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18 Elegant Living Room Ideas That Are So Eye-Catching

jordlinghome.com – The living room is the main room that we encounter when entering the house. Therefore, the appearance of the living room greatly determines the beauty of the whole house. In making the living room a memorable room, you can make it look elegant. There are many ways you can do it, from easy to difficult. Your efforts will determine your living room look. And, to help you in having your dream of an elegant living room, here we have provided 18 Elegant Living Room Ideas That Are So Eye-Catching. You can use it as your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Stand Out Marble Accent and Chandelier

elegant living room
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In changing the appearance of the living room to be elegant, of course, you need a touch that seems expensive. Here, you can use marble to serve as an accent wall. Abstract motifs on marble are also very helpful in beautifying the appearance of the living room. Make the marble on the wall becomes stand out by installing LED lights. Choose yellow lighting that can make it look soft.

Note also the top of the living room. Use a gold-colored chandelier to add an expensive and elegant impression there.

2. Playing with Additional Lights

LED lights
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Natural lighting is the best lighting for a room. However, that does not mean you do not use lights there. You also need lights to keep the room bright, especially at night. However, the function of the lamp is not only that. Try playing on lighting to give a beautiful and enchanting impression. Here, you can install the LED lights on the TV area. It would be great if there was an accent wall. The light from the LED lights will really help to make the wall accent look clearer.

3. Marble for TV Area

marble accent
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The living room is not only a room to welcome guests. Some people also use this room as a TV room to gather with family and friends.

The TV area is certainly the focal point in the living room. Therefore, if you want to make your living room elegant and beautiful, take advantage of this area. Here, you can use marble to give an expensive accent to the wall. Also, install an LED light just behind the marble to make it stand out more.

4. Monochrome Elegant Living Room

monochrome elegant living room
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With shades of white, this large living room feels bigger. The large windows installed in this room allow natural light to illuminate the living room very well. This makes whites appear brighter and more vibrant.

Even though this elegant living room has white nuances, it does not look stiff. The black accent in the room manages to give a bit of a sharp effect so that the room does not seem plain. Black coffee marble is an item that adds an elegant and expensive impression to the living room. It really suits the white marble flooring.

5. Large Painting on The Wall

elegant living room decors
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The wall in the upper area is rarely noticed because this is not a visible spot. However, every corner of the room is important, including the wall at the top. To make your elegant living room look perfect, you also need to decorate this wall. No need for complicated decorations, just choose a painting with a large size. And, hang this painting on the wall.

The colors in the painting are also a part that you should pay close attention to. So that the appearance of the living room remains harmonious, choose paintings with neutral colors or colors that are the same as the interior of the room.

6. Bright Elegant Living Room

bright elegant living room
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This elegant living room has a bright appearance due to white which is the main color of the room. The white color is deliberately made consistent and dominant. Besides that, the use of large windows and glass doors also affects the brightness of the room. The large windows and glass doors are deliberately not given any decoration so that natural light can enter the room freely. And, with natural lighting as the main light, whites look brighter and more vibrant.

To eliminate glare or stiff effects, give dark color accents in the living room. And, black is the most appropriate color. This is also a great color to decorate an elegant living room. This one color can give a firm effect and a slightly cool effect that can make a different impression in an elegant living room.

7. Indoor Garden Make It Fresh

fresh elegant living room
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Give freshness to the large elegant living room. That way, the room will not seem empty. In fact, you will feel more comfortable and also calm there.

Relying on plants is an alternative way of bringing freshness into the room. For the large living room, you can create an indoor garden. You can also utilize it as a barrier of your room. As in this one idea where the indoor garden separates the living room and kitchen area.

Make a roof on the open indoor garden area. That way, plants still get sunlight for them to photosynthesize. This is very helpful to keep plants from wilting.

8. Feel Soft and Warm in Broken White and Beige

soft elegant living room
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There are many shades of white that you can choose for your elegant living room interior. Broken white is the most suitable color for those of you who want to make the elegant living room look softer. You can combine this color with beige. The combination of these two colors is the best in giving a soft effect on the appearance and also evoking a warm and calm atmosphere in the room.

In applying broken white and beige, you have to pay attention to the lighting in the room. To make these both colors look alive and balance, maximize natural lighting. Install large windows in the elegant living room. However, if you want to minimize the natural lighting that enters the room, then install a sheer curtain.

9. Tree for The Corner Room

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Do not leave the corner of the room empty. Try to decorate the corner of the room with a tree. This is a very appropriate decoration for the large living room. The tree will fill the empty area in the corner of the room, starting from the bottom to the top (ceiling) area. The green color of the trees makes the elegant living room feel fresh.

Take advantage of plant containers to add the beauty and also elegant appearance of the large living room. You can choose a large pot with a minimalist design. Choose black to give a bit of a sharp and bold effect to the room.

10. Minimalist Large Pendant Lamps

minimalist pendant lamps
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The lamp is not only a source of light for the night. You can also use lights to add to the aesthetic value of the living room. For the elegant living room, a minimalist pendant light is perfect. It can decorate the room so well. Choose a large size so that it can enliven the large elegant living room. Here, you can use two to three pendant lights. Try hanging pendant lamps at different heights. This is the right in playing on pendant lamps to provide a more interesting accent in the room.

11. Beautiful Carvings on The Wall

beautiful elegant living room
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In order to make your living room look elegant, you can insert a classic design into it. And, it does not matter if your living room has a modern or contemporary design. The classic design will blend very well giving an attractive impression to the living room.

Bring the characteristics of a classic style into the room. Here, you can create beautiful carvings on the wall like the picture above. Make the shape and the texture of the carving look stand out by installing LED lights with lighting that is directed there. Choose yellow lighting to make the look soft.

12. Look Elegant and Natural

natural elegant living room
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The elegant living room can also be made comfortable with a thick natural look and feel. As in this one idea that utilizes natural materials as accents in the room. Starting from wood material in the form of timber which is used as a partition and accent for the wall. In the TV area, there is a marble material that gives a beautiful abstract motif to the elegant living room. Marble with a beige base color looks balanced and blends with the color of the sofa in the room. It really works in making the look harmonious and simple.

13. Enchanting Timber Wall Accent

timber wall accent
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Hanging a painting or picture on the wall is a very mainstream decoration for the room. So, if you want to give a more attractive impression to your elegant living room, try relying on timber. You can install timber vertically on some of the walls in the room. This method can also give the illusion of taller walls so that the living room will feel wider.

It does not stop here. After installing the timber, you have to make it look stand out in the room. And, installing LED lights is a very correct idea. Yellow lighting will make the timber appear softer and pleasing to the eye. And this is the timber, you can hang your painting or picture. It can look more enchanting than just hanging it on a plain wall.

14. Luxurious Black and White Marble

luxurious room
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Marble is a natural material that you can use to accent a room. Its luxurious appearance is very fitting to be applied in the elegant living room. Marble has a glossy surface, especially when exposed to light. This will make it look very pretty when mounted on the wall. Besides that, the abstract motif of marble is also a decoration that makes the room look so beautiful. With this, you no longer need expensive displays like paintings on the wall.

You can install the marble on only part of the wall (as an accent). Install marble starting from the bottom to the top of the wall. That way, the walls will appear taller so that the room looks more spacious and elegant. With black on the left and right, marble is the main focal point in the living room.

15. Large Painting as The Main Spot

large painting
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Choose a masterpiece to give an elegant and luxurious impression to your large living room. As in this one idea that uses a large painting to fill the wall in the middle area. The length of the painting is perfect for the high wall. There are also accent stripes horizontally behind it which make the painting look stand out in the room. Besides that, there are also built-in shelves that are made as high as the walls in the room. It not only decorates and makes the room look pretty, but it also makes the walls look taller and the room feels bigger.

16. Shady Elegant Living Room

shady living room
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If you are bored with the elegant living room with a bright appearance, then this one idea will suit you. With gray as the main color and black as the accent, the look of the room becomes dimmer. Even so, this elegant living room has a very calming atmosphere. Moreover, there is a dark brown color as decoration.

During the day, this room only relies on sunlight coming in through the window. However, when the sun started to set, the room was only lit with a few lights. There are globe lamps right in the middle of the sofa which catches the eye. Yellow lighting was deliberately chosen to maintain a shady look while also increasing the serenity and warmth in the living room.

17. Built-in Shelves

built-in shelves
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Make an elegant living room look beautiful with a simpler impression. As in this one idea, which only uses built-in shelves. This spot is maximized by displaying some very beautiful and historic displays. There are various kinds of jugs that attract attention. Besides that, LED lighting is also installed on the shelves with yellow lighting. This really helps to make the area of built-in shelves look stand out in the room.

18. Pink Velvet Wall Accent

wall accent
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A touch of pink gives a feminine impression to the room. Like in this one idea where soft pink color is an accent for the wall. Velvet material makes it look glossy when exposed to light. It’s really good at making this minimalist elegant living room look pretty. Also, the pink velvet accent wall also has an expensive look with the LED light with white lighting surrounding it. It makes the look so soft. However, in the middle area of the accent wall, there is a touch of black which gives a bit of a sharp and firm impression on the wall. This decoration works to reduce the stiff impression there.

Final Words

With an elegant living room, you can immediately give a positive impression and the people who come to your house will not forget it. There are many ways that you can choose and apply to make your living room look elegant, pretty, and also cozy. And, the points above are 18 Elegant Living Room Ideas That Are So Eye-Catching. By knowing these points, you will get more references for your living room. In decorating your room, pay attention to area, layout, interior, and also lighting. That way, the living room will be the perfect room. So, good luck!

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