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Reveal The Major Scandinavian Exterior Home Design Concepts – If you are looking for a simple and sustainable modern home design. There is no doubt choosing a Scandinavian home design as your preference. Before we dig into the whole design, we must know what makes this kind of building stand out both externally and internally. In the previous article, we already share with you the essentials of Scandinavian interior design. Now, we let you see how the external look and some considerations.

What things build Scandinavian exterior design?

  • Overarching in a minimalistic design

If you take a look outside of the building, Scandinavian homes lay on the simplistic clean line architecture. From the roof type, the building, and much using neutral color paint. In addition, all of that explanation direct to the minimalist core.

  • Natural materials

The Scandinavian design bold in natural materials to make a sustainable design. Using organic and a bunch of local materials can help us to build a sustainable home design. Moreover, using natural materials can make our home blend with the natural surroundings. Scandinavian design is more puts forward the versatility that walks in harmony with the beauty of the design. With abundant wood supply in Nordic countries, that what makes wood is the most used material to construct a Scandinavian home. If you wanna see the implementation of natural materials such as wood in Scandi home design you can check the integration of natural material here!

  • Neutral color paint

Before we buying a new house or even just seeing it externally, whether we realize it or not the paint color of the house is the first impression that comes to our mind. There is plenty of gorgeous paint color selections to decorate the home exterior. Brushing good paint color can enhance the curb appeal of our home! Applying bright color paint makes our home easy to spot. On the other side, using neutral paint color make our home less busy yet more sustainable to the natural environment look.

If you already decide on Scandinavian style as your home design, better to choose a neutral paint color to add beauty to your home exterior. There is the aim of choosing neutral paint color for the exterior. Our home will look perfectly fit with the natural surrounding. As a result, we will get an appealing yet calming exterior home look. In addition, using neutral paint color will last for the future, that is a good idea to invest our money in sustainable paint color!

  • Natural lighting concept

Another Scandinavian exterior home design concept is to go with plenty of natural lighting concepts. We can trick the natural lighting that comes inside a home by installing a large window. It’s important to install a large window in a Scandinavian home design. With a little bit of sun that shines throughout the year. It’s so clever to install a large window installation to keep the natural light brighten up the interior space. Besides providing natural lighting comes to the interior. The large window installation gives a beautiful perspective to our home. We are able to see the snow falling, gorgeous blooming garden in the spring, or even enjoy the warmth of the shade sun touches our skin!

After knowing all of those benefits of installing large windows for our home construction. We let you know how it really works properly in Scandinavian exterior design. Check a few basic guides to have natural lighting in Scandinavian home design!

  • The functionality of the design

Learning about Scandinavian design is quite interesting! We can say that this design is a life-changing modern architecture. Completed with massive plans that could stand for the future! We can see the simple line construction is so practical to follow. Using natural materials to create a friendly environment home. Scandinavian houses tend to use gable roof types. It has two slopes on each side that can manage the heavy snow piles on the roof. A gable roof is the common roof type for the cold climate.


The appearance of Scandinavian home design is quite simple. But it promotes a very comfortable home living for all of us. Especially, for those who are looking for a sustainable home design then a Scandinavian home is what you need to!

For the exterior look, we can say that Scandinavian design is an astonishing hidden gem. They look simple and commonly look in a neutral color tone. We will find comfort seeing the soothing Scandinavian neutral house, and we are really like how it connects with nature!

The highlights of Scandinavian exterior house designs:

  • Before buying a new house the first impression we may get from how it looks externally. It’s quite important to design equally comfortable inside and outside of the door. In Scandinavian home design, we will get all of that comfort. This design value a lot of comfortable home living.
  • The neutral colors of the Scandinavian exterior are cannot be apart from natural materials it has been used to construct the building. In its native home Nordic countries, there we will find a lot of Scandinavian home designs made from wood. The light wood has a subtle feature and it looks in harmony with nature!
  • When we reveal the major Scandinavian home exterior, we are familiar to see the large window installation that includes natural lighting comes in. Another advantage of installing a large window is that we can see the beautiful view outside of the building. That is the highlight of having the wide-angle view over our house by the large mirror.
  • The last major Scandinavian exterior home concept we already reveal in this writing is the functionality of the design. The functional building structure that we can see from every angle. The gable roof design is chosen as proof of weather-resistant for cold climate Scandinavian countries. The compact of the functional design that works with the natural surroundings.

Choosing a sustainable house design might be a tricky pick for some. Instead of thinking the complicated architecture and difficult materials. We are offering you the Scandinavian home design that stands in clean line decoration, that will give you a clutter-free!

In this writing, we reveal a few major to value sustainable home design. We highlight the quality and compact architecture of Scandinavian design that covers the points above! We hope you enjoy our writing and hope you get some sort of information about Scandinavian home design externally!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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