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30 Apartment Balcony Ideas: Make A Small Space for Relaxing

jordlinghome.com – Its location at the top, sometimes makes us feel bored in the apartment. And also, too lazy to go down via stairs or elevator. So the only space that can be used to relieve boredom is the balcony. Although relatively small, you can use a comfortable balcony as a place to relax. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful clouds and city views. Therefore, in this article, we have provided 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas that you can use as your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Super Dreamy Outdoor Space

apartment balcony ideas
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The first of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas is a super dreamy outdoor space. With wooden elements and warm lighting, this small balcony of this apartment feels so comfortable. You can add the string light on the ceiling to make it look so beautiful at night.

2. Warm in Boho Style

boho style
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Boho style does tend to be fun. However, if you decorate it with a few candles, the balcony atmosphere will feel so calm like the picture above. Here, you only need to add a small sofa along with throw pillows to relax. And do not forget a blanket to keep you warm from the cold outside.

3. Small Portable Fire Pit Make It Cozy

firepit decor
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The fire pit is usually used in the backyard. However, you can also present it on the balcony of your apartment. You can buy a portable firepit at the nearest shops. Having a fire pit on the balcony will really help to make the air around the balcony feel warm. So that the balcony will feel comfortable to use as a place to relax.

4. Beautiful in Simple Decor

simple apartment balcony ideas
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Even though it is very simple, this balcony is quite comfortable to be used as a place to relax. The combination of white and wooden elements makes the balcony so soothing. And the addition of plants with beautiful white flowers makes this small space feel fresher. A small balcony also feels more spacious with a rug as a decoration.

5. Cozy Small Outdoor Balcony for Gathering

cozy apartment balcony ideas
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The next of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas is a cozy small outdoor balcony for gathering. Although narrow, this balcony can accommodate 2-5 people. With the letter L sofa, you can relax with your friends or family on the balcony. Gathering time will be more fun with a barbeque grill at the end of the balcony.

6. Make It Cozy with Customizable Mattress Decor

mattress decor
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It is much more comfortable to relax on a soft mat. Therefore, adding a customizable mattress is the right idea. Several throw pillows add to the comfort of the balcony. With this, the balcony will be a place you can rely on to relax.

7. Beautiful and Fresh with Flowers Decor

beautiful flower decor
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Its location outside, of course, will be very good for plants. You can add some beautiful flowers to make a small balcony feel so fresh. Not only that, but pink rose flowers also make the balcony look so beautiful. Not to mention the scents coming from the flowers make the balcony feel calm and more comfortable.

8. White Nuances Small Outdoor Balcony

white nuances space
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White nuances small outdoor balcony becomes the next of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas. The white color chosen to decorate this balcony is ivory white. So that the balcony view will look brighter but softer. The atmosphere that is present on the balcony certainly feels more calming, furthermore, the balcony is decorated with bulb lights and some plants.

9. Functional Tiny Apartment Balcony

tiny apartment balcony
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This one balcony will be very functional. You can use a small table along with the chairs on the edge of the balcony as an outdoor dining area. So, you can use the balcony not only as a place to cool off but also as a comfortable place to enjoy delicious food with loved ones.

10. Simple Summer Balcony Decor

summer decoration
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Summer is the perfect time for us to enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, a comfortable balcony will be very useful. To create a more cloudless ambiance, you can rely on small plants. Also, present some beautiful flowers to make the balcony look and feel fresher.

11. Feel Cozy in Warm Lighting

apartment balcony decor
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To make the balcony feel comfortable is simple, you only need to bring a comfortable seat along with pillows for you to hug. And then give some decorations in the form of plants to make this place feel fresh. However, it does not stop there. You also have to pay attention to the lighting on the balcony.

To create a calm balcony, you can add some warm lighting, such as candles or string lights. This idea also evokes a very romantic atmosphere at night. So it is suitable for you to enjoy with your beloved partner.

12. Simple Small Apartment Balcony

simple apartment balcony ideas
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If you avoid complicated decorations, then this one idea is for you. By only relying on a small comfortable sofa, you can use the balcony as a place to relax. It is just that, you need to add some decorations that can beautify the balcony.

If we look at the picture above, the decorations chosen are more likely to be coastal style. Starting from a throw pillow with a fish and shell pattern, and also two interesting stuffed squid. And the wall area also looks pretty with polygon shelves.

13. Make It Perfect with String Light

string light
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Playing with lighting is an effective trick to turn a mundane look into an attractive one. Like in this idea where the balcony only contains a coffee table, two-seat sofa, and medium-size plants in the back. Even so, the balcony looks beautiful with the walls decorated with string lights. Besides beautifying the appearance of the balcony, the warm lighting makes the balcony area feel so calm and comfortable

14. Feel Fresh in Natural Nuances

natural nuances
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It is appropriate to create a balcony with a natural atmosphere. Because this can make the balcony full of serenity. Several rattan items make it look so natural. Additional plants are also very helpful in creating a natural feel. Not only that, but the sheepskin blanket also emphasizes the natural nuances which are so fresh and calm.

15. Some Plants Make Small Space So Fresh

beautiful apartment balcony
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If you want a simple balcony to feel comfortable, then you can rely on plants. You can put plants on small tables on the balcony. Or, you can also make a hanging plant as a decoration for the wall. Adding a string light on the wall will greatly enhance the appearance of your balcony.

16. Long Bench for Simple Balcony

long bench
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If you are too lazy to decorate the balcony with a sofa, table, rug, and some plants, then you can choose this one idea. You only need to make a long bench of wood as a place for you to relax and enjoy the air outside the apartment. However, throw pillows still need to be presented so that the balcony feels comfortable.

17. Throw Pillow and Rug is Everything

cozy apartment balcony
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This idea is very simple. However, this idea has the easiest way to create a comfortable balcony. What this idea requires is a carpet with a soft surface, a few throw pillows, and a small coffee table. Choose a white and brown throw pillow to make the atmosphere feel calm. And lastly, do not forget to give a little decoration in the form of plants to make the balcony feel fresher and not stiff.

18. Monochrome Apartment Balcony

monochrome apartment balcony
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The next of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas is a monochrome apartment balcony. The white color makes the balcony look bright. And a touch of black gives a firm effect on the balcony. With this, the balcony will look more attractive and cool. The black and white carpet near the sofa makes this small balcony look very beautiful. Moreover, there are plants that give a natural green color and also yellow lighting from the lights.

19. Small Plants Make It Pretty

small plants decoration
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Not only to use plants with large sizes to make the balcony feel fresh. If the space on the balcony is too minim, you can take advantage of some small plants. You can put it on a shelf or hang it on the wall and ceiling. Some of these plants are very helpful to make the balcony look pretty and attractive.

20. Synthetic Plants for Your Balcony

synthetic plants
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Caring for live plants is a bit of a hassle. You are required to place the plant in an area that is exposed to direct natural light. Not only that, so that the plants do not wither and die, you also have to water the plants regularly. Therefore, if you are too lazy to do all this, you can choose synthetic plants. This is also no less interesting than the real plant.

21. Look Pretty with Lanterns

lampions decoration
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Decorating the balcony with lanterns is also an interesting idea to try. As in the picture above, the balcony looks beautiful with several lanterns hanging above. When at night, these lanterns will light up and make the balcony look so beautiful. So that at night, you can go to your apartment balcony and forget about tiring activities.

22. Touch of Green for Fresh Apartment Balcony

green apartment balcony decor
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Making the apartment balcony feel fresh does not just rely on plants. Like in this idea where the balcony is decorated with some green items. Green throw pillows and rattan pots decorate the small balcony of the apartment so beautifully.

23. Modern Apartment Balcony

modern apartment balcony ideas
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The next of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas is modern apartment balcony. With a gray seat cushion and throw pillow, the balcony looks brighter but more shady. Wooden elements are powerful enough to evoke a calming natural feel. And what makes the balcony look modern are the walls, ceiling, two benches, and a black coffee table.

24. Medium Size Plant for The Corner

apartment balcony decor ideas
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If using small plants in large quantities is very inconvenient, then you can bring one or two plants. However, make sure the plants you choose are medium in size.

Because of its slightly larger size, you can’t place this one plant in the middle or edge of the balcony. So, the right area for a medium-size plant is the corner of the balcony.

25. Attractive Pumpkins Decoration

pumpkin decoration
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When autumn comes, pumpkins are the decorations that most people choose to decorate their homes. And you can also decorate the balcony with some interesting pumpkins. Orange and white colors from the pumpkins will make the balcony feel more cloudless.

It is highly recommended to use synthetic pumpkins to avoid rotting pumpkins that can disturb the beauty and comfort of the balcony.

26. Balcony Garden Idea

comfortable apartment balcony ideas
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You can also use the balcony as a garden area. As in the picture above where the balcony is decorated with several plants that make it look so green and fresh.

If the space on the balcony is limited, then you can take advantage of the wall area. There are many wall plants that you can choose to decorate your walls.

27. Minimalist Balcony Idea

minimalist balcony ideas
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Minimalist balcony apartment is no less comfortable. Two black chairs and a marble coffee table are enough to make the balcony look beautiful and comfortable to serve as a place to relax. However, if you want the balcony to look more fresh, you can add some plants at the end of the balcony.

28. Swing Chair As Cozy Spot

swing chair
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Adding the swing chair to the balcony becomes an interesting idea. Seat cushions and black throw pillows are additional decorations that make the balcony look more attractive. Not only that, but the soft seat cushion and throw pillow there also will make the swing chair a very comfortable spot on the balcony.

29. Contemporary Apartment Balcony Idea

contemporary apartment balcony ideas
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Timber wood wall accents make a small balcony look so attractive. Plus, some wall decorations that beautify the balcony walls. The greenery at the end of the balcony makes this space feel so fresh. The balcony is decorated with a chair and a table that you can use to relax while reading a book and enjoying hot coffee.

30. Comfortable Balcony with Beanbag Decor

bean bag decor
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The last of 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas is a comfortable balcony with beanbag decor. Relaxing in a beanbag is indeed much cooler and more comfortable. Therefore, you can add two green bean bags for you and your lover to relax. Also, present a small coffee table if you want to relax on the balcony while enjoying hot chocolate. And lastly, plants as small decorations that make this small place feel fresh and more comfortable.

Final Words

Often you feel bored when you are in the apartment for too long. And the balcony, although small, you can use to relieve boredom that comes. In this small place, you can enjoy the outside air and the beautiful sky in the morning or evening. Therefore, making the balcony feel comfortable is something you should do. The points above are 30 Apartment Balcony Ideas for those of you who want to Make A Small Space for Relaxing.

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