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18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing – The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house. However, no matter how small the bathroom is, this room must still be comfortable. The bathroom can be your retreat space if the atmosphere is very supportive. Making the bathroom a calm place will make you feel relaxed there so you can use the bathroom as a relaxing place to unwind. And also, a comfortable bathroom is the perfect place to disappear for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the world. Soaking in warm water while enjoying the tranquility of the bathroom will be very pleasant. And, in helping you have this kind of bathroom, we have provided 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Bathroom Shades

white bathroom
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The first of 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing is white bathroom shades. White is an alternative color for interiors, making the appearance bright. With natural lighting, the bathroom looks naturally bright. The natural feel creates itself and brings calm. You only need a little touch in the form of a plant in the corner of the room near the bathtub which helps freshen up the appearance and atmosphere of the bathroom. The touch of gold on the sink and shower at a glance gives an elegant impression. That way, even though the bathroom looks very minimalist or simple, it still looks beautiful and not boring.

2. Use Bath Tray

bath tray
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The bathtub is the main spot in the bathroom. Soaking in water in a bathtub is an effective way to stretch tense muscles due to busy daily activities. And it will be much more fun if you can do other activities that can make your mind calmer, such as reading a book or watching K-dramas on Netflix. Here, the bath tray is the most important item. The bath tray is a place to put your favorite book or your iPad. You can also bring a glass of wine and enjoy it in the comfort of your bathroom.

3. Scattered Candles

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Comfort in a bathroom is not only from its design. Perhaps, the minimalist design does bring calm. However, minimalist make it is not always good. Due to minimal decoration, the room often feels boring. Therefore, it would be better to use certain decorations that can make the bathroom a comfortable place to rest. Scattering the candles is a very appropriate idea. The light from the candles brings warmth and calm to the bathroom.

It would be better to use aromatherapy candles to give a scent to the air. Also, the scent of these candles can calm your mind and body. This is why using candles becomes the next of 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing you can follow.

4. Greenery The Bathroom

greenery the room
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The next of 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing is to greenery the bathroom. The white bathroom looks natural with maximum natural lighting. The window is freely exposed without any drapes blocking the way light enters the room, making the white color appear brighter. And, in this bathroom, plants are the decoration chosen to add aesthetic value while making the bathroom more comfortable.

Plants are focused on just one spot so that the bathroom doesn’t look dirty and messy. Plants around the bathtub bring fresh green color while beautifying the bathtub area. And, spots exposed to sunlight can help plants photosynthesize so that plants can continue to grow well even if they are indoors.

5. Rely on Candles as The Main Lighting

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The bathroom has a neat appearance with a focus on only two colors, that are white and black. Of course, white is the main color to make the room look bright. And, black is an accent. The decoration in the room is also very minimal so it brings a sense of calm. Calmness becomes more focused in this room by using the light from the candles as the main lighting.

There is still a light in the bathroom. However, when you want to enjoy the peace and comfort of the room, you turn off the lights and only use candles as a source of light. The appearance will change drastically. The yellow light from the candles creates warmth that can make you feel relaxed there.

6. Enjoy The View

beautiful view
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The beautiful view outside the house is a bonus. This bathroom takes advantage of the beautiful view to create a sense of comfort. The bathtub is deliberately placed in the window area so you can enjoy the beautiful view while soaking in warm water.

The windows still have blinds installed to maintain privacy in the bathroom. However, if you feel safe, open the blinds. With this, you not only get beautiful views but also warm sunlight.

7. Skylight Window Brightens The Room

skylight window
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The bathroom has a simple impression by leaving the walls plain without any displays hanging there. However, the tile walls show beautiful smooth lines. These lines stand out with the help of maximum sunlight.

The skylight window saves the bathroom so much. The wall area does not have windows installed at all in order to maintain the safety and comfort of the room. Besides that, light coming in from above spreads better, reaching the corners of the room. Also, remove dark shadows from objects that are there. With this, the small bathroom will feel more spacious.

8. Semi-Outdoor Bathroom

semi-outdoor bathroom
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Semi-outdoor bathroom is the next of 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing you can follow. In this bathroom, you can get a very natural feel, starting from the fresh air, the plants around the bathtub, the stone path surrounded by coral, to maximum natural light. Everything looks balanced in the bathroom. You can enjoy this natural atmosphere by soaking in the bathtub. Seeing the beautiful blue sky and getting sunlight in the morning will give you a feeling of comfort and boost your mood for the day.

9. Vertical Garden

vertical garden
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The vertical garden is the only decoration for the bathroom. The plants on the walls bring a natural green color that refreshes the eyes. To take advantage of the freshness of this plant, a bathtub is placed nearby. With the roof open, the bathtub is directly exposed to sunlight.

The vertical garden not only provides freshness to the bathroom but also makes it feel more spacious. It covers the wall that divides the room, giving the illusion of a limitless room.

10. Japandi Bathroom Design

japandi bathroom
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Homeowner rely on Japandi design to make his bathrooms feel calm. Here, wood is the main material. It is not made dominant but is applied to the main spot in the bathroom, which is the bathtub. Also, there are small wooden stools as decoration and timber as a partition between the vanity area and the toilets. Timber installed vertically gives the illusion of height on the walls which makes the bathroom feel more spacious.

The bathroom is dominated by gray which makes it look a little more shady. However, the use of large windows allows natural light to enter the room freely so that the room remains bright. The Japanese style can be seen very clearly here from the plant next to the bathtub.

11. Make It Shadier

shady bathroom
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You do not have to make the room look naturally bright to get calm in the bathroom. This idea carries more of a dark but warm concept with black and dark wood colors. These two colors are present consistently in the room so they look very sharp. Black for the vanity and partition gives a more assertive and masculine impression to the bathroom. Even so, the room is far from having a stiff impression because it is saved by the wooden material for the walls. The motifs and colors on the wood become clearer with LED lights and lamps that shine directly onto it.

White light remains the main lighting in the bathroom. However, there is also yellow lighting from the LED light on the ceiling, bringing warmth and calm to the masculine bathroom.

12. Rely on Marble

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This soothing bathroom looks different. There is no wooden material present in the room. Even so, the bathroom still feels warm and calm with the combination of beige and white. There is no special decoration in the bathroom. The owner only relies on marble to beautify the appearance. White and beige marble installed opposite each other, give a spacious feel to the bathroom. The smooth lines on the marble maintain a minimalist concept.

Marble itself creates an expensive and effortlessly elegant appearance. However, the elegant look is more consistent here with a touch of gold for the mirror, glass partition farm, and sink.

13. LED Light to Give The Warmth

LED light
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The beige-gray bathroom has a more shady appearance. There is no natural lighting in this room, it only relies on light from lamps. Even so, there is no need to doubt the comfort of the bathroom. With a shady appearance and minimalist concept, the atmosphere is calm.

Even though this room only uses lamps as a source of lighting, the room does not look cramped or stuffy at all. Because its size is not too wide, light can spread well. Also, several additional lights illuminate the bathroom. LED light as a light source and decoration helps the minimalist bathroom look brighter and more aesthetic. Yellow light brings perfect warmth and calm there. Installation on the sides of the shower area emphasizes the boundary between the wet area and the dry area.

14. Light Wooden Wall

wooden wall
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A simple bathroom can look stunning by just relying on wood as an accent wall. The wooden wall also saves the bathroom. A spacious room with a simple concept carries the risk of a stiff impression. However, the wood motifs and colors manage to make it look filled without disturbing the simple concept itself. Maximum natural lighting is also an important aspect here. And also, plants as decoration bring in other colors naturally yet bring freshness to the bathroom which makes it so relaxing. Even though it is simple, all the accents in the room, be it wooden walls, plants, marble floors, and black pendant lamps, look unified and balanced.

15. Keep It Simple

simple calm bathroom
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Even though the walls in the bathroom are high, the available space is very limited. Therefore, adopting a minimalist concept really saves the bathroom. Neutral colors and natural lighting work together with a minimalist concept to bring complete calm to the bathroom.

Because large windows can make this small room glare, installing blinds can really help to maintain the comfort of the room.

The walls look better made plain without any decorations to maintain a minimalist concept and also make a small room feel more spacious because high walls are the main key. And, plants are the perfect decoration for the bathtub area.

16. Paint The Wall with Dark Green

dark green wall
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If you are bored with bright concept bathrooms, then this idea can be an option. The modern bathroom with dark green nuances looks very attractive. The ceiling remains white to brighten the room. Also, natural light is the main lighting but not optimal. Therefore, recessed lighting with white lighting was installed.

It wouldn’t be complete if the green room nuances were not made full of freshness. So, filling several spots with indoor plants is a very appropriate option. Starting from the corner of the room, next to the bathtub, vanity area, and floating wall shelves.

17. Light Up The Room with a Skylight Window

skylight window
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The bathroom feels safe by making the walls full. However, skylight windows are a substitute for windows on walls. With windows above it is much safer for privacy. Besides that, light coming from above is also better for the room.

Due to the uneven roof, the ceiling was installed on the side opposite the mirror. So that the incoming light will hit the mirror surface. This is an interesting trick that you can try to make a room look brighter. Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, the light that comes and hits the mirror will reflect into the room.

18. Natural Stones for The Wall

natural stones
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The last of 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing is a natural stone wall. The natural stone is only installed in the shower area for a more attractive impression. The texture of the natural stone wall becomes sharper with skylight windows and recessed lighting with light that shines directly onto the natural stone.

By adding several plants to the shower area, the natural impression is more consistently present in the small bathroom. Dark shades bring calm which makes this small room feel comfortable.

Final Words

Even though it is the smallest room in your house or a room that is not exposed, it cannot be denied that the bathroom is the room that is most frequently used. So besides beauty, comfort is also an important point that you must pay close attention to. Also, with the right decoration, the bathroom can be your escape room from the hustle and bustle of the world. It’s just that you have to create a calm atmosphere in the bathroom. Many aspects influence the atmosphere of a room, starting from lighting, color, materials used, concept, and layout. And, the points above are 18 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Feel So Relaxing which you can use as a reference.

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