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15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas: Sleep Soundly in Warm Ambiance – Christmas is almost here! And this is the right time for you to bring a Christmas vibe to your home. Try to start from your private room, that is the bedroom. The atmosphere of Christmas will make the bedroom feel comfortable. The bedroom will be filled with a warm atmosphere that can make your sleep more sound. And in this article, we have provided 15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Soft with Pink Pastel

christmas bedroom
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Christmas is not always filled with green and red. You can still apply the color you like. As in the picture above, which shows a bedroom with pastel pink nuances that look attractive with Christmas decorations.

The pastel pink color gives a soft look. Not only that, but the bedroom atmosphere also feels calming. Christmas tree decorations in the corner and string lights make this room seem more attractive. The light from the string light makes the pastel pink bedroom look more lively and fun.

2. Small Twin Christmas Bedroom

twin Christmas bedroom
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There will always be a way to bring a Christmas vibe to a small space. As in this one idea which presents a Christmas decoration in a small twin bedroom.

Between the beds, we can see a Christmas tree that looks so beautiful with its ornaments. Because the bedroom is not spacious, a medium-size Christmas tree is the best to choose from.

Because the windows were covered with a Christmas tree, the bedroom did not get good lighting. Therefore, additional lighting in the bedroom is very important. You can add the string light there and hang it on the wall. Warm lighting from the string light will provide maximum serenity.

On the wall, there is also a window frame that looks old. This is an attractive decoration to create a warm and old atmosphere in the bedroom. You can also hang the wreath there to emphasize the Christmas vibe in this small room.

3. Christmas-Themed Bedding

beautiful bedding
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If you feel that adding Christmas decorations can make the bedroom full and narrow, you can choose a spot that becomes the focal point in the bedroom. For example a bed. As the main item, the appearance of the bed will greatly affect the look and atmosphere of this room.

Applying Christmas-themed bedding is a great idea you can choose from. The illustration like snow, reindeer, Santa will present the Christmas vibe nicely to the bedroom. Bedding with red color also provides a bit of a cheerful atmosphere that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable at Christmas.

4. Warm Lighting for Warm Ambiance

Christmas bedroom ideas
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Playing with lighting is an easy way to change the atmosphere and appearance of a room. You can use additional lights, such as string lights or other decorative lights. Choose lamps with warm lighting. This light will make the bedroom feel warm and calm on Christmas Day.

5. Greenery in The Gray Bedroom Nuance

Cc: Pinterest

Gray belongs to the neutral color group. With this, you can choose gray as the main color of the bedroom. A bedroom with shades of gray will look softer and quieter. This is because the gray color does not give a bright effect like white.

Christmas tree and garland are suitable Christmas decorations for this bedroom. The green color will make the room feel more fresh and natural. So that the atmosphere of the bedroom will instantly feel so soothing.

Instead of using a picture, this bedroom prefers a wreath as a wall decoration. Besides making the bedroom look attractive, it also adds a fresh impression and emphasizes the Christmas vibe to the bedroom.

6. Minimalist Christmas Bedroom

minimalist Christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas is a minimalist Christmas bedroom. A few of the Christmas decorations used do not mean that we cannot apply the minimalist concept to the bedroom. As in the picture above, the Christmas vibe is present well in the minimalist bedroom.

The Christmas tree remains an important item that must be in the room. The small Christmas tree looks so attractive decorating the tableside. Garland on the headboard and bed frame also makes this minimalist room look fresher. And a little red decoration gives it a more cloudless and alive feel.

The most important thing in this minimalist bedroom is the natural light that illuminates the bedroom. The windows are intentionally not decorated so that natural light can enter the room freely. So, the bedroom does not require additional lights that can eliminate the minimalist side in this room.

7. Blanket with Deer and Christmas Tree Motif

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Christmas falls in winter. Therefore, for those of you who want to make your bedroom feel warm on Christmas Day, make sure you put a warm blanket on the bed.

You can utilize this blanket to bring a Christmas vibe to the bedroom. Try to choose a blanket with a deer and Christmas tree motif like in the picture above. With this, you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and also sleep with comfortable warmth.

8. Minimalist and Elegant

minimalist and elegant
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This idea is suitable for those of you who prefer an elegant look wrapped in a minimalist concept. There are not too many decorations used in this idea. Only a few Christmas decorations are really important to be present at home, such as a Christmas tree, wreath, and garland.

The Christmas tree that adorns this bedroom is medium in size. So it will not take up too much space that making the bedroom narrow. Garland on the headboard is also left to look plain so that it makes the room look minimalist. And to make the walls look attractive, the wreaths are hung well there.

9. Vintage Christmas Bedroom

chritmas white bedroom
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The next of Christmas Bedroom Ideas is a vintage Christmas bedroom. The main color in this bedroom is not white, but broken white. So there is a slight yellowish effect that makes the bedroom look bright and calming.

If we look at the picture above, only a few Christmas decorations are used. Like the Christmas tree in the corner of the room and the garland that adorns the headboard. Nevertheless, the Christmas atmosphere is present well in this room.

10. Beautiful Garland Decorate The Headboard

christmas bedroom ideas
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Besides the Christmas tree, the garland is also a decoration used to decorate a room on Christmas Day. Usually, garlands are used to make the fireplace in the living room look attractive. However, in the bedroom, the garland is used to beautify the headboard.

The garland you bought from the store looks plain. So, you need to give some touches so that the garland looks attractive on the headboard. You can add Christmas balls to make it look fuller. If not, you can also apply string light there. String lights will go a long way in making the garland look beautiful, especially at night.

In choosing a string light, try to choose one with yellow lighting. With this, the garland not only makes the bedroom look adorable but also evokes a warm ambiance that makes the room feel comfortable.

11. Look Beautiful with Simple Decors

Christmas bedroom simple decor
Cc: Pinterest

To make the bedroom look beautiful on Christmas Day, there is no need to make it look full of various Christmas decorations. A simple concept will make the bedroom feel much more relaxing. So you can sleep soundly on Christmas Day.

Starting from the wall that looks interesting with a picture that reads “Farm House Christmas”. And at the top is given a garland that makes it look fresh on the wall.

The next decoration is a white pillow that reads “Merry Christmas”. It seems very simple, but this is good enough to bring the feel of Christmas into the bedroom.

12. Large Socks Hang Down on The Bed Frame

Christmas bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

If socks usually hang on the fireplace, but this time let’s give a different impression. You can choose a bed frame as an area to hang socks.

Large socks look beautiful and attractive to hang down on the bedframe. Plus, the garland as an additional decoration, makes the bedframe look more adorable and fresh.

No need to hang socks on the entire bed frame. You just need to use two large socks and hang them on the edge of the bed frame.

13. Wood and Warm Lighting is Perfect

best christmas bedroom ideas
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To bring a warm atmosphere to the room, wood elements and warm lighting are the champions. Combining the two in the bedroom is the right idea to make the bedroom feel comfortable on Christmas Day.

Warm lighting and a wooden headboard are indeed the perfect combinations that can remove the cold air from outside. You can also add a thick blanket over the bed. With this, your sleep will be more comfortable and restful in winter.

14. Feel Warm in Expensive Touch

luxurious christmas bedroom
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The next of 15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas is warm in expensive touch. You can decorate your bedroom with a medium-size Christmas tree, garland, and wreath. And give a string light with white lighting that can make it look beautiful at night. A white bedroom will really help to make this room look brighter and more luxurious. Besides that, you can still enjoy the warm and old feel of a vintage-themed bed.

15. Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

farmhouse christmas bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Farmhouse Christmas bedroom becomes the last of 15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas. In this idea, wood with a rough surface is an important point in bedroom decoration.

We can see a small square table with a wooden surface that is left unpolished. So, the bedroom looks older. Even so, this wood evokes a warm ambiance that makes the bedroom feel cozy on Christmas Day.

Even though there is no Christmas tree in the bedroom, the Christmas vibe is present well from some of the Christmas decorations on the bed. A little red color gives a cloudless and lively effect.

And lastly, the most interesting thing in this bedroom, is the farmhouse-style pendant lamp. Warm lighting makes the brown painted walls look more alive. And the feel of the room will feel warmer. So you can sleep more comfortably and soundly on Christmas Day.

Final Words

Generating a cheerful atmosphere on Christmas Day is a must. That is why red will always decorate our homes. Even so, the cheerful atmosphere is not the only thing worth noting. There are other things that are more important, that is the comfort of home. Try starting from our private room, that is the bedroom. Make the bedroom look beautiful and also comfortable. Because in this room you will rest well on Christmas Day. And the points above are 15 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas that can be your reference to make your bedroom feel cozy help you sleep soundly there.

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