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5 Superficial Hacks For Keeping Your Lawn Healthy In Autumn 2022

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Lush green lawns not only give your house a stunning look, but they also make it more attractive to live in. Every house owner wants a lush green lawn around the year. However, maintaining a lawn perfectly is time-consuming and requires hard work. This is why the onset of autumn is a bit worrying for gardeners as all the hard work of spring and summer could be ruined within days. Following are a couple of 2022 autumn lawn care tips to help you maintain your lawn.

  1. Clear the Leaves

It’s mesmerizing when you see rustic orange leaves on the ground in the autumn. However, their beauty takes away the life of your lawn. Since the grass is not getting enough light, it will eventually turn brown and die. This will affect growth in the following spring season, and your lawn will not be up to your liking. Therefore, clean the fallen leaves once in two days or as you see fit according to the lawn size. Remember, maintaining a lawn during autumn is all about adequate sunlight and water; any shortage and the lawn will wither and dry.

  1. Watering the Lawn

It’s a common misconception among lawn owners that the autumns season will take care of hydration. Although there is more dew and evaporation during the season, that doesn’t mean the lawn will stay healthy. Therefore, experts recommend that you water the lawn at least once a week. Ideally, an inch of water during the week in autumn is enough to keep the grass green and in excellent health.

  1. Aeration

This is not something you should necessarily do in the autumns alone. Aeration should be done once a year to maintain the health of your lawn. Over time the ground beneath your lawn will become compacted, and there would be a layer of roots, stems, and other debris. This blockage will prevent water and other mineral absorption necessary to maintain lush green grass. Punch holes in your lawn and remove the debris. Once done, add fertilizer in those holes to allow better growth and make the soil rich in minerals.

  1. Fertilizing

Fertilization ensures that your lawn stays healthy and rushes green throughout the year. The soil will absorb water one way or the other, but it still needs minerals and other essentials to stay healthy. During autumn, as the ground gets harder, it becomes difficult for the soil to store essential nutrients; therefore, a well-timed fertilizer dose can help it massively during the season.

  1. Grass Cutting

Cutting the grass in an ideal size is the best thing you can do for your lawn during the autumn. According to experts, during the summers, the ideal size of the grass should be 1-2 inches; however, in autumn, the size should be kept at 1.5-2.5 for better light absorption.

Maintaining your lawn in perfect health is easy if you plan everything. Therefore, start preparing at the end of the summer season, so your lawn looks perfect and lush green during the autumn of 2022.  

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