one. Moreover, the color palette of the bridge tends to have natural color shades like brown not as bright as red as Japanese and Chinese bridge styles.

Korean pagoda garden style

Korean pagoda style made from granite

When we see all the oriental garden design at a glance, they might look the same. Because all of the elements and construction look similar. But when we take a look deeply and have some observation about these garden decorations. All have their unique feature, for such a pagoda-style we highlight now. Korean pagoda is traditionally made from stone, whereas the Japanese construct it with wood and China using bricks as the main material.

In the picture above, we can see the Korean pagoda-style stands so beautifully and look so sturdy. It is made from high-quality local granite which makes it sturdy and classy. Moreover, the designs are stacked into several layers of the building. As we can see the widest roof at the base, the higher it takes the smaller roof it has. The incredible roof style and quality material that construct makes this pagoda unbeatable! Presenting Buddha architecture design in oriental garden style makes it distinctive to any other gardens all around the globe!

Kimchi jars in the garden

the kimchi jar in the garden

Are you a fan of K-drama? If so, you will be so familiar with a traditional dish fermented vegetable called kimchi. If you come to a village in Korea, you will find there are a number of Kimchi jars settled in front of classic traditional houses there. The clay pots are used for fermenting the vegetables. Chinese cabbage is the most common vegetable for making kimchi, mix it with salt, chili paste, sugar, and other seasoning and keep it in the clay for a few weeks. Anyway, we talk about the kimchi pots that set around classic Korean garden looks aesthetic and defining the design. Their presence makes us easy to notice the garden style.

Natural arrangements of plants, rocks, structures, and water

natural arrangements Korean garden design

What makes Korean landscaping looks amazing is based on truly natural arrangements. They do combine and bring the real natural landscaping style, there are rocks, water, plants are set just like a replicate of natural landscaping. In this term, the Korean garden deserves to be more well-known as a beautiful oriental garden in the world. As we can see from above, the rocks are stacked around the stream and then follow with greeneries makes it looks natural. When you are looking for a peaceful green space in your home, then this garden can be your best preference to be installed in!

Secret garden landscaping style

secret garden landscaping style Korea

When you dreaming to stay in the beautiful outdoor setting, where the lush colorful plants decorate the scene, and the sense of calming water feature is needed. Then you needed to create a secret garden design. In this Korean garden landscaping, there are some shaded trees set on every side that create a secret garden feel. When it comes to the fall season, it looks more beautiful when the leaves are falling down and the colorful backdrop creates a dramatic effect! Stay in the calm garden setting will enhance the positive vibe and feel closer to nature!

natural Korean garden landscaping

Where the Japanese garden shows its beautiful curated landscaping design. Here is the portrait of the natural beauty of the landscaping style. There we can see the lush various plants grow happily together creating a rain forest look. Adding natural decorations to the garden will enhance the natural landscaping. In addition, building the wooden pavilion and eco-friendly planters around the green living space successfully create a relaxing atmosphere!

Final Thoughts

As we have learned together from above, the oriental garden has a meaningful and natural concept landscaping style. It transforms with majestic water feature, rock landscaping style, and infuse the design with artfully made architecture, wrap in the lush plant’s decoration. These ambiances are what we need the most to create a laidback and calming ambiance in our house.

Korean garden landscaping style highly embraces the natural decoration atmosphere. We can see the plants, rocks, and water features are designed such a truly mother nature masterpiece. There is no overwhelming object or ornaments to bold the aesthetic view. It is literally hands-down landscaping style and a remarkably calming garden idea. We can actually follow the true concept from nature to create an impactful relaxing ambiance around our house!

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