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11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room

jordlinghome.com – Every parent wants the best for their child, both for the health, fun, and comfort of the child. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents try to make their kid’s bedrooms feel comfortable. However, sometimes taking the wrong action makes children feel uncomfortable in their bedroom. Therefore, through this article, we will help you to create the right kid’s bedroom. Here are 11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room. So, let’s check it out!

1. Illuminate the Kid’s Bedroom with the Right Light

bright kid bedroom

The first of 11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room is to illuminate the kid’s bedroom with the right light. As the main factor that affects comfort and beauty, lighting needs to be regulated properly. Try to make the kid’s bedroom as bright as possible.

There are two lightings that you must present in a kid’s bedroom:

  • Natural Lighting

kid bedroom tips

You can use natural lighting to make a kid’s bedroom look bright from morning to evening. Maximum natural lighting will make the bedroom feel so comfortable and calming. Not only that, but the bedroom also feels fresher.

To maximize natural lighting, you can install a large window for your kid’s bedroom. And try not to have any decorations that block the light that enters the bedroom. If you want to use a curtain to protect your kid’s privacy, better to choose sheer.

  • Artificial Lights

kid bedroom lights

Artificial lights or light from lamps is also important. Because the bedroom can not be lit by sunlight for 24 hours. So, at night, you need to rely on lamp lighting to illuminate a kid’s bedroom. Make sure you choose the right lamp. Avoid using pendant lamps or other lights that your children can reach. That way, the bedroom not only feels comfortable but also safe.

2. Make Sure The Room Full of Serenity

calm kid bedroom tips

A quiet room will certainly feel comfortable. A relaxing bedroom will really help your child to sleep soundly.

To create such a calm atmosphere, you use aromatherapy fragrances. Instead of using aromatherapy candles which can harm children, it would be better to use a diffuser. Besides making the room smell nice and calm, this will also keep the humidity and cleanliness of the air in the bedroom.

3. Apply Bright Colors to The Room

colorful kid bedroom

The choice of color will greatly affect the beauty and comfort of the room. If you want to make your kid feel comfortable in their bedroom, then try to apply bright colors.

You can bring several colors so that the bedroom atmosphere will feel cheerful. You can rely on pastel colors that will make the room look soft and calm. Or, you can also use other bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, green as decorations that make the room look attractive.

4. Decor The Kid’s Bedroom Properly

kid bedroom decor

Decor the kid’s bedroom properly becomes the next of 11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room. Make sure you decorate according to what your kid likes, not what you like.

Before decorating a room, you need to know well what your kid likes. For example, if your kid really likes to draw, then bring a small table with the chair. Also, a drawing book and some other drawing tools. And if your child likes to read, then decorating the kid’s bedroom is like a comfortable mini library. And many others.

To make your child feel comfortable in their bedroom, you can also decorate the bedroom with fun rides, such as a slide or swing. Currently, there is a bunk bed specially decorated for children which has a slide there. Or, you can hang the swing on a beam or a strong house foundation.

5. Arrange The Furniture Well

kid bedroom arrangement tips

Arranging the location of the furniture is also very important. Furniture that is arranged carelessly will certainly make the room seem messy and disorganized. Not only that, but even the bedroom can also be narrower. Of course, this will greatly disturb the comfort of the bedroom.

You can start with the largest piece of furniture. Try to place the furniture in the right area. For example, you can put the bed right next to the window. With this, the child will be able to see outside the house which is it will be very helpful to reduce boredom in the room.

6. Add A Few Plants to Make It Fresh

fresh kid bedroom tips

To make your child feel good in their bedroom, make sure the bedroom is comfortable. This time, you can rely on plants. The natural green color of the plant will make a bedroom feel fresh. Even, some plants can absorb harmful substances in the air. With this, the cleanliness of the air in the kid’s bedroom will be well maintained.

Not only green plants, but you can also add some flowers to a kid’s bedroom, especially a girl’s bedroom. Beautiful flowers not only beautify the appearance of the bedroom but can also make the bedroom smell good.

What you need to pay attention to in this tip is to keep the plants fresh. And, if the flowers in the vase have withered, make sure you get rid of them immediately or replace them with new ones. So this will not affect the beauty and comfort of your kid’s bedroom.

7. Present Some Toys Your Kid Like

kid toys

Sometimes, the bedroom is not only a room for children to rest. They also often make their bedroom a place to play. Therefore, to make your kid happy in the bedroom, present the toys they like.

The number of toys often makes the bedroom a mess. And of course, this will greatly affect the comfort of your kid’s bedroom. So that the tidiness of the bedroom is maintained, you can add small cubbies or other storage. And then, teach your kid to put their toys back after use.

8. Bring Cloudless Ambiance with Wall Mural

wall mural

The difference between a kid’s bedroom and our bedroom is that a kid’s bedroom needs to be made as attractive as possible. Not only that, it is important to bring a cloudless ambiance to the room.

There are many ways you can do to make the bedroom atmosphere feel cheerful, such as applying bright colors. Or, you can also apply a wall mural.

The following wall murals are suitable for children’s bedrooms:

  • Animal Wall Mural

animal wall mural kid bedroom

You can make your bedroom feel like you are in an animal park. With pictures of trees and some animals will make the kid’s bedroom feel so cheerful. You can also introduce various kinds of animals to your child through this wall mural.

  • Galaxy Wall Mural

galaxy wall mural

Young children often aspire to be astronauts. You can use this to make them feel happy in their bedroom. Apply a galaxy wall mural on one of the bedroom walls.

  • Super Hero Wall Mural

superhero wall mural


Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, and others are often children’s favorites. So, applying a superhero wall mural will make your child feel happy and comfortable in their room.

9. Maintain The Air Circulation

comfy kid bedroom tips

A comfortable bedroom will certainly make children feel happy. And air circulation is an important part that needs attention. To avoid a stuffy and cramped room, make sure there is good air circulation.

You can open the window in the morning. With this, the air in the room will be replaced with new fresher and cleaner air. Or, you can install a ceiling fan in the kid’s bedroom. A ceiling fan is a very eco-friendly item. Not only that, but this one item is also more energy-efficient.

Try not to use the air conditioner in the kid’s bedroom. This is because the air conditioner can make your kid’s skin dry, furthermore, the kid’s skin is very sensitive. If you want to use the air conditioner, it would be better to use it at night when the child is going to sleep.

10. Choose The Cozy Bed

cozy bed

As previously explained, a comfortable bedroom will make children feel happy in their bedroom. And as the main item of the bedroom, make sure you choose a comfortable bed.

You can choose a bed frame with a canopy like a house or a regular bed frame. The most important thing is that the mattress used is very soft and can follow the shape of your kid’s body. With this, the child will wake up fresh and healthy in the morning.

11. Leave Space for Your Kid Play

fun place for kid

The bedroom is often used as a play area by children. Besides adding the toy that they like, you also need to set aside a fun space for your kid to play with. This is the last of 11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room.

You can give the space for playing a carpet or rug that is soft and has a smooth surface. With this, children can play comfortably.

Final Words

Not only our bedrooms are important, but children’s bedrooms are also important. The comfort and beauty of the bedroom are something that really needs to be considered. Try to make a bedroom that they like. And the points above are 11 Kid Bedroom Tips to Make Your Kids Happy in Their Room which will really help you to create the dreamed kid bedroom. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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