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20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas with Full of Serenity – A bedroom that is full of serenity will lead you to a more restful sleep. Calmness in the bedroom can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed there. And, to make your bedroom full of serenity, you have to make it as simple as possible. Choosing two colors for the bedroom interior is the main step that is most appropriate for you to take. By only relying on two colors, or what we can call monochrome, the appearance of the room will seem simple. Make a simple concept consistent in the bedroom by doing minimal decoration. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas with Full of Serenity. So, let’s check it out!

1. The Concrete Wall Texture Looks Clear with LED Lights

simple monochrome bedroom
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A simple bedroom is indeed very risky with a stiff and boring appearance. Therefore, this room requires a special touch. Here, you can rely on the concrete wall. Apply to one area of the wall. The wall directly behind the bed is most appropriate.

Make the texture of the concrete look clearer by using additional light. LED light is the most appropriate type of lamp to use. By installing an LED light that extends horizontally, it will make the wall look wider. So, this not only beautifies the wall area but also makes your bedroom look wider.

2. Feel Soothing with Brown Shades

simple monochrome bedroom design
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The presence of brown in a simple monochrome bedroom greatly influences the atmosphere. The color brown brings warmth that makes a simple monochrome bedroom feel more comfortable. Not only that, it also boosts a serene feel in the room. You can emphasize the warmth in the bedroom by using yellow lighting as lighting.

Several shades of brown not only provide comfort to the bedroom but also make a simple monochrome bedroom look more attractive. It becomes a decoration that does not eliminate or disturb the simple concept of the bedroom.

3. Enjoying Netflix Series in The Bedroom

simple monochrome bedroom ideas
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Relax in the bedroom by enjoying your favorite Netflix series. With this, you can install a smart TV right in front of your bed. This item also becomes a decoration that enlivens the bedroom and makes it look more attractive. The black color on the TV looks very harmonious with the blackwashed wall.

A white floating wall shelf is a great simple decoration to increase the beauty of a simple monochrome bedroom. There are also two small displays with a white color that matches the floating shelf which makes it pretty with a simple look.

4. A Simple Pendant Lamp Beside The Bed

best simple monochrome bedroom
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This simple monochrome bedroom has a very sober vibe with black and gray tones. The combination of these colors also makes the bedroom look masculine and elegant.

Keep the concept simple and calm in the bedroom with a simple decoration. Do not add displays in this room. You can utilize the items that are already in the room such as lamps.

Hang the pendant lamp with a very minimalist design right next to the bed. The black pendant lamp looks like it blends in with the black wall of the bedroom. The yellow light from the pendant lamp brings a warmth that makes the bedroom feel more soothing and comfortable.

5. Attractive Wall Panel

wall panel
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Removing all the displays in the bedroom is an effective way to make the bedroom look simple. That way, the bedroom will feel calmer. However, it is very risky to the comfort yet the appearance of the bedroom. The simple look can make a bedroom look stiff, pale, and boring. Therefore, it takes the right decoration in the room.

Wall panels are the perfect solution. This is the next of 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas you can choose from. Make a wall panel on one wall. Do it from the bottom to the middle of the wall. It can bring an accent that enlivens the simple monochrome bedroom.

6. Small Simple Monochrome Bedroom

comfy simple monochrome bedroom
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Be brave to apply predominantly black to the small bedroom. With the right decor, the small bedroom will not feel cramped and stuffy.

Applying black from the wall to the ceiling makes the wall area look taller. It really helps in making the small bedroom feel more spacious. Keep the black wall simple by just hanging two long mirrors without frames on the right and left sides.

So that the small bedroom is far from being stuffy, illuminate the bedroom with natural lighting. Apply white on the existing wall and facing the window. That way, natural light can hit the walls directly and help the white color to make the look of the room bright.

7. Pretty Two Black and White Paintings on The Wall

bedroom decor
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You can make the black-washed wall clean without any decorations. However, it is okay if you want to bring something attractive to it. You can hang two black and white paintings. Use white frames for the paintings. That way, there will be a barrier between the black wall and the black painting. Not only that, but the white frame also makes the black and white paintings look stand out in the bedroom.

8. Feel A Little Fresh with A Small Plant

fresh simple monochrome bedroom
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The monochrome bedroom doesn’t always have to be decorated with black or white items. You can also use decorations in the form of plants for the monochrome bedroom. The plant is perfect for a simple monochrome bedroom. The natural green color of plants will not interfere with the simple concept of the bedroom. Instead, it provides freshness that makes the monochrome bedroom feel more comfortable and lively.

Place the small plant in the corner of the room. For a small plant, you can put it on the side table or the sideboard so that it is visible to the eye.

Use a clear vase to keep a simple impression on a monochrome bedroom. Fill the vase with water so that the freshness of the plants can be properly maintained.

9. Minimal Wall Decoration

wall decoration
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To make the bedroom look attractive, it does not have to be complicated and expensive decorations. Simple decorations such as mirrors are enough to decorate the bedroom. You can hang the mirror on the wall. Or, if you want to make it look more attractive, you can install the black floating shelf on the blackwashed wall and put the mirror there.

The round mirror is the most appropriate to choose from. The curved lines from the mirror cover the stiff lines in the simple monochrome bedroom. With this, the appearance of the bedroom will look monotonous.

10. Jet-Black Wall Panel

jet-black wall panel
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The jet-black wall panel is the next of 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas. Minimal decoration gives a boring impression to the bedroom. And, the jet-black wall panels managed to deal with it. The texture of the wall panels is a separate decoration that adorns the bedroom and makes it look attractive without disturbing the simple impression of this room. Also, the jet-black color exposed to natural light produces a serenity that makes the bedroom feel so comfortable.

If you want to make the jet-black wall panel look more attractive, you can hang the black and white painting on. Use black frames to maintain a minimalist and simple impression on the walls.

11. A Simple Black and White Painting

black and white painting
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This monochrome bedroom looks very simple with the predominant white color. The white color is applied to the walls, ceiling, to the floor. And the black color as an accent successfully decorates the bedroom and makes the look attractive.

With the low-profile bed and side table, the bedroom wall looks higher. It makes the small bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

Even though the bedroom is very simple, it does not look boring and stiff. There is a large black and white painting on the wall. The painting without a frame is perfect for the simple monochrome bedroom. And also, other simple decorations such as minimalist table lamps on the side tables also enliven the bedroom.

12. Reading Nook in The Corner of The Room

reading nook
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For those of you who really like to read, make a cozy reading nook in your bedroom. You can use the corner of the room as the most comfortable spot for reading. With a combination of two colors, those are black and white, the reading nook feels so calm. Here, you just need to decorate it well so it does not look stiff and boring.

The simple picture with a black frame is perfect for the blackwashed wall. There is also a black floor lamp that looks like it blends in with the wall. But, when it’s turned on, it will look so pretty.

The minimalist black armchair is the most appropriate for this reading nook. You can add a white throw pillow there to add comfort and also beautify the corner of the room. Also, put a basket filled with pillows and blankets that you might need at any time.

13. Monochrome Attic Bedroom Design

monochrome attic bedroom
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Take advantage of the serenity of the attic by making it a bedroom. Maintain this serenity by adopting a monochrome design. Make white as the main color that can brighten up the appearance of the bedroom. The white color also eliminates dark corners in the room which can make the attic bedroom feel wider. Maximize natural lighting to remove the cramped and stuffy feel in the bedroom.

Use furniture or items that are only needed. This method is perfect for a simple monochrome bedroom. This can also make the attic bedroom feel wider and quieter. But, if you want to bring something interesting to the bedroom, you can choose a black blanket with a simple pattern, some magazines to serve as a side table, and a picture leaning against the wall.

14. Show Off Your Paper Bag

simple monochrome bedroom decoration
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Right now, do not throw away your branded paper bags such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and so on. You can spread this paper bag in your bedroom. These paper bags are the right decoration for a simple monochrome bedroom. This will make the bedroom look more attractive without disturbing the simple impression in it.

To display your pager bags, provide a special spot in the bedroom. You can hang the floating shelf on the wall. The wall adjacent to the bed is most appropriate. This area is the main focus of the bedroom. Then, put your paper bags there neatly. You can also add other decorations like a small plant and a picture.

15. Bright Simple Monochrome Bedroom

bright simple monochrome bedroom
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This simple monochrome bedroom looks bright with maximum incoming natural lighting. Large windows let a lot of light into the room. And also, there are no decorations that block the entry of light such as curtains, blinds, and so on so that light can enter the bedroom very freely.

The white color which is the main color makes a simple monochrome bedroom look bright. With the help of natural light, the white color is increasingly showing its brightness. It makes the room look so natural. The atmosphere also feels fresher and calmer.

16. Two Small Wall Lamps

simple monochrome bedroom decor
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If you are confused about how to decorate a simple monochrome bedroom, then you can try this one idea. You can choose a small wall lamp like the picture above. So that these lamps can be seen, install them on the wall adjacent to the bed. This method not only makes the wall lamps a decoration that adds value to the beauty and aesthetics of a simple monochrome bedroom, but you can also make the bed as a comfortable area for reading. The light from the wall lamps will lead directly to the bed so you can read comfortably at night.

17. Simple and Fresh Small Monochrome Bedroom

fresh bedroom
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The indoor plant is the right decoration in this simple monochrome bedroom. The natural green color of the plants does not interfere with the monochrome concept in the room. Instead, it gives a natural impression that makes the room feel fresh and comfortable. Another natural impression is also obtained from the natural lighting that enters through the large windows. It makes the small bedroom far from annoying cramped and stuffy.

Even though there are no displays on the walls or other areas, this simple monochrome bedroom looks quite attractive and far from boring. Beautiful carvings on the ceiling successfully enhance the appearance of the bedroom. The black pendant lamp with a minimalist and beautiful design is not only light at night but also a decoration that adds to the aesthetic value of this simple monochrome bedroom.

18. Simple Black and White Bed

monochrome bed
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This simple monochrome bedroom actually looks very clean without any decorations or displays. The black-painted walls look so clean. And also, the bed area is made so plain without any colors or other motifs that fill or decorate the bedroom. There is only white bedding for the black bed. Even so, this one bedroom still looks attractive. Natural lighting that enters through the window directly hits the white color and makes it stand out in this black bedroom nuance. This white color that looks bright adorns this simple monochrome bedroom. And, thanks to a very simple concept, the bedroom has a very serene atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable relaxing and resting in this room.

19. Picture and Mirror Decorate The Corner Bedroom

simple wall decors
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It is not difficult to decorate a simple monochrome bedroom. You only need to rely on a mirror and a black-and-white picture. And, this becomes the next of 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas that you can apply.

The corner of the room adjacent to the window is the most appropriate area to decorate. Here, you do not need to hang the mirror and picture on the wall. You just put it on the floor and lean it against the wall. Do the overlapping method like the picture above where the picture is in the front position and the mirror is behind it. This method will present a more attractive impression of the room.

The light from the window will directly hit this decoration and make it look clear in the room. But, for the night, you can rely on the light from the lamp. With this, you have to hang the pendant light right above the mirror.

20. Monochrome Kids’ Bedroom

kids bedroom
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The last of 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas is a monochrome kids’ bedroom. Make the atmosphere feel fresh by making the bedroom look bright. With this, you can make white as the main color. Also, light the bedroom with natural light.

Use black as an accent. Play with black decorations to enhance the appearance of your bedroom, such as choosing a black bedding, blanket, rug, doll, and so on.

Hang the hexagonal shelves on the wall as an additional decoration that can add value to the beauty of a child’s bedroom. There, you can put your child’s favorite action figure. This one way can make the room feel more fun.

Final Words

Color selection is the first step in decorating a room. The color you choose will determine the look and feel of the room. And, if you want to have a comfortable and serene bedroom, make it look simple by using only two colors. Or, we can mention it as a monochrome design. The points above are 20 Simple Monochrome Bedroom Design Ideas with Full of Serenity that you can choose and apply to your bedroom. So, happy trying all!

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