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24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy – Indeed, the kitchen is a part of the house that is rarely exposed. However, this does not mean that the appearance and comfort of the kitchen are something to be taken for granted. The kitchen should be kept clean and attractive. Comfort and beauty are points that must be aligned. And, making a small kitchen feel comfortable and look aesthetically pleasing is quite a challenge. Here, you have to decorate a small kitchen without making it feel cramped and stuffy. And, in this article, we have provided 24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Fresh with A Few Small Plants

Small Kitchen Ideas
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Feel fresh with a few plants being the first of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy. White as the main color makes the appearance neutral. With this, other colors that you present in a small kitchen will be seen more clearly. And, you can present a natural green color. Select some small plants and place them scattered. You can place it on floating wall shelves, tables, or on the countertop.

Plants as kitchen decorations not only give a more aesthetic impression to the display. The presence of plants brings a freshness that makes a small kitchen feel more comfortable. The atmosphere of the kitchen also feels more alive.

2. Minimalist Small Kitchen with Timber as Accent

minimalist small kitchen ideas
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If you want to make the small kitchen look pretty without taking up the space that can make this room feel cramped and stuffy, you can add accents to the walls. Like this one idea that uses timber to decorate walls. The timbers are installed vertically. For a more attractive appearance, timber is installed on the ceiling too. And on the timber, three kitchen pendant lights are installed with different heights and designs.

3. Small Kitchen and Dining Area

small kitchen and dining
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The next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy is a small kitchen and dining area. And, if we look at the picture above, the kitchen is deliberately made together with the dining area. This is an alternative way for a small house to feel more spacious.

The use of different flooring is a visual barrier. Also, different flooring provides an interesting effect on the appearance of the small kitchen.

The kitchen and the dining area must be visually separated. Here, you can use a different pendant light. For example, a black pendant light for the kitchen and a white pendant light for the dining area. Also, choose a different design for a more aesthetic and attractive appearance.

4. Floating Wall Shelves as Storage

floating wall shelves
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For the kitchen, maybe you will use a kitchen cabinet as a storage area. However, there is another way you can choose. You can make storage in a small kitchen look aesthetic.

Here, you only need two or three long floating wall shelves. And there, you can put some interesting kitchen tools. You can also put some displays such as plants or plates and bowls with attractive designs.

5. Calm Small Kitchen with White and Brown

calm small kitchen ideas
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Do not just focus on beauty. You also need to make the kitchen feel comfortable by creating a calm atmosphere in your small kitchen.

In making a small kitchen feel calm, try to be careful in choosing colors. The color you choose will determine the look and feel of your kitchen. And, for those of you who want to make your small kitchen feel calm, you can apply white and brown colors. Besides that, you can also use wood materials in the form of bar chairs, floating shelves, and floors.

6. Fresh Minimalist Small Kitchen

fresh small kitchen ideas
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Applying a minimalist concept to the small kitchen is the right idea. The lack of decorations or items in the kitchen will make the appearance clean and tidy. Here, you can make white the main color which can have a wider effect on a small kitchen. And, if you want to add another color, you can choose green. You can apply it to the backsplash or one side of the wall in the kitchen. The presence of green brings freshness which can increase the comfort of a small kitchen.

7. Vintage Small Kitchen Design

vintage small kitchen ideas
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A sweet vintage design can make your small kitchen uncomfortable but also looks attractive and aesthetic. Pastel colors give a more calm impression on the look and atmosphere. And, white, which is a neutral color, makes pastel colors stand out more clearly. The small kitchen is also decorated with simple, charming motifs. A backsplash with a checkered pattern with a maroon base color is perfect for the vintage kitchen. There is also a kitchen rug with a vintage design that completes this small room.

8. Pink Small Kitchen Concept

pink small kitchen ideas
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Never be afraid to apply pink to your small kitchen. Pink can give a more attractive effect to a room and give a slightly more feminine impression. Keep white as the main color to neutralize the look. That way, the pink color will be seen more clearly in the small kitchen. You can apply it scatteredly to make the pink color look dominant. Start with the fridge, kitchen rug, tablecloth, and some kitchen utensils. For the final touch, illuminate this small room with natural lighting to make the pink color look alive and pretty.

9. Green Kitchen Cabinet Make It Fresh

green kitchen cabinet
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White color is great for small rooms. This one color can make a small room bright and far from feeling cramped and stuffy. However, that does not mean you could not decorate the small kitchen with other colors.

In this one idea, green is another color that is presented in the small kitchen. And of course, white remains the main color which gives a bright effect and makes the small kitchen feel wider. The green kitchen cabinet brings the kitchen to a different atmosphere. In terms of appearance, the green kitchen cabinet is more attractive than the white cabinet.

10. Neutral Small Kitchen

neutral small kitchen ideas
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If you want to make your small kitchen feel calm and also look aesthetic, you can make a small kitchen look neutral. And, this is the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy you can choose from.

Play to earth-tones. Start with white as the main color and decorate the small kitchen with brown. Here, you can rely on wood materials to give a natural brown color to the small kitchen. You can also use a round rattan rug to give this small kitchen a wider effect. Illuminate the small kitchen with natural lighting and give small plants or flowers as decoration. With this, the look of a small kitchen also will be aesthetic.

11. Blak and White Tiles Flooring Make It Pretty

black floor tiles flooring
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If you are confused about how to make a small kitchen look attractive without taking up space which can make this small room feel cramped, you can play with motifs. You can choose tiles backsplash or tiles flooring.

This one idea is choosing tile flooring to make a small white kitchen look attractive. The black and white color makes it look stand out in the room. With natural light that enters freely through the black and white windows, it looks so beautiful in the small kitchen. The black color gives a firm effect which can reduce the stiff side of the small white kitchen.

12. Simple White Small Kitchen

white small kitchen ideas
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White is the most appropriate color for small spaces. This one color not only gives a bright effect to the room but also disguises dark corners. With this, a small room will feel more spacious. Which, this will affect the convenience of the small kitchen.

You can make the small kitchen look simple and pretty. Try playing on motifs. Like this one idea that uses hexagon white tiles for the kitchen backsplash. There are also three pendant lights hanging from the kitchen bar which are decorations that add to the aesthetic value of this small room.

13. Beautiful Kitchen Rug as Decoration

kitchen rug
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There are many decorations that you can choose to make your kitchen look attractive. However, for the small kitchen, the most appropriate decoration to choose is a kitchen rug. This one item not only makes the appearance of the small kitchen aesthetic but makes the kitchen feel more spacious. And, this becomes the next of 24 Small Kitchen Ideas you can follow.

You can choose a kitchen rug with a white base color and black as the motif. The black color gives a firm impression so that the kitchen rug looks clearer and stands out in the small kitchen. Choose simple motifs to maintain a clean and tidy impression for the small kitchen.

14. Combine the Dining Area with the Kitchen

dining and kitchen
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Combining the dining area with the kitchen is one way to make the small house feel more spacious. You can also take advantage of the dining area to make the kitchen look aesthetic. Because there are already items or decorations that adorn the dining area, so you can decorate the kitchen as minimally as possible. This will not make the small kitchen look stiff. On the contrary, decorating a small kitchen to a minimum will make it seem clean and tidy. And most importantly, the small kitchen will feel wider and more comfortable.

For a harmonious look, you can use the same color tone for the kitchen and dining area. Choose soft colors to make the atmosphere in the kitchen and dining area feel calm and cozy.

15. Industrial Small Kitchen Design

industrial small kitchen ideas
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Industrial design will make the small kitchen look attractive. Keep prioritizing white as the dominant color. And, black as decoration. Choose metal or iron material to be painted black. A glossy appearance when exposed to light will make the look more alive.

Maximize the wall as a storage area by using floating wall shelves. You can also put up an attractive display that can add to the aesthetic value of this small room.

You can make an island table in the small kitchen functional. You just need to add bar chairs. And done, the island table becomes the dining area in the small kitchen.

16. Modern Small Kitchen Design

modern small kitchen ideas
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The modern design prioritizes functionality. But still prioritizes the aesthetic value in the room. So with this, applying a modern design to a small kitchen is the right idea.

The combination of neutral colors makes the natural feel well present in the room. This small room feels calmer with gray as a dominating color. Wood material in the form of a bar table, bar chairs, and timber for wall accent brings warmth which makes it feel warmer. An interesting impression also comes from the exposed brick wall sticker for the Backsplash.

17. Simple and Minimalist Small Kitchen Design

simple small kitchen
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It is very appropriate to make a simple small kitchen. That way, there will be a lot of empty space that makes the small kitchen feel wider.

With white as the main color, the kitchen looks brighter and feels wider. The walls are also made higher to create a wider effect in this small room. Wood material brings warmth and comfort to a small kitchen. Here, you only need to give a touch of black to make the look a little more assertive. Black color is able to eliminate the impression of stiffness in a simple room.

18. Orange Refrigerator for Cloudless Ambiance

cloudless small kitchen
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This small kitchen looks attractive with one of the walls painted with dark green colors. An interesting impression also comes from the walls of the sink installed with 3D White Exposed Brick Wall. There is also a bulb pendant light throughout the kitchen that makes this small kitchen look charming.

The orange color on the fridge not only gives an aesthetic effect on the appearance but also arouses a cloudless ambiance in the kitchen. Moreover, the natural light that enters through the window makes the refrigerator’s surface look glossy and beautiful.

19. Feel Fresh with Natural Elements

natural elements
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One way to make a small kitchen feel cozy is to bring natural nuances into the room. Here, you can depend on natural elements. Prioritize white as the main color. You can give a touch of green to give a fresh effect to the room. The decoration is also the kitchen with several plants placed on floating wall shelves. And, choose orange tiles flooring to make the look feel more alive. And final, do not decorate the window with any items so that the natural lighting can enter the room freely.

20. LED Lights for Floating Shelves

LED lights
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One way to make the kitchen aesthetic look is to make the wall area look attractive. Here, you need to leave the kitchen cabinet and replace it with floating wall shelves. There, you can put kitchen utensils or small plants as decorations that can make the look and feel fresh and more alive. And, if you want to make the floating wall shelves stand out, you can install LED light there. Choose yellow lighting to bring both warmth and serenity to the small kitchen.

21. Make It Cloudless and Fresh with Yellow

yellow small kitchen ideas
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If you want to bring a cloudless ambiance into your small kitchen, you can relay on yellow. You can paint one of the walls with yellow paint. There, you can hang a few displays that can add aesthetic value. You can also decorate the wall area with green plants. The presence of green plants makes the atmosphere feel more alive and fresher. And, if you want to emphasize the cloudless ambiance in this small room, you can choose yellow tiles for the backsplash.

22. Make It Fresh with Green

green small kitchen ideas
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Decorating a small kitchen in green is also an interesting idea that can make this small room feel cozy and look aesthetic. The green color on the walls and floor makes the atmosphere feel refreshing. You can leave the green painted walls without any decorations to give a clean effect to the small kitchen look. And, choose white as the color combination because this color is a neutral color that can blend with any color, including green.

23. Look Bright with White

white small kitchen
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Applying white to a small kitchen is a very appropriate idea. And, making the white color that dominates will be good for the appearance and atmosphere of the small kitchen itself. The dominating white color will make the appearance look bright and the small kitchen feels wider. Moreover, maximum natural lighting makes the white color look brighter and reduces the dark side of the corners of the room. And, if you want to bring another color to this small room, black color is the right color. You can choose a black oven or a black stove.

24. Monochrome Small Kitchen Design

monochrome small kitchen ideas
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Black is a combination color that is suitable for white. The white color gives a bright effect on the room and the opposite black color. However, the black color gives a firm effect and can also erase the rigid and boring impression of the White Room Shades. Here, you only need to illuminate the room with maximum natural lighting. Natural lighting will make the black color a little brighter and emit peace in the atmosphere. That way, The Small Kitchen not only looks aesthetic but also Feel Cozy.

Final Words

Decorating a small kitchen is more challenging. Here, you have to be able to decorate the kitchen without making it seem cramped and stuffy. And through this article, we will help you in having your small kitchen that you have dreamed of. The points above are 24 Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Aesthetic and Cozy that can be your reference.

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