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18 Colorful Room Decors & Ideas with Full of Comfort – Recently, interiors with a neutral look are very popular. Neutral colors can indeed create a calm atmosphere in the room. It is just that, sometimes a room with neutral colors seems boring and unattractive. And if you are one of those who feel this way, this is a sign that you need to create something different for your room. You can create a colorful room to create a cloudless ambiance that can make you excited at home.

It is just that, in creating a colorful room there are some important things that you have to pay attention to. You need to make the room look colorful without seeming weird and looking too much. You still have to make the colorful room as comfortable as possible.

In this article, we have provided 18 Colorful Room Decors & Ideas with Full of Comfort that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Purple Checkered Stencil on The Wall

colorful room
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In making the bright colors and motifs in the bedroom look stand out, the room is made neutral with white. It can be seen from the exposed brick wall which is painted white, leaving a texture that looks so interesting. And, on one side of the wall, it looks very aesthetic with the purple checkered stencil.

This wall area is not left blank. The checkered stencil wall is used to emphasize an attractive look in the bedroom. There are clear boxes that are used as shelves. The top place is filled with a small plant. The green color of the plants really helps in making the purple color on the walls look more lively and fresh.

2. Colorful Classic Living Room Design

colorful room decor
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This classic living room has a different look. You can see a slightly elegant impression wrapped in a colorful concept. The presence of several vibrant colors makes the classic living room design look more charming. The atmosphere of the room also feels more lively.

The colors used in the living room tend to be more pink to highlight the soft side. Even though the amount is small, the pink color is applied scatteredly, making it look stand out in the living room.

The wall panels, which are the hallmark of classic design, eliminate the need for multiple displays. Because wall panels themselves are enough to make a room look beautiful. However, you can also add a soft pink painting on the wall. It is perfect for enlivening the room.

3. Colorful Small Living Room

colorful room design
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Even though it is small, the living room is still comfortable with a fresher and cloudless atmosphere. White remains the main color to make the room look bright and feel wider. On the other hand, white also makes other colors in this room look more alive. What is more, the room is illuminated with natural light which really helps the colors in the room display their beautiful original colors.

The soft pink sofa is the main focus of this room. The pink sofa is made to look pretty with some matching and yellow throw pillows.

The corner of the room is made fresher by relying on a large plant. Freshness is also extended by placing several hanging plants in several spots. Hanging plants are the right decoration. It can decorate the room without taking up space which can make the small living room feel cramped.

4. Pretty Rug and Pillows

colorful room ideas
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If you want to have a colorful room but still want it to look minimalist, then you can try this idea. This colorful room looks natural with white as the main color. Another natural impression is also obtained from the green plants that fill the corners of the room and the natural lighting that becomes the main light of this room.

Even though the room looks natural, the colorful look is still present well here. The colorful pillows and rug bring a colorful look vertically. The motifs of the rugs and pillows also enliven the room.

The minimalist concept brings calm and a simpler impression to the room. However, on the other hand, you can also feel a hint of cloudless ambiance by using colorful pillows and a rug.

5. Pink Velvet Sofa

pink sofa
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Creating a colorful room does not mean making the room look busy and full of colors. You can also still make it seem more minimalist so that the room still feels calm and comfortable. Like this idea where the living room is made colorful in a very simple way.

White is very dominant in this room, followed by pink. These two colors succeed in giving a softer impression to the look of the room. The right and left sides of the sofa are decorated with green plants which bring freshness. The plants also bring another color into the room in a way that is polite and acceptable to the interior. Also, other colorful displays are expanded but still look simple. Several colorful paintings are hung neatly on the whitewashed wall.

6. Attractive Open-Plan Concept

colorful room tips
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In this open-plan concept, the dining area and living area are made different by using different colors. For the living area, the appearance is made more soft and feminine by increasing the use of light pink colors. Pink color with a darker shade is applied to the floor area. Meanwhile, for the living area, the appearance is made more cloudless with orange as the main color. There is also a dark green color that brings freshness into the room.

However, so that the appearance of the living area and dining area look unified, several colors are also presented with each other. Such as orange for the throw pillow to decorate the chair in the living area, and pink for the dining chairs.

What’s interesting about this idea is a wall mural that presents all kinds of colors in the interior. So, besides enlivening the room, it also makes the look of the room more harmonious.

7. Elegant, Feminine, and Colorful at Once

elegant room
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Navy and pink are an interesting combination. It can make your boho living room design appear more elegant, feminine, and soft at the same time.

The navy color is made to stand out by applying it to the main item in the living room, which is the sofa and chair. And, to make this spot look attractive, a pink and navy small throw pillow is a decoration for the sofa.

Even so, the pink color is no less prominent. The pink color is applied with scattered starting from the small sofa, rug, and wall hangings. The use of light pink is very helpful in maintaining the bright appearance of the room.

8. Luxurious Colorful Dining Room

luxurious dining room
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This classic dining room design has a luxury appearance. With a minimalist concept, the impression of luxury in the room comes with a different taste. Carvings on the ceiling list, wall panels, pendant lamps, and a touch of gold color present a very beautiful elegant appearance.

Because the wall panels are quite interesting, the walls are only decorated with a colorful painting. On the right and left sides, there are wall lamps with yellow lighting that convey serenity and warmth to the dining room. It makes this room feel so comfortable.

Another minimalist impression is also obtained from wall panels and rugs with matching colors. And, with pink for the middle area, the room appears softer and calmer.

9. Beautiful and Fresh Pink Bedroom

pink bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The light pink bedroom has a fresh atmosphere with some plants as decorations. Refreshing green plants are placed in several spots in the bedroom. With maximum natural lighting, plants appear more alive indoors.

Indeed, this one bedroom looks so simple using only the items needed, such as a bed, rug, bedside table, and a painting to fill the wall. However, the play on the motif on the rug managed to enliven the room and make this pink bedroom look so pretty.

10. Fresh Scandinavian Living Room

colorful living room
Cc: Pinterest

If usually a Scandinavian room design only contains neutral colors, but in this idea, the living room is made to look different. Several bright colors manage to bring a cloudless and fresh atmosphere that makes the living room feel comfortable.

The use of furniture is deliberately minimized so that the calm in the room can be maintained properly. The yellow sofa managed to make the eyes immediately fixed on him. The light yellow brings a cloudless and fresh ambiance into the room. With white as the main color in the living room, this color becomes a clear look and stands out.

The colorful display is more focused on the walls. There are colorful paintings of the same size which are neatly hung.

11. Peach and Pink

peach sofa
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Make your living room still cloudless and warm at the same time by combining pink and peach. The combination of these two colors is suitable to fill your interior for the autumn or fall season. You can make it feel warmer by adding a rug there.

Create a cloudless ambiance in a simple way. For the sofa, you can decorate it with some throw pillows. And, don’t leave the wall area. Hang some paintings or pictures on the wall neatly. For a corner of the room, fill it with something refreshing like a large plant.

12. Look Colorful but Still Natural

natural room
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This idea succeeds in making the living room look colorful and natural. The room is made colorful by relying on pink and blue. These two colors are the best for bringing freshness into the room. Also, the combination of pink and blue makes the look of the room still soft. So, it’s suitable for those of you who don’t really like interiors with a bold appearance.

The natural impression of course comes from white as the main color and also maximum natural lighting. However, not only that, on one side of the wall an exposed brick wall is installed. The natural peacock color of the bricks adds color and also the aesthetic value of the living room.

13. Colorful Dining Room in Soft Look

soft dining room
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Make the dining room look bright and soft at once. Choose ivory white as the main color. And, light the room with natural light. With this, leave the window free without decoration.

For the furniture, you can choose softer colors to maintain a soft impression in the room. Start with soft pink, soft blue, soft green. The combination of these colors can present a bit of a cloudless room in the dining room.

If you want to enliven the room, then choose the floor area. Vintage-style tiles with green stripes manage to beautify the room and give a fresh impression that is perfect for this soft dining room.

14. Pastel-Colored Bathroom

pastel bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Even though it is small, this bathroom manages to look different with a mix of pastel colors. The pink and green colors make the look of the small bathroom still bright.

Pink is made more dominant to produce a more feminine and soft look in the room. This one color is applied to floors, walls, and also ceilings. While the green color becomes an accent to beautify and refresh the atmosphere. A pastel green color is installed on the wall paneling.

The corner of the room is decorated with some green plants that add freshness to the room. It also becomes a great decoration to enliven the room besides tiles with beautiful patterns.

15. Attractive Kitchen with A Retro Touch

retro kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Retro style brings the kitchen into a 90s atmosphere. With bright colors, the kitchen looks charming. Pink is the main color in this room. This color succeeded in changing the appearance of the bright kitchen to be softer and more feminine. The pink cabinet and walls look so pretty.

With a touch of light pastel green, the kitchen feels fresher. It also makes the appearance of the kitchen become colorful. The green color as an accent is applied in a scattered manner which makes it stand out in the room.

16. Colorful Small Kitchen

small kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

This small kitchen looks so pretty with pastel pink as the main color. This color looks so bright and alive with maximum natural lighting. The window area is deliberately not decorated at all and allows natural light to enter the room very freely.

The pink color is indeed focused on this room. This color is applied starting from the walls, ceiling, and doors. And, what makes the kitchen look colorful is the green color which is the accent. The green kitchen cabinet and also several plants as decoration of the kitchen have succeeded in bringing freshness to the atmosphere.

The terrazzo countertop and backsplash bring other colors into the kitchen. Also, there is a kitchen rug with a picture of a tiger and leaves that enlivens the kitchen very well.

17. Attractive Colorful Paintings

colorful paintings
Cc: Pinterest

Do not let the walls in the room look plain if you want to create a room with a colorful look. As the focal point in the room, make the best use of the walls. Change the function of the wall as an interesting spot that can add freshness, cloudless, and colorful in your room.

The whitewashed wall is an excellent medium for you to add a colorful touch there. Face paintings look so interesting. They also provide a variety of colors that can be well-received in the room.

Make this spot become a stand out by placing a cabinet table there. Decorative cabinet table with several colorful displays.

18. Colorful Reading Nook

reading nook
Cc: Pinterest

This small reading nook feels so comfortable with a bench with soft cushion. There are several colorful pillows with different patterns that make the reading nook look colorful. The wall area is not wasted at all. There are several paintings and pictures of different sizes that decorate the walls.

In order to read your favorite book to feel more comfortable, of course, the reading nook must be illuminated with maximum natural lighting. Which natural lighting is also good at making the colors in the room appear more vivid. That way, the reading nook will look more beautiful.

Final Words

The colorful room has a cloudless atmosphere which can make you feel more excited. It is really good too boosting your mood. It is just that, in decorating a colorful room you cannot be careless. Combining several colors also cannot be done haphazardly. In decorating a colorful room, you are required to make the room look colorful but not full, cramped, and too excessive. Because all of this can make the room uncomfortable. And, the points above are 18 Colorful Room Decors & Ideas with Full of Comfort that can be your reference. You can follow one or more of the points above. So, happy trying!

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