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20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of The Room – Decorating a room is not just about putting displays or things that we like. There are several points you have to pay attention to, starting from room lighting, area, concept, interior design, layout, and color. Mistakes in decorating can have an impact on the beauty and comfort of the room itself. Therefore, it is important to know some decoration tips before starting to decorate your room.

There are several decorations that can add comfort. And, there are also decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of the room. However, there are also some decorations that can add to both. So, all of this can be adjusted to suit your room needs.

In this article, we have provided 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of The Room you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Arch Mirror for Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Design

Decoration Tips
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This Mediterranean-style bedroom has wide walls. Making it look plain can help in maintaining freshness and serenity in the bedroom. However, not providing any decorations there can give a stiff and boring effect to the bedroom. Therefore, the walls still need to be decorated but in a minimal way.

Arch mirrors are the right decoration. The curved lines on the mirror soften the look and don’t give a stiff impression like modern designs. This mirror has a frame made of wood which makes it look like it blends in with the concept and interior of the bedroom.

2. LED Lights for Wall Panel

LED lights
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This contemporary living room design is made minimalist by removing the displays on the walls. However, the walls are still made attractive by relying on wall panels. The rectangle wall panels have several sizes that are stacked to give a very enchanting effect to the living room. And, to show off the piles of wall panels, LED lights were installed. The 3D wall panels look clearer. It also gives a beautiful accent to the room.

Yellow lighting from the LED lights is perfect for this living room. It emphasizes calm and warmth. With this, the room feels more comfortable.

3. Bright Bohemian Bedroom Design with String Light

bohemian room decoration tips
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This bohemian bedroom is actually quite interesting with several items made of rattan and wicker and also small plants as decorations. With soft white as the main color, the bedroom has a bright but not dazzling appearance. And, if you want to make the look of the bedroom look brighter and alive, you can decorate the room with string lights. It becomes the next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of The Room you can follow.

You can install the string light on the wall adjacent to the bed. This area is the main spot in the bedroom. So, the decorations in this area can be seen clearly by the eye.

4. Timber as Wall Accent

wall decoration tips
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In this idea, calm is a priority point in the bedroom. Therefore, the bedroom is designed as minimalist as possible. The colors used are also neutral colors such as white and gray so that a calm atmosphere can be present well in the room.

Due to the minimalist concept applied to keep the peace of the room, no decorations are used in the bedroom. So, in order to make the bedroom does not look stiff or boring, timber is used to fill the wall area. The timber is installed vertically as wide as the bed. In the ceiling area, there is an LED light with minimal lighting only to show the texture and color of the timber itself.

5. Sheer Curtain

sheer curtain
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If you want to make your bedroom look bright but not dazzling, what you have to do is minimize the entry of light from the window. It needs to be underlined, it only minimizes incoming light, not eliminates it. This is because natural light plays an important role in the beauty and comfort of a room.

So, to minimize the entry of light from the window, you can install sheer curtains. Choose sheer curtains with colors that match the interior of the room. In this way, harmony in the appearance of the room can be maintained properly.

6. Make It Aesthetic and Fresh with Small Plants

plant decoration tips
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Do not just fill your workspace with books, a laptop, PC, or stationary. Indeed, a workspace is a place for you to work. However, the beauty and aesthetic value of the workspace itself is also important. A beautiful workspace will certainly make you feel more comfortable when working there. Therefore, decorate your workspace as best as possible.

No need for complicated and troublesome decorations. Here, you only need to rely on a few small plants. You can put a plant next to your work desk, several other small plants on the floating wall shelves, and a plant hung on a curtain pole.

The plant will look more aesthetic for the workspace with a natural appearance and concept. Having white as the main color certainly helps the green color of the plant look more stand out.

7. Monochrome Workspace Decors

monochrome workspace
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Make your workspace look aesthetically pleasing with a minimalist concept. Make use of two colors, or what is called monochrome. Black and white is the most perfect color combination.

If you want to make the workspace look masculine and cool, then choose black as the main color and white as the accent. However, if you want to create a bright workspace, then make white as the main color and black as the accent.

Black color can be applied in a small amount. However, make sure it is scattered in the room. That way, even though it is a little, the black color still looks stand out and can decorate the workspace very well.

8. Standing Mirror to Fill The Corner of The Room

standing mirror
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The corner of the room is an area that is often left out. In fact, every corner of the room is very important. And, placing a large plant in the corner of the room is the most mainstream way. Choose other decorations that can give a different and more attractive look to your room, such as you can put a standing mirror in the corner of the room. And, it becomes the next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value to The Room you can choose from.

The standing mirror is not only a decoration that adds to the aesthetic value of the room. On the mirror, there is a reflection of the room, and also this one item can cover the lines in the corner of the room. With this, the room will feel more spacious.

9. Hanging Chair in The Bedroom

hanging chair
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The next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of the Room is the hanging chair in the bedroom. The hanging chair is a decoration that really enlivens the room. It changes the look of the room drastically. A bedroom that looks ordinary looks very attractive when a hanging chair is presented.

You can use the hanging chair as a cozy spot to relax. It is just that you need to make it feel comfortable by adding a seat cushion, a throw pillow, and a blanket. These are also decorations that can make the bedroom look more attractive.

However, before you install the hanging chair, please make sure first the ceiling of your room is strong enough to be installed of hanging chair.

10. Aromatherapy Candles

aromatherapy candles
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There is a cabinet table in your room and confused about how to decorate it? Actually, there is no need to be confused, you can use several small items, starting from pictures, action figures, and small plants. Also, you can put two to three aromatherapy candles.

The candle will look very beautiful when lit. The fire from the candle also brings warmth to the room. Besides that, when an aromatherapy candle is lit, it will provide a fragrance that can make you feel relaxed and calm.

11. Colorful Stuff for Bedroom

colorful decoration tips
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Decorate your room according to your characteristics. For teenagers who still really like cute and colorful things, you can apply it to your bedroom. The color bedroom has a more cloudless atmosphere. However, here you need to refrain from presenting vibrant colors that can look clashing and disturb the beauty of the room.

Start by making white the main color. This is very effective in neutralizing the appearance of the room. Then, for the bedding, choose soft bright colors such as peach, green yellow, blue, and so on. Next, move on to the wall, which you can decorate with a floating wall shelf with a notebook and small paint on it. You can also add a small plant to add freshness to the bedroom.

The use of several colors is enough to enliven the bedroom. With this, you no longer need to use busy motifs. Just use simple motifs such as stripes and checks.

12. Synthetic Vines

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This simple concept bedroom has a calmer look and atmosphere. It is just that the wall area looks so empty even though it has been filled with several displays. Therefore, adding something refreshing there was a very appropriate solution. You can rely on synthetic vines to enliven the wall without disturbing the simple concept of the bedroom.

Vines bring another color to this natural bedroom. The green color of the vines conveys freshness which makes the bedroom feel cozier.

13. Installing Wallpaper

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The next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of The Room is installing wallpaper. This one method can decorate a room without taking up a space which can make the room feel cramped.

There are many motifs and colors from the wallpaper that you can match with the interior design of your room. Choose matching colors so that the appearance of the room remains harmonious and beautiful.

If you want to keep the brightness and neutral or natural look in the room, you can use wallpaper with a white background. For motifs, you can choose from simple to full.

14. Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf
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Fill the corner of your room with something refreshing and also beautiful. You can put some fresh plants there. And of course, here, you need a place to put these plants. Choose items that can add to the beauty and aesthetic value of your room.

Using a ladder shelf is the next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value to The Room. Arrange all your small plants here neatly. You can also use a ladder shelf as a place to hang your small bag.

Make the ladder shelf look more attractive by using string lights as decorations. You can also use your favorite books to add color to the corners of the room.

15. Vines and String Light is The Best Combination

bedroom decoration tips
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Enliven your bedroom with something refreshing. Here, you can rely on synthetic vines. Install the synthetic plant vertically to give the illusion of a taller wall. Make the vines on the wall look more lively and beautiful with string lights. It also becomes an additional light which can make the bedroom look brighter.

So that the green color can stand out on the walls, choose white paint for your bedroom walls. White is a neutral color that can make the green color of the vines stand out clearly in the bedroom.

16. Colorful Paintings

colorful paintings
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Colorful painting is the next of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of the Room you can choose from. You can use this decoration to fill your reading nook, like in this idea. The pink concept painting fits very well with the interior of the room. Paintings, walls, and chairs are pink with different shades, making the reading nook look harmonious and beautiful with a more simple and minimalist impression.

The colors in the painting are also presented in the reading nook. As can be seen from the picture above there is a painting in green. And, to expand the green color in the room, use some refreshing green plants which also become decorations for the reading nook.

17. Large Round Mirror on The Wall

round mirror
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Decorating a room with mirrors is the easiest but the results it gives are also very attractive. You can create an aesthetic spot in the living room by just relying on a mirror. Like this idea which uses a large round mirror.

Instead of hanging the mirror on the wall, this idea is to simply place the mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. The mirror is not alone there, there are several other decorations that accompany it in the form of small stools and plants.

White walls, wooden stools, and some green plants create an aesthetic room with a natural appearance. Natural lighting also makes it more beautiful and Instagrammable.

18. LED Lights Installed on The Marble Area

mabrle decoration tips
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The impression and appearance of luxury in the living room can be seen more clearly with the marble material used as an accent for the wall. It also becomes a decoration to fill the wall. Abstract motif from the marble enlivens the room directly. The marble is made to stand out and become a focal point in the room by using LED lights. The right and left sides of the marble have LED lights installed. The yellow lighting from the lamp looks so integrated with the interior of the room.

The LED light is installed vertically following the length of the marble. This method makes the walls in the room look higher so the room feels more spacious. Also, this makes the impression of luxury and elegance in the living room appear clearer.

19. LED Lights Behind The Mirror

LED lights
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The large square mirror is perfect for bathrooms with an expensive look. A mirror is made along the vanity so that it does not leave empty space which can create a stiff impression on the room.

Actually, there is nothing special about this one idea. There is only a mirror which should be in the vanity area. However, in this idea, the mirror is used as an interesting spot in the bathroom.

Right behind the mirror is mounted LED light which makes the lines on the mirror look sharper. It also provides a beautiful and simple accent for the bedroom wall. And, white lighting from the LED light makes the luxury bathroom bright and alive.

20. Cabinet Table for The Entryway

cabinet table
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The last of 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value to The Room is the cabinet table for the entryway. Indeed, all corners and rooms in the house are very important. However, the entry area of the house is much more important. This is the area that represents the entire interior of your home. The entrance area of the house is the first impression you get when you step into the house. Therefore, make sure you decorate the entryway as well and as aesthetically as possible.

You can make an aesthetic entryway of your house in a very simple way. Try to rely on a wooden cabinet table. Make this table an attractive spot by adding some decorations in the form of dried plants. Choose vases with different designs with matching colors. And, for the right and left sides of the table, you can put medium-sized green plants.

Final Words

There are two possible results when decorating a room: (1) the room will look more beautiful, fresh, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing; (2) the room looks stuffy, cramped, and uncomfortable. The second point could happen if there is a mistake in decorating. Therefore, decorating a room cannot be underestimated. Before starting to decorate a room, make sure you get references and also know tips on decorating. And, the points above are 20 Decoration Tips to Add Aesthetic Value of The Room you can follow. You can choose one or several of the ideas and tips above for your home interior. So, good luck!

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