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Artistic Minimalist and Functional Japandi Living Room Decor – Have you ever heard of the Japandi interior design? Well, it is the design that gathers two different cultures but shares the same core of minimalist vibe in the decoration. Japandi is the word that refers to Japanese and Scandinavian design. Both designs are equally amazing! It has a minimalist cluttered free and functional design. Can you imagine the modern minimalist Scandinavian design meets the artistic traditional Japanese decoration? It gives satisfaction to the homeowner who loves minimalist modern design, isn’t it?

Japandi was born with the modern vibe of Scandinavian design and minimalist Japanese decoration. As a result, we will get the clean line interior design with a trendy Japanese touch of the decoration.

The living room is the most accessible space in our home. Welcoming the guest to enter our property must come to the living room. So, decorating our living room with our own taste of the design can transform our ideas and introduce the homeowner’s personality through the design.

When you consider yourself enjoying the calm interior design, moreover the clean line decoration give the airy space decoration to the eye! In this writing, we will be sharing with you how to decorate your living room with an accurate Japandi array decoration! We think this awesome blended minimalist core design is what you need the most to create a functional and serene environment in your living space! Let’s dig into the project down below, so you can transform the ideas to your property immediately!

Incorporate natural decoration to create a welcoming ambiance inside your living space!

welcoming natural ambiance in Japandi living room decor

Both Scandinavian and Japanese share the same minimalist and functional decoration. In this Japandi living room project, the decoration is made from artistic wooden furniture. As we can see some of the wooden furniture in this living room showcase the great natural fiber. It looks very artistic when you put such furniture into the modern living space. Don’t forget to decor the neutral wall to highlight your design. We can put some Japanese jar decor style on the wooden shelf. And then include the natural accent to create a more welcoming ambiance inside. The green indoor houseplant can be added to the decor project!

Another point we can achieve the Japndi design is to include the natural lighting to come in. Installing the full-height window is a good option to cast the warm shadow of natural light to come to the interior! Moreover, the full-height window installation offers a great view of your garden. When we successfully combine the interior and exterior look altogether. There we will find the sustainable our home design is!

Functional in clean line Japandi style idea!

minimalist modern decor of Japandi living room

What comes to your mind when seeing this calming interior design? The sophisticated functional modern decor right?  We highlight the major points of this soothing interior decor. There is an artistic wooden paneling that divides this living room to the second-floor area. The Japanese wooden sliding door style gives the artistic look to the whole interior look!

The neutral wall color tone combines with the wooden sliding door creates a subtle look in this Japandi living room style. The key point of Japandi decor is we have to be generous in adding some natural furniture to the decoration. Some wooden tables and chairs are quite perfect to set up in the living space. Giving the comfortable modern interior, we can add the Scandinavian sofa to the living room. In addition, you can choose the modern Scandinavian pendant lamp or Japanese lantern style for the decor style. Now, you already have the minimalist Japandi living room decor!

Japandi living room style with pop color furniture decor!

Japandi living room style with pop color furniture decor

Infuse your Japandi living room style with some pop color furniture ideas. The modern maroon sofa chair can be added to give a more vibrant Japandi style. One thing you have to remember about adding the essence of pop color tone decor to the Japandi interior. You have to make sure you are not adding too much pop color furniture to the decoration. If you have done it too much, that will break the essence of calmness minimalist Japandi interior vibe! Adding a little bit of pop color furniture to give a vibrant interior look is fine.

To get the Japandi interior style, we need to gather the natural element of the decoration. We can transform the natural ambiance interior by gathering the wooden accent to the decor project. In this living room design, the wooden flooring style gives a welcoming ambiance to the whole interior look. And there is a wooden window frame that successfully gives friendly look to the eye! Moreover, the modern Scandinavian sofa and glass table brings out the modern Scandinavian design style. Finally, we can put some minimalist decoration such as the dry leaves in a vas, minimalist print wall art, the modern table lamp, and so on. The neutral wall color tone gives a spacious accent to the interior!

Cozy small Japandi living room style!

cozy Japandi living room decor

As we alluded to earlier, the Japandi interior style embraces the simple and functional accent in the design. In this small living space, we can install a wooden frame window to create more space for seating. Then, we can add a comfortable cushion on the wooden frame. As a result, we have a cozy place to enjoy our beautiful garden over the window. Moreover, this cozy small space can function as the cozy reading nook idea! For the decoration, we can include the natural accent decor. A two-floor straw pillow cushion can be added to give a chic natural accent decor. And then, we can spread the round woven rug on the floor. In addition, we can set the simple round table above. Beautify the simple decor by adding the dried leaves decor on the vas. Simply put it on the table and you’ve got the simple and functional Japandi decoration! Do you love this functional design for the small living room project?

Artistic minimalist Japandi living room decor!

Artistic minimalist Japandi living room design

We don’t need a large living space to create an artistic minimalist Japandi living room style! Holding on the functionality and minimalist on the design, making Japndi interior style is perfect to decorate the small space! Well, let’s dig into the project!

First of all, let’s spread the unique geometrical rug on the floor. Then, let’s put a quirky wooden chair on the rug. In addition, we can create the natural Japandi look by adding the log-style wooden table. Next, we can organize firewood under the floating countertop style. The wooden carving can be stuck to the neutral wall to give an artistic Japandi decor style. Some Gucci Japanese style to the decoration. Now, we have an artistic minimalist Japandi style living room, it’s awesome!


If you want to showcase the clean line modern decor living room touch with the artistic craftsmanship. The Japandi interior design is a mind-blowing interior project you could possibly apply to your interior project!

We have shared with you some outstanding artistic minimalist and functional Japandi living room decor above. The combination of modern Scandinavian design and minimalist Japanese design is the next-level clean line interior design fan!

We highlight a few points of Japandi decoration from above! They mostly include natural elements such as wooden furniture or any wooden element to the interior. The wall is commonly brushed with neutral color shade and a cozy Scandinavian sofa is a great factor to create a cozy modern living space. Then, some Japanese craftsmanship is added to give an artistic interior design. Moreover, the Japandi interior style mostly includes natural lighting to create a warm and friendly environment!

Thus are the key points we have shared with you to achieve the proper artistic minimalist and functional Japandi living room style. We hope you enjoy these awesome soothing interior projects! Let’s decor our living space with a trendy Japandi interior style immediately!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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