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Impressive Natural Living room Interior Design for Tiny Spaces – living room is one of the important space at home. Hangout and have chatting with all family members can be so great with impressive interior design to comfy your family time. Here we share some ideas how to design effectively in a tiny space. Start from selection furniture, furnishing, wall decoration, flooring style, to the perfect lighting that can brightening up your day.

Furniture sets

Creating a well-designed natural living room should be comfortable for anyone. Beside of its comfortability, choosing furniture sets could be a crucial thing. The most important thing is to choose furniture sets that can present who you are, for example, if you love something fresh and natural environment, choosing material from wood such as wood flooring, wooden table and some green plants would be nice. Here are some tips to choose sofa, rugs that might be suits you.

  • Sofa

The best thing to choose sofa for your small spaces is a proportional size of the living room spaces you have. If you need more, you can choose stool for more seating. One bulky sofa and adds two stools is good enough to provide more seating in your tiny living room, a small table in front is highly recommended to create more spaces between one seating to another so it doesn’t feel stuffy but more airy spaces feel to it.

sofa for natural living room

  • Rugs

Choose a rugs size that suit to your sofa, cream or white rugs color looks good for small spaces living room to make it neutral then combined with wood flooring, put some plants at the corner bring the sense of natural sense such a perfect relaxation after your busy day.

natural living room rugs

  • Arrangement

arrange furniture appropriately helps you creating cozy and outstanding on a small space living room. Set a medium coffee table on the middle of the rug, big sofa and chairs around if you need more seating, we can decorate the small table at the corner by putting our favorite flower or plant on top of that, one point you have to know is to not block the natural sunlight through the window with any furnishing.

arrangement in natural living room design

Wall Decoration

Stick on two or three racks green plants on the wall will give extra atmosphere for our natural interior design and it also give us a touch the freshness of the nature to create wide open and airy spaces to decorate your sweet tiny living room.

wall decoration of natuiral living roomFlooring Style

Wood flooring gives us a touch of natural and classy look both at the same time. On the other side we can also add some wooden furniture and a small bar behind with some seating give a nice friendly living room as it’s supposed to be. These versatility create larger spaces than the actual size.

wood flooring for natural living roomLighting Concept

A good living room also supported by good lighting. Make sure the light is good enough to cover the whole living room space. We can install a pendant lamp in the middle of living room and support it with two or more ceiling lamps as much as you need.
lighting concept for natural living room design

Nowadays the ability of versatility designing in a small spaces is much needed, especially for a crowded city. Those above tips for designing living room interior for small spaces. But looks like wide open spaces.

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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