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20 Natural Material Accent Ideas: Bring Peace to Your Interior

jordlinghome.com – Bringing natural materials into your interior is an alternative way to bring peace to your room. Not only that, but you can also use natural material as an accent that can add value to the beauty of the room. There are several natural materials that you can choose to decorate your interior such as wood, stone, silk, wool, jute, rattan, bamboo, wicker, and so on. You can choose one natural material or more. In this article, we have provided 20 Natural Material Accent Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

1. Dominant with Light Wood

natural material
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Wood is one of the natural materials that is often chosen for the interior. A very soothing brown color can make a room more comfortable. You can apply wood to the building or furniture area. However, for a harmonious room appearance, use the same tone of wood color. Or, you can also use the same type of wood.

Choose the light and wood and make it dominant in the kitchen. You can apply it to kitchen islands, shelves, walls, floors, and even ceilings. The presence of wood not only gives warmth but also gives peace to the room. The natural brown color is perfect to be combined with neutral colors like white. You can make the look of the room more natural by making natural lighting the main lighting.

2. Jute Rug for Dining Room

jute rug
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This white dining room looks bright with maximum natural lighting. The large windows are covered with sheer curtains to minimize light entering the room. That way, the dining room will not look dazzling so that it is still pleasing to the eye.

The dominant white color succeeds in making the dining room look neutral. That way, you can focus on natural material to bring calm and comfort there. Starting from choosing dining furniture made of wood. On the floor area, also decorate with a jute rug. The combination of brown wood and jute makes the room look very simple and warm.

3. Wooden Ceiling

natural material accent
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For a modern living room design, it is highly recommended to use furniture made of cloth. You can choose a sofa, a chair, and also a carpet. However, if you want to bring the natural material there, you can choose building areas such as floors and ceilings. As in this one idea that uses wooden flooring. And also, in the ceiling area, timber is installed vertically.

The natural brown color of the wood looks even more beautiful when exposed to sunlight. The texture given by the timber has succeeded in becoming a decoration that makes the modern living room look attractive. The lines resulting from the installation of timber remove the stiff impression in this modern room.

4. Enchanting Granite Floor

granite flooring
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Want to present the natural material that will make the room look elegant and luxurious? Then, granite is the right material to be chosen. The granite wall has a glossy surface so it will look so enchanting when exposed to light, whether it’s sunlight coming in through a window or light from a lamp. There are also abstract motifs on the soft granite that beautify the appearance of the room. With this, granite flooring is very appropriate to be installed in rooms with modern, minimalist, and contemporary designs.

You can choose not all granite for your room. There are many color variants on granite. Therefore, you must pay attention to the interior of your room. As in this one idea, which chose white granite flooring for the black living room shades. White is the most appropriate color as a combination with black.

5. Marble as Bathroom Wall Accent

natural material bathroom accent
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In a small bathroom, it would be better to apply a minimalist concept. That way, the display will be simpler and the room feels wider. Even so, you still have to make the small bathroom look aesthetic. And, playing on the wall accent is the most appropriate.

Marble is a material that you can choose to bring the accent to the bathroom. Choose the main spot so that the marble can look stand out. And, the wall around the bathtub area is the most appropriate spot to apply marble.

White marble is perfect for small bathrooms in this one idea. The combination of beige and dark gray makes the look dim. So, the presence of white marble can brighten up the bathroom a bit and make it look more alive.

6. Natural Rattan Wicker Bed

wicker bed
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Rattan and wicker are natural materials that have a flexible texture. Therefore, these materials are often used as furniture. The texture and appearance given are interesting enough to decorate the room. Also, the natural brown color of rattan and wicker can bring warmth that can make a room feel comfortable.

In this idea, a rattan wicker bed was chosen to fill the bedroom with light gray nuances. From maximum natural lighting, green plants as decorations, and also a wood pendant light beside the right bed, we can see that natural nuances are indeed made thick in the room. Therefore, a rattan wicker bed is the right choice.

7. Wool Blanket Warms The Reading Nook

wool blanket
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Natural material can also be used as decorations to make the room look aesthetically pleasing. As in this one idea that uses a wool blanket for the reading nook. The use of a wool blanket is not only a decoration but can also make the reading nook feel warm, especially in the cold season.

A reading nook is usually made in the corner of the room adjacent to the window so that reading is more comfortable. However, cold air often enters through the gap in the window. And, with a wool blanket, you will stay warm and comfortable.

8. Silk Bedding Make The Simple Bedroom Look Perfect

silk bedding
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The bed is the main item in the bedroom. So, if you want to make the natural material stand out, you can choose silk bedding. This is the natural material you can choose to make the room feel peaceful. Besides that, silk material also has a glossy appearance so that it can give beauty to the appearance of the bedroom.

To make the look of your bedroom more natural, choose neutral-colored silk bedding. Avoid white because it can give a glare effect on the eyes. And, beige silk bedding is the most appropriate.

Because of its glossy appearance, keep silk bedding simple. Avoid choosing patterned bedding and bright colors.

9. Sandstone Kitchen Wall

best natural material
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Sandstone is the next natural material you can choose to bring peace to your kitchen. The exposed sandstone wall provides a texture that makes you no longer need to display the wall. You can keep it simple and let the natural nuances present well in the kitchen. It will help make this room feel more comfortable.

The natural beige color of sandstone emphasizes the warm nuance in the kitchen. You can make this color look more stand out and prettier by illuminating the kitchen with natural lighting.

10. Attractive Clay Pot

clay pot
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Decorating a room with plants is one way to bring freshness and a natural feel to it. However, you can also utilize plants to make the room look more attractive and more natural. And, what you need here is a container made of natural material, that is a clay pot.

There are many interesting clay pot designs. You can choose a design that suits your taste. However, pay attention also to the interior of the room to make the appearance look harmonious.

11. Kitchen with Exposed Beams

warm natural material
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White as the main color for the kitchen makes the look naturally bright. Moreover, there is a large window that is left without any decoration, allowing natural light to enter the kitchen very freely.

Even though there is only one color in the kitchen, it does not make the appearance look stiff. This is because there is a natural material, that is wood, which is the accent in this room. The natural brown color of the wood blends well with the white and works together to give this kitchen a natural and serene feel.

You can make the wood in the kitchen dominant. Starting from choosing wooden flooring, wooden kitchen cabinets, wooden stools, and also beams. And, for the beam, let the wood stay in its natural texture to bring a more natural impression.

12. Peace Hallway with Exposed Brick Wall

exposed brick wall
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Make your hallway becomes an enchanting spot in your room. Play with natural material. You can install bricks to the wall, or what is commonly called an exposed brick wall. Let the natural red color of the bricks decorate the room. Also, the resulting texture on the exposed brick wall makes the hallway look very attractive. Therefore, here, you do not need too many decorations. Keep focusing on natural reds as well as textures. But, if you want to give it a special touch to make it more attractive, you can hang a mirror with a wooden frame.

13. Natural Rattan Bookshelf

rattan furniture
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Do not let your favorite books be tucked away neatly in a drawer. You can use these items as decorations to add beauty and aesthetic value to a room.

Bring the natural nuances and beauty simultaneously. Place the natural rattan bookshelf on one side of the room wall. And, put all your favorite books there. Besides making it easier for you to pick up the book you want, it also enlivens the room. You can also add decorations in the form of small indoor plants which can add a natural feel there.

14. Combination of Browned Natural Materials

natural material combination
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The combination of brown color from natural materials is the best in providing warmth and serenity. However, to make these colors look more real, you need to make the room look neutral. Therefore, choose white as the main color of the room.

You can decorate the corner of the area with a mirror with a wooden frame. Add some decorations as friends for the mirror. You can use a rattan basket to store some stuff. For the plants, choose artificial brown plants or aesthetic dry plants. Use a jute pot as a container for the plants. And, right next to it, you can put a small wooden coffee table to put a vase filled with plants.

15. Iron Rack as A Partition

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Apply the open-plan concept to make your apartment or small house feel more spacious. You can replace the wall with another delimiter such as pass partition. Use a partition made of iron as shown in the image above. You can also add wood materials there to make the look more natural. This one partition will separate functions between rooms without making it feel cramped. It can also be a decoration to emphasize the beauty of the room. Give some interesting decorations. Putting plants on the partition is the right decoration. The green color of the plants will bring freshness and also a thicker natural feel to the room.

16. Jute Basket for Bathroom Storage

jute basket
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The use of hanging vanity will provide more space in the bathroom. You can use the area under the vanity as a storage area. However, of course you have to use additional items such as basketball. And, for those of you who want to bring peace to your bathroom, you can choose a jute basket as a storage area.

Even though it is under the vanity, jute manages to grab attention. The natural brown color and the texture of the jute make the basket stand out in the room.

17. Bathroom Farmhouse Sink Design

sink natural material
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Stone is the easiest natural material to find. You can utilize this one material to give a natural feel to the bathroom. The natural gray color from the stone will be very good in making the bathroom look natural and also bright.

The stone sink is perfect for the farmhouse bathroom design. It will look balanced and harmonious when paired with wood materials. Gray and brown colors will be very pretty.

To make the sink become the prettiest spot in the bathroom, try to play on textures. You can leave the sink edge area textured as shown in the image above. It is also a great way of decorating and making a minimalist bathroom looks great.

18. Stone Coffee Table

stone coffee table
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Who would have thought that the big stones that you often encounter can also be decorations that can beautify a room? As in this one idea that uses large stones as a coffee table for the living room. Indeed, the surface of the stone is deliberately polished to produce a stone with a smooth, slippery and glossy surface. It is so great to be placed in the black modern living room nuances. The black granite flooring looks very blended with the stone coffee table.

19. Veneer Stone Fireplace for Rustic Living Room Design

natural stone
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The fireplace area has become the main spot in the living room, especially in winter. The fire from the fireplace will immediately attract the eye. People will sit around the fireplace to get warm. Therefore, make this area look pretty is a very appropriate idea.

You can beautify the fireplace area by using natural material such as veneer stone. This idea is perfect for the rustic living room design. No need to install it on the entire wall or one side of the wall. Simply install veneer stone on the wall adjacent to the fireplace. Installing it from the bottom up to the ceiling can create a high visual wall that makes the room feel wider.

20. Large Rattan Lamps

large rattan lamps
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Having a flexible texture makes rattan a natural material used to make furniture or decorations for rooms. As in this one idea, that is a large rattan pendant lamp, which succeeds in bringing a natural feel and peace to the dining area. With its large size, this natural material looks stand out in the room. The simple design fits perfectly into the modern dining room design.

Because there is a bulb inside, the texture and color of the rattan are more visible. However, this cannot be used as the main item in the room. You still have to use other lighting such as recessed lighting fixtures to keep the room bright.

Final Words

It is not difficult to make your room feel comfortable. You only need to bring peace to the room by using natural materials. This is also a great way to bring natural nuances to the room. Besides that, natural materials can also be used as accents or decorations to add to the beauty and aesthetic value of a roar. The points above are 20 Natural Material Accent Ideas for those of you who want to Bring Peace to Your Interior. You can follow and apply one or more of the points above. However, pay attention to the interior, design, and also the layout of your room. So, good luck!

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