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9 Easy Tips to Make The Room Feel Fresh You Can Follow – The room can feel cramped at any time. Therefore, so that the comfort of the room can be maintained properly, you have to make the room feel fresh. This is one way in order to make you and your family can feel at home and comfortable in the house. And through this article, we will help you to create comfortable rooms. Here are 9 Tips You Can Follow to Make The Room Feel Fresh. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make Sure The Room Free of Dust

fresh room tips

Even if your house is closed, the dust will always be there. Dust will greatly disturb the air in the house. Therefore, the first thing you need to do in making the room feel fresh is to make sure the room is free of dust.

There are several ways you can do to keep your house clean of dust:

  • Sweep The Floor Regularly

tips make room feel fresh

Sweeping is a traditional way of cleaning the floor at home to keep it free of dust and other debris. To keep the freshness of the room, you can sweep the floor once a day. After that, to make the floor completely clean of dust, you can mop it. You can use a floor cleaner with a fragrance that you like so that the room smells good.

  • Use Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is much more practical than using a broom. Vacuum cleaners can suck up the dust on the floor. Not only that, but you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa or rug from the attached dust.

  • Use Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Currently, there is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can make the floor of the room free of dust without bothering you. Even if you are outside all day, the robotic vacuum cleaner can still run and clean the floors of any room at home.

  • Wiping The Dust in The Furniture

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Dust not only sticks to the floor but also to the furniture in the room, such as floating wall shelves and cabinets. So, so that the room is free from dust, you can wipe the furniture once a week.

2. Add Some Plants to The Room

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Plants are decorations that you can rely on. The natural green color of the plants can evoke a fresh feel that makes the room feel more comfortable. Not only that, some plants, such as Sansivera and aloe vera, can suck in harmful substances that are in the air in the house. With this, the cleanliness of the air can be maintained.

To make the room feel fresh, you can also bring flowers there. Beautiful flower colors will make the room more attractive. Also, the scent of flowers can make a room feel calm.

3. Choose Neutral Lighter Colors

fresh neutral colors

The choice of color will greatly affect the beauty and comfort of the room. Therefore, choosing neutral lighter colors becomes the next of 9 Easy Tips to Make The Room Feel Fresh.

There are several neutral colors that you can choose and apply to your room:

  • White

fresh white room

White is the most popular color. A white room will look naturally bright so that the feel of the room feels fresher. Not only that, but white can also make a small room feel more spacious and comfortable.

  • Beige

beige fresh room

Making beige as the basic color of the room can make the room look bright and calm. However, the results given are not as bright as white. However, this one color is perfect for a room that you often use as a place to rest, such as a bedroom and family room.

  • Gray

gray fresh room tips

There are many shades of gray to choose from. And to make the room feel fresh, you can choose the lightest shade. The gray color will make the room look bright but a little shadier.

4. Purge of Clutter

tidy room tips


Small items are often scattered in the room. Besides disturbing the beauty, this is also very disturbing the comfort of the room. Therefore, the next of 9 Easy Tips to Make The Room Feel Fresh is to purge the clutter of the room.

In this tip, you can provide storage to put scattered small items. It would be great if these items were stored neatly in the drawers. With this, the room will look clean, tidy, and the atmosphere of the room will be fresh.

5. Prefer Minimalist Furniture

minimalist furniture

Furniture design is also one of the factors that affect the freshness of the room. If you want a fresh room, then choose minimalist design furniture. Avoid furniture with intricate carvings, especially for small rooms. Because this will only make the room more cramped and stuffy. Also, minimalist furniture will leave a lot of space which will make the room feel more spacious, fresh, and comfortable.

6. Present Floral Motifs to The Room

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To make the room feel fresh, you can also present floral motifs to the room. There are several items that you can use, such as throw pillow sheets with floral motifs for the living room, curtains, duvet covers, bedsheets, and so on.

Floral motifs not only give a fresh impression to the room but also make the room look so beautiful. This is because floral motifs have beautiful colors such as green, pink, and other colors.

A room decorated with floral motifs will also have a cloudless atmosphere. So, you and your family will feel more comfortable in the room.

7. Open The Window During The Day

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Pay attention to the air circulation in the room if you want the room to feel fresh. Try opening the window in the morning. This will be very effective to replace the old air with the new fresh air.

If you have a window near a garden, then take advantage of it. The air in the garden will be much fresher and cleaner. With this, the room not only feels fresh but also more comfortable.

8. Install Fan Ceiling to The Room

fan ceiling

Next, there is the installation of a fan ceiling to the room. The fan ceiling is also an item that you can rely on to make the room feel fresh. The ceiling fan will help the air circulation in the room run well. It does not stop there, the presence of a fan ceiling in the room will make the room feel cool, especially in summer. In addition, ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than using air conditioners.

9. Maximizing Natural Lighting

natural lighting

The last of 9 Easy Tips to Make The Room Feel Fresh You Can Follow is maximizing natural lighting. Lighting is an important factor that greatly affects the comfort and appearance of the room.

A bright room with natural lighting will feel fresher. Also, natural lighting really helps the colors in the room look clearer. With this, the room will feel more alive.

Besides that, there is another benefit that you can get from natural lighting, which is to make the room feel more spacious. A small room that gets maximum natural lighting will be far from feeling stuffy and cramped. And this is what makes a small room feel fresher.

Final Words

Maintaining the comfort of the rooms in the house is the main thing you need to do. Because in these rooms you will be active while resting and calming yourself down. And one way to make a room feel comfortable is to make it feel fresh. And the points above are 9 Easy Tips to Make The Room Feel Fresh You Can Follow. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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