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The Ultimate Guide To Utilize Space In A Small Bedroom – When we talk about a home interior, there are several rooms inside, there are a living room, kitchen, bathroom, including the bedroom. Now, we will focus on the bedroom section. The place where we can have a rest, sleep in our own personal room. Remember that bedroom is a personal space. We’re pretty sure many of us try to create a cozy bedroom decoration.

Considering that the bedroom is the place to rest and sleep, we have to make this space to be a comfortable one. Besides that decorate our bedroom will elevate the coziness inside. Bedroom decoration indeed includes many pieces of stuff to the interior, as a result, the small bedroom feels so cramped and far from cozy.

The question that comes to mind now is. How to utilize the space in a small bedroom? Calm down, cause here we will give you the ultimate guide to utilize space in a small bedroom. We guarantee that your small bedroom will far from clutter!

Platform bed with large storage

platform bed with storage to save the space

As the focal point in the bedroom. The bed takes an important part before we go to the decoration. All we need to know is to choose the bed that fits our bedroom size. We can install storage, and then put our bed above it. The storage bed saves a space lot because we can store our stuff inside it. We don’t need to bring in the cupboard to store our stuff. The efficient saving space with a storage bunk bed is what we need in a small bedroom.

Overdoor storage organizer

overdoor storage organizer

Another way to utilize the space in our small bedroom is to install a hanging overdoor storage organizer. We can use this to store our shoes. When we store our shoes beside the door, we can take the pair we want to wear easily. It saves time and space, isn’t it? It such a creative way to store some stuff!

Bookshelves ideas

book shelf idea

If you love reading books and want to create a cozy reading nook inside your small bedroom. Believe us, we still have a chance to make it come true even in a small space! How we store the books? Well, we can save some stuff vertically to save the space in our room. Look at the undecorated wall in your room, we can utilize that space actually! Starting off installing some floating shelf at the backdrop of our bed. When you finished it, you can arrange your books on it. Behind it, there is a bed that could be a cozy reading nook in the bedroom. See, it really works!

Cubbies as a room divider

cubbies as a room divider

When you live alone in a studio apartment. There you only get a small space that aims to welcome guests and also the place for sleep. A smart way to divide the small living room with a bedroom in a tiny space is to use chubbies as a room divider. Chubbies are so affordable furnishing you can buy and install on your own. Not only aim as a room divider, but chubbies are also useful to put some stuff in your small apartment. In this way, we functioning a small space in the right way!

Makeup vanity with floating shelf

make up vanity floating shelf to save space in small bedroom

Another way to utilize every space in our tiny bedroom is to install a floating shelf. Then, install a mirror on it, and BOOM you already have a makeup vanity table in a small bedroom! Not, only useful for a dressing spot but the large mirror on the wall will reflect the light to the whole room. As a result, the room will feel bright and spacious!

Better to install a wall lamp than a stand floor lamp

wall lamp to utilize the space

Decorating a small bedroom, we have to consider minimalist decoration and the versatility design. For instance, installing a wall lamp and pendant lamp is much better than using a standing floor lamp. Although the standing floor lamp is quite appealing when decorating the interior. But it will only make the space too crowded. As the solution, we can use a modern wall lamp. It can be installed beside our bed that will successfully give an aesthetic to our bedroom. It is necessary to beautify our bedroom, then we will feel more comfortable inside our room!

Clothes rack

clothes rack to save space in a small bedroom

Let be the corner in our tiny bedroom to be a simple clothes storage area. Adding a wardrobe into a small bedroom will just make the space cramped inside. We’ve found the solution for that! Simply, we can put this bamboo rack to store and hang our clothes. The open and customizable clothes storage will make a small room feel airy space. Plus, this wooden clothes rack give an aesthetic to our room. Do you like this wooden rack to be set up in your small room?

Storage cart

tips for small bedroom decoration with storage cart

There is another way to utilize the small space beside our bed. We can put a storage cart to store some necessary stuff we need. It can replace the side table function too. So, it is good to have multi-functional furnishing to save space in a tight bedroom size. The storage cart is chosen because it has a lightweight and mobile feature. So, we can move it easily from one to another space we want to. Completed with a few storages that make us possible to put a lot of stuff such as books and even to place indoor houseplant at the top storage. It will refresh the air in our bedroom!


There are many ways to utilize the space in a small bedroom. Using our creativity and choosing the right furnishing we will achieve a cozy small bedroom! Alright, we want to highlight a few tips to maximize the space in a tiny bedroom are

  • Change a large piece of furniture with an affordable one ( such as change the wardrobe with a cloth rack)
  • Maximize the undecorated area as storage ( installing a bookshelf at the bed backdrop wall and utilize the bed as a cozy reading nook)

That is all a few tips and furniture recommendations we already share with you. We hope this guide could help you all out to decorate your small bedroom. As a result, we’ll find our small bedroom is the coziest place at home!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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