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10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious Decorating a small room is indeed very challenging. With limited space, you are required to create a comfortable bedroom. And the only way to make a small bedroom feel comfortable is to make it feel more spacious. In this article, we have provided 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious which will be of great help to you. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose Bright Paint for Wall

The first of 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to choose bright paint for the wall. The wall is the main spot that affects the appearance and comfort of the room. Therefore, make sure you choose the right paint for your bedroom walls.

small bedroom tips
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small room tips
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There are many bright colors that you can choose from. However, the best color is white. The whitewashed walls will eliminate the firm lines so as to give the illusion of spaciousness for the bedroom.

2. Maximizing Natural Lighting

Lighting is another factor that affects the comfort of the room. In making the bedroom feel more spacious, try to make natural lighting the main lighting of the room.

In this tip, you can choose a large window. Or, you can also remove all kinds of accessories on the windows that interfere with the entry of lighting.

bright small bedroom tips
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Natural light coming in through the windows will hit the whitewashed walls and make them look bright. In addition, white has the property of reflecting light. So, light hitting the wall will bounce back into the room and this is what makes a small room feel more spacious and fresh.

3. Only Use The Furniture Needed

The limited space in a small bedroom makes us unable to use the various kinds of furniture we want. Because this will only take up space in the room and make it feel cramped. Therefore, if you want to make the bedroom feel more spacious, try to use furniture that is only needed.

small bedroom feel more spacious
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There is some important furniture that you should use, such as:

  1. bed,
  2. cupboard/wardrobe,
  3. a small table or table-side,
  4. lamp, and
  5. large mirror.

4. Better to Use Multifunction Furniture

Multifunction furniture is most appropriate for use in small rooms. Because, by warmly using one piece of furniture, you can get two functions from the furniture. With this, you can save on the use of furniture. So there will be more space which can make the small bedroom feel wider.

small bedroom ideas
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One of the multifunction furniture that you can use for a small bedroom is a bed with storage. There are several types of beds with storage that you can choose from:

  • Bed with Drawers

bed with storage
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The first is a bed with drawers. This furniture is perfect for those of you who want to purge the clutter in the small bedroom. You can store all the items that can make the bedroom look messy in this drawer. Or, you can also use the bed drawer as a wardrobe. So, you no longer need to use a wardrobe or cupboard in the bedroom.

  • Bed with Open Shelves

multifunction bedding
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This bed has a storage area or shelves that open. So there are two options that you can choose: make it a storage area or a place to put room decorations. All of this depends on the needs. If you lack storage space, you can use these open shelves to put your things. And if you want to make the bedroom look attractive, try to put some beautiful displays there.

  • Shelf also Table

best small bedroom tips
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The design of this bed is quite interesting. You can use the open shelves not only as a storage area but also as a long table. Here, you can use a table to put a laptop for you to work, study, or watch Netflix series. That way, the use of this one bed not only makes the small bedroom feel more spacious but also cozy.

5. Low-Profile Bed

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed is something you really have to pay attention to. For a small bedroom, try not to use a bed that is too big and high.

low-profile bed
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You can choose a low-profile bed for a small bedroom. With this, the bedroom walls will look higher. So that this small room feels wider and far from being cramped and stuffy.

To make it feel comfortable, you can do layered bedding which can make the bed softer. Try to use bedding with soft and bright colors.

6. Decorate The Window with Long Curtain

The next of 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to decorate the window with a long curtain. The curtains that rise from the ceiling to the floor will give the illusion of high walls in the room. With this, a small bedroom will feel more spacious.

small bedroom decor tips
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If we look at point 2 where natural lighting must be maximized, the use of curtains may be able to inhibit natural lighting that enters the room. So that it can make the room feel dark or shady. Therefore, try to use two curtains for your small bedroom:

  1. Net curtain, which you can use during the day. This will really help to maintain your privacy in the bedroom without making the bedroom look dark.
  2. Thick curtain, the type of curtain that you can use at night. This will block the view of your bedroom outside. So that your privacy at night will be maintained.

7. Utilize Wall for Storage

There will be a lot of stuff in the bedroom. Therefore, to make the bedroom look neat, you must provide storage space. Adding a wardrobe into a small bedroom will certainly take up space which can make the bedroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, utilizing walls for storage becomes the next of 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious.

small bedroom storage
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In this tip, you can rely on floating shelves for wall storage. There are several types of floating wall shelves that you can choose from:

  1. Fixed Bracket Shelves (Suspended Shelves),
  2. Corner Shelves,
  3. Floating Wall Shelves, and
  4. Hanging Shelves.

For material, try to choose wood material. Because wood is the most appropriate element to create a warm feel in a small bedroom. So you will feel more comfortable there.

8. Minimizing The Decoration/Displays

Not only furniture must be minimized, but decorations or displays must also be minimized. Indeed, the display will make the room look more attractive. However, for the sake of creating a comfortable bedroom, we must make the small bedroom feel more spacious. Therefore, try not to use too many displays, both on the floor and on the walls.

minimalist small bedroom tips
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small bedroom decoration tips
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You can choose one or two wall decorations with a medium or large size at once. So, there will not be many displays that can make a narrow bedroom seem messy and cramped.

Avoid decorations that take up space on the floor, such as sculptures and so on.

9. Add Rug or Carpet

Next, we move on to the floor. Even though it is located below, the floor also has a role to make the bedroom look attractive and comfortable. Here, you can decorate the floor with a carpet or rug. The existence of a rug/carpet can give the illusion of a wide area on your bedroom floor.

Do not forget to adjust the size of the carpet/rug to the size of your bedroom. Do not let the carpet/rug you buy be too big and cover the entire bedroom floor.

small bedroom rug
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A carpet or rug with smooth fabric will add to the comfort of the room. Not only that, the addition of fabric in the room will increase the warm atmosphere that makes it feel more comfortable and calming.

There are two forms of carpet that you can choose to decorate your small bedroom:

  • Round Rug

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First, you can choose a round rug to make the bedroom look attractive. Small bedrooms are usually made more minimalist. So there will be stiff lines formed there. And a round rug can smooth out those lines and make the room look less stiff. A round rug with a beautiful motif will also add to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

  • Rectangular Carpet

small bedroom carpet
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Next is the rectangular carpet. You can place the carpet right under your bed. Try to position the carpet in the middle of the room as in the picture above. So that a small bedroom will look much wider.

10. Decorate The Room with Mirror

The last of 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to decorate the room with a mirror. It is very important to use a large mirror in a small room. Because the reflection of the room will be seen in the mirror which makes the room feel wider.

Not only that, the sunlight that enters freely through the window will hit the glass surface and reflect it back into the room. With this, the room will look brighter.

large mirror
Cc: Pinterest
Cc: Pinterest

There is an easy way to bring a large mirror to the room. Since large mirrors tend to be heavy, it will be difficult to hang them on the wall. This is not a problem, because you can lean the mirror against the wall. And give the cloth as a base to keep the mirror there.

Final Words

As a room to relax, the comfort of the bedroom is indeed the main thing that you must pay attention to. It is just that, some people find it difficult to make their small bedroom feel comfortable due to very limited space. Therefore, in this article, we provide 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious which will really help you.

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