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30 Playroom Ideas: Create A Fun Place For Your Kids – As a parent, you want to give the best for your child. In fact, it’s very easy to make your child feel good. You just need to provide a special room for them to play. And also, they can pour their creativity into this room. So, for those of you who want to create a fun place for your kids, here we have provided 30 Playroom Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Blue Checkered Wallpaper Bringing Cloudless Ambiance

playroom ideas
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The first of 30 Playroom Ideas is blue checkered wallpaper bringing cloudless ambiance. Indeed, the playroom room should be decorated as attractive as possible. And creating a cheerful atmosphere is very important. You can choose one side of the wall that will be very interesting when decorated with blue checkered wallpaper.

2. Round Rug for Small Playroom

round rug
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Small rooms are very easy to feel cramped and stuff so that will feel uncomfortable. So, the only way to make a small room feel comfortable is to make it feel more spacious.

There are many ways you can choose to make your playroom feel more spacious, such as choosing a round rug. Not only does it make the room feel more spacious, but the round rug can also be a comfortable area to play or read.

3. Short Shelf as Toy Storage

small bookcase
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Keeping the playroom tidy is one way to make the playroom feel comfortable. Therefore, make sure you put your kid’s toys neatly. You can provide a short shelf as a place to store your kid’s toys. Short shelves will make it easier for your children to pick up the toys they want.

4. White and Gray Playroom Nuances

white and gray playroom nuances
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To make the playroom feel comfortable and fun, try not to choose dark colors. So, you can make white as the main color. And, combine it with gray to create a room with a slightly shady and soft look.

5. “PLAY” Letters Wall Decor

playroom wall decors
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Adding wall decorations is also a surefire way to bring a more pleasant feel to the playroom. Like the picture above, “PLAY” letters wall decor makes an empty wall area look very attractive.

6. Fun Basement Playroom Ideas

basement playroom ideas
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You can also use the basement as a playroom with a very pleasant atmosphere. As in the picture above, the playroom is decorated with so many colors. So that the playroom appearance looks so colorful. The many colors that are presented in the basement are a very powerful way to get rid of the cramped and stuffy impression there.

7. Natural Beigewashed Wall Make It Calm

calm room
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In order to make your children can feel comfortable in their playroom, you can make the atmosphere feel calm. And speaking of calm, natural beige is a very powerful color to make a small room feel so calm and comfortable. As in the picture above, you can paint the walls of the playroom with natural beige color.

8. Comfy Loft Playroom

loft playroom ideas
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The loft is a room mostly filled with silence and serenity. Therefore, making it a playroom is the right idea.

You can decorate the playroom with colors that evoke fun nuances, such as green. The green color for the playroom loft can also bring a fresh impression that adds to the comfort of this room. And most importantly, the use of skylight windows for natural lighting illuminates the loft playroom well.

9. Fun Playroom in Bright Look

fun and bright room
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Making the room look bright is the right idea to make the playroom feel fun. Whitewashed walls with animal wall murals make the playroom evoke a cloudless ambiance. And, maximum natural lighting helps white in making the playroom look so naturally bright. You can add some colorful pillows and cushions to make the atmosphere feel happy.

10. Modern Playroom Design

modern playroom design
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This modern playroom design carries a minimalist concept. We can see from the furniture used. Wood with a smooth surface will be very safe for the child. The mini ball bath in white and gray gives a calmer impression for a modern playroom design.

11. Blue Pastel for The Wall

blue pastel wall
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Applying pastel colors in the playroom is an interesting idea. Blue pastel-painted walls make the atmosphere feel pleasant. Decorate the playroom with colorful items to emphasize the fun ambiance that will make your kid feel happy in their playroom.

12. Comfortable Simple Playroom Decors

simple room decors
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Beigewashed walls are a great start in creating a soft playroom. You only need to add wood elements to create a calm and comfortable playroom. Parquet wooden floor is the right choice to make a simple playroom look attractive. You can add a gray carpet there to make the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

13. Carpet Make The Room Feel Cozier

feel comfortable with carpet
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Children love to run around and fall. And the floor is an important spot that needs attention. Therefore, you can add a large carpet with a smooth surface to make the playroom a comfortable and safe place to play for your children.

14. Indoor Hanging Chair as Cozy Spot

indoor hanging chairs
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Adding the indoor hanging chair to the playroom is the right idea. Children love to play on the swing. And the swing in the playroom will make the children feel happy to be in their playroom.

Try to decorate the indoor hanging chair as comfortably as possible, such as adding soft cushions and small attractive pillows.

15. Fan Ceiling Will Make It Comfortable

fan ceiling for playroom
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Air circulation is an important part that needs to be considered in the playroom. Don’t let the playroom become a hot room, especially in summer. Due to the many activities of the children, the hot playroom will make them sweat easily. Therefore, adding the fan ceiling to the playroom is an idea that you can try. Hang the ceiling fan in an area where children play, for example above a round rug.

16. Small Cubbies for Books and Toys

small cubbies
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The children will pick up the items they can reach. Therefore, make sure you use small cubbies as a place to store books and toys. You can also use these small cubbies to put some interesting toys so they look like playroom decorations.

17. Cozy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
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Make reading a daily routine for your child. This will greatly guide children to love reading. And to encourage them to read regularly, try creating a reading nook like the picture above. Where the reading nook is decorated with several pillows that make it feel comfortable.

18. Pretty Colorful Shelves

colorful playroom ideas
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Choosing the right color will greatly affect the beauty, atmosphere, and comfort of the room. In making a fun playroom, then try decorating the playroom with various colors.

As in the picture above, colorful polygon shelves are wall decorations. A variety of pastel colors make this one room look so beautiful. Very appropriate for your little princess.

19. Bright Loft Playroom Ideas

bright loft playroom ideas
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To get rid of the stuffy and cramped impression in the loft, you can make it look bright like the picture above. Make white as the main color. And light up the loft playroom with natural lighting. Giving a touch of black on the ceiling can remove the stiff impression in this room. So that the loft playroom will feel fun.

20. Play Area in House Framed

playroom decor ideas
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Girls love to play with cooking. Therefore, you can make a framed house and then fill the inside with a small table with chairs and a kid’s kitchen playset. Give synthetic plants to make this playroom feel fresher and more comfortable.

21. Soft Playroom with Pastel Colors

beautiful pastel colors
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This one playroom idea is perfect for your daughters. The kitchen playset with soft pink color makes the playroom look calm but fun. And what’s interesting about this one idea is the flower-shaped rug with very pretty pastel colors.

22. Soothing and Warm Playroom ideas

warm playroom ideas
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This playroom is decorated in shades of brown. Not only that but the furniture used is also made of wood to create a calm atmosphere. In order to make this playroom looks fun, give decorations such as string lights and additional lights on the walls with interesting shapes as shown in the picture above.

23. Playground in The Playroom

fun indoor playground
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The playground is the place that children like the most. So, this would be the right idea to bring the playground to the playroom.

You can make a small slide out of wood. Make sure the wood surface is smooth so it will not hurt the children’s skin. And in the carry area, hang tightly a small seat with a rope. That way, the playroom will make your child feel comfortable playing at home.

24. Swing Make The Playroom Feel So Fun

swing in the playroom
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Swing make the playroom feel so fun become the next of 30 Playroom Ideas. Make sure the ceiling that becomes the cantilever is strong enough. Or, you can add a beam to the room to make it more secure.

Give the rug just below the swim to prevent pain when the child falls. Also, make sure you choose a wooden floor with a smooth surface to avoid friction on the skin which can cause bleeding.

25. Small Tent in The Playroom

kid tent for the playroom
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Presenting a small campsite in the playroom will make this one room feel very pleasant. A small tent is a very appropriate decoration. Decorating it with cushions and some pillows will make the small tent an area for children to play and also relax when tired.

26. Bright with Natural Lighting

bright playroom ideas
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Lighting is one of the factors that affect the comfort and beauty of the room. A playroom that gets maximum natural lighting will feel so comfortable. Not only that, the natural light that enters through the window will make the colors in the playroom look more alive. So that the playroom will look more beautiful, especially during the day.

27. Green Touches for Fresh Playroom

fresh playroom
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This one idea will make the playroom feel so fresh. The dark green boar and batten make the playroom look more attractive. Not only that, on the other side of the wall, a wall mural with storks and leaves drawing is applied. Besides making the playroom feel so fresh, it also brings a fun atmosphere like being in a zoo.

28. Comfortable and Warm Small Playroom

small playroom ideas
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Striped wallpaper with soft colors is enough to make the atmosphere in the playroom feel calm. However, in this idea, the playroom is also decorated with furniture made of wood. The color of the wood is left exposed so as to make the atmosphere of the playroom not only calm but also warm.

29. Small Table and Chairs as Study Area

kid room decor
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Teach children to learn as a daily routine activity. Therefore, to support children to study, provide a comfortable study area. Add a small table with the chairs to the playroom. And for the base, give a carpet with a soft surface there to make the study area feel more comfortable.

30. Floating Shelves for Bookcase

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The last of 30 Playroom Ideas is floating shelves as a bookcase. It is very important to bring books to the playroom. This will be very helpful in making reading a daily activity for your kid. To make the kids can pick up the books they want easily, try using floating shelves instead of a bookcase. Because you can apply floating shelves according to your kid’s height.

Final Words

To make your kid feel happy, you can provide one room to be used as a playroom. Make sure you decorate the playroom the way your child wants it. And the points above are 30 Playroom Ideas that can be your references. So, make sure you choose the right idea.

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