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Introduce The Oriental Landscaping Style Through Chinese Garden Decor

Jordlinghome.com – Chinese garden is elegant and has impactful natural landscaping. Displaying rock, stone, creating water features, and fulfill with lush green plants that are a tranquil haven to our eyes! These elements are quite important in all oriental landscaping styles. This style refers to the East of Asia, which means there are Japanese, Korean, and Chinese gardens decor that we will discuss more in this writing.

Dating back to history, the Chinese garden was invented in the 16th century during the reign of the Zhou dynasty. The landscape displaying majestic rocks, a beautiful pond surrounded by lush gorgeous green trees. It’s a superb Asian garden style! We will introduce and peel off the structure and garden decoration down below!

Moon gate feature

moon gate feature in Chinese garden

There is something unique appearance when we entering the garden. There is a moon gate feature on every traditional house in China. The circle shape gate has a meaning of fortune. We all know that there are lots of mythology, cultures that affect the way they do in life. So, it’s not a surprise we can find a lot the round gate garden in every house. They do believe when we enter this gate, we will have such a fortune in our life and passing a hard time. So, this design is quite important to construct their home.

As we can see a beautiful view through this gate that is completely alluring! There are willow hanging plants on the rock pathway with water features looking so wonderfully good that can be seen through this gate. In addition, it looks makes us want to step more inside and discover what’s inside.

The bridge feature in the garden

large water feature in Chinese garden

Water is an important element in Chinese Feng Shui, it is a symbol of prosperity. So, without a doubt transforming water features in their garden design is a must. Usually, the essential element extends more and to be a focal point in the landscaping idea. When we enter this garden, our way will guide us through the straightway, crossing the bridge. It has a meaning that in life always we are passing some stages to reach our goal. In this landscaping style, our way and journey transform into the bridge. Step inside the gate we are welcome by the bridge to reach the home. The bridge usually exists in Chinese garden design!

Rock play table and seating patio decor idea

patio decor rock table and chairs oriental garden style

Like any other oriental garden style, rock is the important element that constructs a natural landscaping style. In this Chinese garden decor, there is a set of beautiful craftsmanship made from rock. It is carefully carved and transforms into a plays table and chairs. Set this on the patio space. Sitting on the nice ambiance patio, and follow with a cup of soothing green tea. This spot could be a great place for you to join a relaxing ambiance!

Pagoda statue decoration

pagoda statue decoration in oriental garden

In previous writing, we have shared the Japanese garden decor. Incorporated in the same region, both Japanese and Chinese share a similar landscaping style. We can see it from the essential elements such as water, rock, and shaded plants are presented as the main constituent in creating the garden structure. Along with the Budda religion, pagoda architecture style come up showing the character of their building. It’s easy to notice, that lots of houses, temples in pagoda design. Giving an artistic touch to the garden, we can add some craftmanship to the decoration. This pagoda stone statue is carved with care seriously giving an aesthetic to the oriental landscaping decoration. Put this on the gravel will beautify the garden ambiance!

Aesthetic rock bridge design

awesome rock bridge in Chinese garden

This aesthetic rock pathway in the Chinese garden comes as a focal point in the design. The rocks are stacked creating a solid pathway through the water feature. Usually, there is a gazebo set in the middle or at the corner of the pond. After seeing this oriental garden landscaping structure, we can see clearly there is always the bridge or pathway that crosses the pond. As we alluded to earlier, the pathway or the bridge is a transformation of our journey to reach the destination place. Moreover, setting up the gazebo around the pond gives a great calming ambiance!

Beautiful natural garden pathway

beautiful natural garden pathway

Many times we spotted aesthetic natural garden pathways in Chinese landscaping style. After entering the gate then we step into the beautiful pathway before reaching the door. It is one of the highlights of visiting the Chinese garden. The natural material for such rocks, stones are most used in creating impactful green landscaping style.

Creating a border by installing the wall around the garden area

creating a privacy wall

Another important element in the Chinese garden is creating a privacy wall. Creating a border for our outdoor space is what we need to create a relaxing ambiance. More than that, the wall is not only useful in creating privacy in the garden. When the windy day comes, the wall will block it which can harm our plants.

Porcelain craftsmanship for mini pond idea

porcelain water feature in Chinese garden

Chinese is so popular for its porcelain craftsmanship, the blue and white color tone porcelain is so traditional. We can bring an antique porcelain product to create an aesthetic garden. We can fill the planters with water, and gently some lotus on there, it is a simple idea if we do not have enough space. Moreover, this antique craftmanship giving the garden a look more vibrant!

Porcelain planters

the porcelain planters in Chinese garden

Another beautiful Chinese craftsmanship we can showcase in the garden is the planter porcelain. It displays to bold the theme style! The floral ornaments decoration and in blue and white color tone is so beautiful! The glossy accent and beautiful pattern decorations make our garden, even more, look elegant and stand out!

Bamboo giving a shaded decoration

bamboo in Chinese garden

As a country that has more than 400 varieties of Bamboo. Chinese is called the kingdom of bamboo. It is one of the fastest-growing trees on earth. The unique and tall feature plants can be added to our oriental landscaping project. We can make it a natural fence idea or giving a unique look for outdoor decoration. For such growing bamboo along the way of the garden path like this, it allures a dramatic landscaping view especially when we walk through it!


When we talk about oriental gardens, it refers to the East of Asia. There are Japanese, Korean, and Chinese garden styles. Incorporated in the same region, these gardens sharing similar landscaping structures and even meaning.  that have impactful landscaping that influences the style around the globe.

We find out that there are three integral elements in the oriental garden. There are water, stone, and plants. All these natural materials are combined together creating a natural landscaping view. In this writing, we are focus on Chinese garden structures and some of their ornaments essentials decorations. This one oriental garden style has an ancient history and also an alluring elegant landscaping idea. We hope you enjoy our discussion and learning about the aesthetic Asian garden style and could be applied to your outdoor space. We guarantee with this impactful landscaping idea, we will have a tranquil haven space in our home!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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