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30 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love

jordlinghome.comĀ – Luxury kitchen design ideas are very important for those of you who want your kitchen to look elegant. The kitchen is indeed an attractive room to be designed as desired. In fact, people are unmitigated to spend more to have the coveted luxury kitchen.

In making the kitchen look luxurious, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to:

  • The color of the furniture, walls, and floors,
  • Elements used in the kitchen,
  • Room lighting, be it natural lighting or lamp lighting, and
  • Size of the room itself.

To make it easier for you to choose the luxurious kitchen look you want, here we provide 30 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Look Firm with Black

luxury kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Black is often avoided because it can make a room look small, stuffy, and cramped. However, black is not a problem to apply to the kitchen. Because this color can make the kitchen look firm and elegant.

If we look at the picture above, the minimalist kitchen looks so attractive with the black color applied to the kitchen cabinet and island table. The dove surface makes it look even more expensive when exposed to natural light from the large windows.

2. Luxury in White Nuances

white luxury kitchen design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It is appropriate to apply white in the kitchen. A white kitchen will feel bigger. So you can utilize it to make the kitchen look luxurious and elegant.

3. Awesome Green Dining Chairs

green dining chairs
Cc: Pinterest

Luxury does not just revolve around black and white. You can also make the kitchen look luxurious with other colors, such as green. As in the picture above, the green dining chairs look so pretty and make the minimalist kitchen look more luxurious and elegant.

4. Sleek and Glossy

sleek luxury kitchen design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love is sleek and glossy. Starting from the kitchen cabinet that fills the wall and also the backsplash, it looks so beautiful when it gets maximum lighting from the lights. The glossy surface makes this small kitchen look grand and expensive.

5. Minimalist with Marble Backsplash

marble backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

Marble is an element that you can rely on to create an elegant and luxurious kitchen. Because the price is expensive, there is no need to apply marble on all walls or countertops. You can apply it only on the backsplash. This is one way that you can choose to save your budget more.

6. Natural Lighting Make It Bright

bright luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

In making the kitchen look glamorous, the light is usually more dominant. However, you can also create a luxury kitchen by using natural lighting as the main lighting. Window walls without decorations are very good for maximizing natural lighting in the kitchen. With this, the colors in the kitchen look more alive and beautiful.

7. Luxury Japandi Kitchen Design

japandi kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Something luxurious does not always have to come with something expensive. As in the picture above, the Japandi concept in a minimalist kitchen can look so luxurious with marble applied to the kitchen island countertop. White marble with a gray pattern is perfect for Japandi style. Because these colors include neutral colors which are characteristic of the Japanese style itself.

8. Black Nuances for Masculine Look

luxury kitchen design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Making black more dominant is the right idea in making the kitchen look more luxurious and elegant. A black kitchen will look cooler and masculine. The atmosphere of the kitchen will be more different. The dominant black color creates a cool yet calming atmosphere. The black nuance kitchen looks more attractive with gold pendant lighting and beautiful marble motifs.

9. The Touches of Gold

beautiful luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Gold accents that are applied scatteredly in the kitchen show the expensive and classy side. Gold and black are a beautiful combination for a kitchen with an expensive look.

10. Beautiful Black and White Marble

black and white kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Black and white, or we can call it monochrome, looks so pretty for the kitchen. The white color makes the kitchen look brighter and more spacious. A touch of black gives a bold and attractive side to the kitchen. Marble with black and white motifs applied to the backsplash and kitchen island makes the kitchen look more luxurious even though the kitchen has a minimalist concept.

11. Luxury in Classic Style

luxury kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

In making the kitchen look luxurious and elegant, you can rely on the classic style. The intricate carvings make it look so expensive. The granite floor, backsplash and countertop with marble base make it look classy. Besides being expensive, this kitchen also looks fresh with a green bar chair and small plants on the kitchen island. Not only that but natural lighting also makes the kitchen feel fresher and makes the colors in the kitchen look more beautiful.

12. Warm Lighting Make It Stunning

modern luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Kitchens with shades of gray and black do have a cooler feel. So presenting warm lighting there is the right idea. You can use lamps with warm lighting to make the displays in the kitchen look standout. With this, the kitchen will look more fabulous.

13. Adorable Crystal Chandelier

crystal chandelier
Cc: Pinterest

Marble and a touch of gold are enough to make the kitchen look luxurious. However, if you want the kitchen to look like a five-star hotel, you can hang a crystal chandelier above the kitchen island. Besides making the kitchen look more elegant and attractive, crystal chandeliers will also become kitchen icon.

14. Luxury Kitchen in Simple Concept

simple luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Small kitchens really have to be minimalist. So that a small kitchen will not feel cramped and stuffy. The black color in some kitchen cabinets gives a more assertive effect. And to make the small kitchen not look narrower, most of the kitchen cabinets are made in gray.

What makes this kitchen look luxurious and elegant is the marble on the backsplash which is provided with LED lighting so it looks standout, wood with a smooth surface, and an attractive bar chair design.

15. Gray Nuances for Calm Ambiance

gray kitchen nuances
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a bright but slightly dim kitchen? Try to make gray the main color of the kitchen. As in the picture above, gray is applied to the kitchen cabinet, backsplash, kitchen island, and bench. In order to make the kitchen does not look stiff because only relies on one color, homeowners give a touch of black there.

16. Minimalist Luxury Kitchen Design

minimalist kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

This kitchen looks so minimalist with black as the base color. Even so, this minimalist kitchen still looks elegant and luxurious with wooden elements that have a smooth surface. Adding LEDs to the backsplash makes the wood look stand out between the black kitchen cabinets. And what makes this kitchen look attractive is the monochrome floor with a beautiful simple motif.

17. Minimalist in Black Concept

black kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Having a large kitchen is a great opportunity for you to apply black there. It is okay to apply black to the entire kitchen. Because this will not make the kitchen feel cramped, stuffy, or cramped.

The black kitchen cabinet with a dove surface makes it look very attractive. And in the middle, it is given a glossy touch of black marble with a beautiful gray motif. The marble element looks more standout with the LED lighting on it.

18. Dove Black Kitchen Cabinet

dove black kitchen cabinet
Cc: Pinterest

No need to present a glossy surface to make the kitchen look luxurious. As we can see in the picture above, a black kitchen cabinet with a dove surface is perfect for a kitchen with a simple and minimalist concept. To make the kitchen look a little soft, try to have wood elements there. You can apply wood on the backsplash and shelf.

19. White and Gold Combination

best luxury kitchen design ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The white and gold combination becomes the next of 30 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love. The white color will make the kitchen look bright naturally. Not only that but the kitchen will also feel more spacious. And a touch of gold color there for the kitchen to look luxurious and elegant.

20. Luxury and Feminine at Once

beautiful pink room
Cc: Pinterest

This one idea will be very interesting and different from the previous ones. In this kitchen, a soft pink color was chosen to make the kitchen look luxurious. Pink and gold are the perfect combinations to make the kitchen look luxurious and feminine. To make these two colors look clearer, white is the main color for this kitchen.

21. Large Luxury Kitchen Design

large luxury kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Large luxury kitchen design becomes the next of 30 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love. The spacious room is indeed a pity to miss. You can use a spacious kitchen with high walls soaring upwards to make it look expensive and elegant. Make white the main color to make it look more spacious. And present neutral colors like navy and black to make it attractive.

22. A Touch of Industrial Style

industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Giving a touch of industrial style to the kitchen is an interesting idea in making the kitchen look elegant and luxurious. Black as the base color, wood with a dark color, and also a concrete backsplash make this room look attractive. The presence of metal and iron materials creates a cool atmosphere like an industrial-style room in general.

23. Stunning Pendant Lights

stunning pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

This black and brown kitchen looks so luxurious with attractive large pendant lighting. Warm lighting is chosen to give a soft side so that the kitchen does not look so bold.

24. Luxury and Minimalist in Gray Nuances

gray nuances kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Gray is the middle color of white and black. So, this color can make the kitchen look brighter but also cooler. Dove kitchen cabinets show the minimalist side of the kitchen. The appearance of luxury itself comes from the marble on the kitchen island and the kitchen shelf which is given yellow lighting inside.

25. Beautiful Sleek Kitchen in Soft Colors

best luxury kitchen ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The sleek surface on the countertop, kitchen cabinet, and backsplash look more beautiful and stand out when given a spotlight. The spot that gets lighting from the lamp is what makes the kitchen look luxurious.

26. Create Soothing Ambiance with Broken White

broken white kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Broken white as the main color makes the kitchen look bright but soft. A touch of gold will make it look classy and elegant. Plus a minimalist concept that makes the kitchen look more charming.

27. Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

modern luxury kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

This luxury kitchen looks very attractive with a modern concept. The jet-black color makes it look firm. A touch of gold gives it a luxurious look. And what stands out the most is the marble element on the backsplash and also the floor. Very beautiful pendant lighting is a complement that makes this one kitchen look so enchanting and attracts attention.

28. Pretty Countertop and Backsplash

countertop and backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

The countertop and backsplash with marble elements make this white kitchen look so luxurious and simple. Providing LED lighting on it will make the backsplash look very beautiful, especially at night.

29. Luxury Kitchen in Dark Brown and Jet Black

dark brown and jet black decor
Cc: Pinterest

A kitchen with jet-black and dark brown shades is no less interesting. The combination of these two colors comes in the form of wood and marble. So that the kitchen looks luxurious and warm at the same time. Additional lighting such as recessed lighting and LED lighting add to the beauty of this kitchen.

30. Stunning Luxury Kitchen with Natural Lighting

bright kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Black kitchen cabinets look very attractive with a dove surface that makes the black color look jetted. The backsplash, countertop, and floor using marble with the same motif always show the minimalist side of the kitchen. What makes this kitchen look stunning is the natural lighting that enters through the glass sliding door. Natural lighting makes the marble and black elements in the kitchen cabinets look more alive and beautiful.

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