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30 Christmas Living Room Decors: Presenting Christmas Vibe to Your Gathering Room – Christmas Day is coming soon! So, have you prepared your home for Christmas? It has become a culture to decorate homes with Christmas decorations when December comes. People will compete to bring Christmas vibes to their interior and exterior. Green and red, which are the colors of Christmas, will bring a cheerful atmosphere to the house. And especially the living room, as a gathering area with family and also friends, of course, this room needs more attention. Present a cloudless atmosphere with beautiful Christmas decorations. And this article will help you to have a beautiful and comfortable living room on Christmas Day. Here, we have provided 30 Christmas Living Room Decors you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Christmas Living Room Decors in White Nuances

christmas living room decors
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It is very important to make the room look bright on Christmas Day, especially for a small living room. The bright room will far from cramped and stuffy feel which is can make you feel uncomfortable.

In making the living room look bright at Christmas, you can choose white as the main color of the room. White nuances living room with the help of natural light will feel more comfortable and warm.

2. Black and White Christmas Living Room

black and white living room
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Black and white, or maybe what is usually called monochrome, is indeed very interesting. The white color will give a natural bright effect to the living room. And a touch of black gives it a firm yet calming look. The black and white living room looks elegant even though it looks simple. And the Christmas tree, garland, and beautiful Christmas ball are decorations that make the monochrome living room look perfect.

3. Ladder for Blankets

ladder for blankets
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Christmas Day arrives in winter. Therefore, preparing some blankets in the living room is very important. You can also use it to make the living room look attractive. As in the picture above where the ladder is used as a place to put some blankets. And without realizing it, this becomes a decoration that makes the living room look different and attractive.

4. Medium-size Christmas Tree for Small Living Room

small living room decors
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Decorating a small living room is indeed very challenging. Here, we cannot use Christmas decorations in large quantities. Because this can make the small living room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Instead of choosing a large Christmas tree, it is much better to choose a medium Christmas tree. Then place it in the corner of the room. And don’t forget to decorate it with string lights and Christmas balls to make it look beautiful on Christmas day.

5. Simple Christmas Decors

simple christmas decors
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Living rooms can also look beautiful and comfortable with simple decorations. As in the picture above which only uses a Christmas tree, garland, and socks. The use of a little color makes it seem simpler and more calming.

6. Beautiful Red Touches

red decoration
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It is much better to use a small amount of color in a small living room. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring red there. On Christmas Day, the red gives a cheerful atmosphere to the room. Therefore, you can still give a touch of red to the living room. Choose small red decorations, such as pillows, Christmas balls, etc.

7. Wreath for Window

wreath for window
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The wreath is usually hung on the entry door. So, guests will feel the Christmas vibe when they want to enter your house. However, you can also use a wreath to decorate the living room window. As in the picture above, where the wreath with a red ribbon is hung on the wall and let the wreath decorate the window nicely.

8. String Light Make The Room Feel Alive

beautiful string lights
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Additional light at Christmas will go a long way in making the room look more beautiful. Therefore, here you can decorate some Christmas items, such as Christmas trees and garlands with string lights. The light from the string light will make the living room look and feel more alive. Not only that, but this light is also able to evoke a warm feeling that makes the living room feel comfortable on Christmas Day.

9. Fancy Look in Simple Ways

fancy living room christmas decor
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The number of items for Christmas allows you to choose which one is suitable for your living room. If you want to make your living room look fancy, you can choose a large Christmas tree and decorate it with white cotton and gold Christmas balls. On the coffee table, you can place some other Christmas decorations in gold and silver colors. Even though it looks simple, the living room can look beautiful with a fancy dress.

10. Masculine Christmas Living Room

masculine christmas living room
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Bored of the bright look? You can also make the living room look cooler and masculine. With gray as the main color, the living room will look shadier. Here, you can decorate it with a large wreath on a black fireplace. And don’t forget the socks that are hung on the fireplace.

11. Large Wreath for Wall Decor

large wreath
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Don’t want too many Christmas decorations in the living room, no problem. As long as you use items that really represent Christmas, such as a Christmas tree or wreath.

Christmas trees may be very mainstream. Therefore, if you want to give something different to your living room on Christmas Day, you can hang a large wreath on the wall of the room. Decorate it with string light and small Christmas balls to make it look pretty.

12. Gifts Near The Christmas Tree

christmas gift
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There will be special gifts on Christmas Day for loved ones. And you can also use it to decorate the Christmas tree in the living room. A few gift wraps will keep the bottom of the Christmas tree from looking empty. So, the Christmas tree will look more beautiful in the room.

13. Fresh Christmas Decors

fresh christmas living room decors
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The living room will feel more comfortable if you present a fresh feel there. Therefore, besides the Christmas tree and garland, you can also give other green items, such as well-maintained artificial plants. The green color of the plants will make the living room feel fresh naturally.

14. Three Wreath Hang Beautifully on The Wall

beautiful wreath
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Wreaths of different sizes look more attractive when hung on the wall. It becomes a beautiful decoration for an empty living room wall. You can hang it with the help of a rope or hang it directly on the wall. It’s all up to you.

15. White Socks for Jet-Black Fireplace

jet-black fireplace
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The black fireplace will be the main focus aimed by the eye. Therefore, it would be bad to miss it. You can use the black fireplace as an interesting spot that can make the living room look beautiful.

White socks are a suitable decoration for the jet-black fireplace. You can also decorate it with garlands and white roses. With this, the living room will look charming on Christmas Day.

16. Candles and Garland Decorations

fireplace decors
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Garland is indeed a flexible decoration. You can use this item to decorate the spot you want, for example is a fireplace.

If we look at the picture above, a fireplace that looks ordinary becomes interesting when it is decorated with a garland on it. And on the wall also hung the same wreath as the garland. What makes it even more interesting is the candlelight above the fireplace.

17. Pretty Mini Christmas Tree on Fireplace

mini christmas tree
Cc: Pinterest

Medium-sized Christmas trees do tend to be expensive. Therefore, if you want to decorate your living room on a budget, you can choose a mini Christmas tree like in the picture above. You can put it in a spot that is visible to the eye, such as a fireplace or coffee table.

18. Creative Christmas Twig Tree

christmas twig tree
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Presenting a Christmas tree is not only in the form of a tree. You can also make a Christmas tree from the garland, as in the picture above. Garland affixed to the wall so as to form like a Christmas tree. And to make it look interesting, put small Christmas balls and string lights there. And don’t forget the star at the top.

19. Candles in Lantern

candles in lantern
Cc: Pinterest

Gifts are usually chosen to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree. However, you can also decorate with a lantern filled with candles. The light from the candle will make the Christmas tree a spot that is immediately caught by the eye. With this, the beautiful Christmas tree will become an icon in the living room.

20. White and Red Socks for Buffet Cabinet

buffet cabinet decor
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The next of Christmas Living Room Decors is white and red socks for the buffet cabinet. White and red colors will look beautiful for a beige buffet cabinet. The presence of red color makes a simple room look beautiful and lively.

21. Beautify Large Window with Garland

christmas living room decor ideas
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As explained earlier, the garland is a Christmas item that you can use to decorate the spot that you want. Here, you can use the garland to make the large windows in the living room look beautiful. You can hang the garland at the top of the window. Since it’s on top, you can add a string light there to make it stand out.

22. Pretty Mirrors on The Fireplace

christmas mirrors
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Mirrors may be used to help you apply makeup. However, you can also use mirrors to make the living room look attractive on Christmas Day.

Three mirrors with different shapes and sizes make the fireplace look so beautiful and attractive. Mirrors with wooden frames look calmer and blend with the living room.

23. Feel Warm with Candlelight

Cc: Pinterest

String lights are often used to provide additional light that can make a room look brighter and more beautiful. However, if you want to add more natural light, you can use candles. You can make candles as fireplace decorations. Just like string light, candlelight can make a room look brighter and more beautiful, it’s just that the results will feel and look more natural.

24. Pillows and Blankets on Sofa

pillows and blanket
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Pillows are items that are used to decorate the sofa and also make it feel more comfortable. And in welcoming Christmas, you can use pillow sheets with interesting deer or Santa motifs.

To make the sofa feel more comfortable, you can also add blankets there. This will help keep you warm from the cold outside. Just like pillows, you can also use blankets to bring Christmas vibes into the living room.

25. Pretty Star Decors

star decors
Cc: Pinterest

There are still other decorations that can make the fireplace look attractive on Christmas day besides garland, socks, and candles. As in the picture above, which uses stars to make the fireplace look beautiful in the living room. The addition of a simple string light makes it look even more beautiful and stand out.

26. Unique Christmas Wall Decors

unique christmas living room wall decors
Cc: Pinterest

Unique Christmas wall decor becomes the next of Christmas Living Room Decors. Socks zebra motif hanging on the wall looks so pretty when filled with garland and decorated with ribbons and bells.

27. Christmas Ball Decorate The Fireplace

christmas ball
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Next are the gold Christmas balls that decorate the fireplace. This Christmas ball was not hung on the garland, but tied to a rope and hung on the right and left sides of the fireplace. So that the fireplace wall will look attractive with a touch of gold color.

28. A Few Wreaths Hanging on The Wall

wreath decors
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Tie the wreath with string and hang it on the wall. This is an attractive decoration to decorate the walls of the living room.

29. Fancy Christmas Tree

fancy christmas tree
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White and gold Christmas balls are the right choice to make a Christmas tree look elegant and fancy. Additional string light will make these two colors look more beautiful.

30. Elegant Christmas Living Room Decors

elegant christmas living room decors
Cc: Pinterest

The last is elegant Christmas Living Room Decors. The black living room with warm lighting not only looks elegant but also feels calmer, warmer, and more comfortable.

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