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DIY Pond Ideas For An Inviting Backyard Garden – Do you plan to have a fish pond in your backyard garden? Hearing the splashing water, the fish are running in the pond, and the bird comes to drink water in the garden. It is beautiful to see a natural wildlife pond in our own garden!

But then, when we think about the pond installation and consider that’s not an easy job. Thinking about the mess we will be made in creating our dream pond, that’s so tragic! If we’re not having enough plans and ideas, that bad dream might come true. But, calm down, here we will guide you to have some practical tips to create a simple pond that you can DIY on your own!

Before we go to the DIY fish pond ideas down below, we better know some tips on how to make it easier to be applied. Make sure to not miss any basic tips down below!

  1. Choose the site

First of all, we have to choose the place we want to create a pond in our backyard. The appropriate spot to create a fish pond is the place that receives sun for 2-3 hours per day.

2. Equipment required

For some beginners, we do really need a very practical guide and just required simple equipment. For creating an affordable fish pond we need:

  • A crowbar to dig the soil
  • Measuring tape to mark the area of the pond
  • Small spade to dig small surface
  • The pipe to waste the excess water
  • The bucket to mix the plaster

3. Clean the marked area

Get rid of all of the weeds on the ground. So we get a clean pond site and ready to start the project

4. Grab some pebble and stones

Decorating our pond with stone pebbles will make our pond look aesthetic. Decorate it around the pond edge and it helps to hold water in the pond from leaks.

5. Get a water source

If you wanna make a fish pond, make sure you have a well-water system. Provide the pond with clean water and good water disposal.

6. Get some fish and some water plants if necessary

You are the one who knows exactly the size of the pond you have. So, add some fish that fit with the pond size you have.

Those are some tips before creating DIY pond ideas in your backyard. Now, let’s see some pond ideas that you will love to have!

Small Koi fish pond idea

DIY small pond idea with limestone

What is an appealing design if we have a pond in our backyard? Here we have a small koi fish pond idea that could be installed in your backyard too! first of all, you need is to measure the space in your garden to be a pond. Then, excavate the soil around 3 feet deep, or it can hold water around 1000 gallons. That’s an appropriate water volume for a koi fish pond. Then put some stones neatly after the ground in the pond structure. To keep water free from cloudy water. Finally, put some stone around the edge of the pond to keep water flood to the ground. Adjust lighting that directs to the pond if necessary.

Besides this pond, we can also install an outdoor fireplace. It such a pleasure to watch koi fish while at night while having a fireplace in the backyard that could warm us up on a cold night. Do you fall in love with this inviting backyard garden idea?

Concrete pond bowl idea

concrete bowl pond idea

Another pond idea we display in this article is a DIY concrete pond bowl. All we need to do is to mold the cement into a bowl shape. After the cement is dried then we ready to use it. Fulfilling this bowl with water, if we don’t put some fish in this bowl, we don’t need a water filter. For a final touch, put some water plants such as lotus in this bowl. This small pond is suited for those who have a small space in their backyard. We can create a small oasis in our backyard with this small pond idea! Put this bowl in the middle surrounded by green plants around, it represents a water source in the lush small Savana. A water feature creates an inviting ambiance in our small backyard!

Brick pond ideas

brick pond idea

Our next pond idea is made from brick. The brick feature creates a unique rustic appearance. So, to begin this project, stack some bricks into the shape you want. Don’t forget to give a plaster layer on the brick wall to hold the water not to leak through the cracks of this brick. This huge brick pond needs around 3000 gallons of water. To create a water feature on this pond. We can stack some rocks into layer upon and layer upon this pond. It is useful to drain water from a higher place to a lower place and creating a natural water fountain. Finally, we can add some fish inside it. Do you love this brick pond idea?

Layer bed water feature

DIY layer bed water feature for a small pond

Do you want to create a water feature in a small pond? Well, we can make come true! If you already have a small pond in your backyard, we can elevate the pond look by appearing the water feature. Here we show you an affordable water feature you can DIY in your own garden! Stacking piece to piece limestone to create a water feature on this pond. Finally, drain the water from the pipe through this stone. As a result, water flows from the gaps of this stacked limestone. Building this limestone water feature will elevate the simple pond in your backyard!

Container pond idea

container pond ideas

The next pond idea in this article we would like to display is container steel. It’s an affordable, cheap, and durable pond you can create in a tiny backyard or even a small patio. Put this container steel, and fulfill it with water around 16 gallons. We can put some water plants in this container to filter water naturally. After that, we can add an aquarium pump into this container. So, our fish will breathe and live well in good water circulation. Finally, we can add some small fish to this DIY small pond. In this way, we can have a pond in a small space!


Those are some tips to create an affordable fish pond to create an inviting backyard garden. With some affordable materials, we can DIY a budget pond idea in our garden. We hope those tips and pond ideas we already displayed above could help you all out to create a water feature in your backyard. Do you like these DIY pond ideas for an inviting backyard garden?

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