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20 Bathroom Designs with Panoramic Views to Invite A Relaxing Atmosphere – A bathroom is a must-have room in every house. People need this room to clean their bodies. Also, the bathroom design can refresh their mind while taking a bath. Some dwellers like to design a bathroom with a panoramic view. This bathroom offers a beautiful landscape to enjoy while taking a bath. Here, are bathroom designs with a panoramic view.

1. Modern Bathroom x Swimming Pool View

It is a simple bathroom design. This bathroom is not big but has all you need. There is a large glass window on the wall. It offers a direct view of the swimming pool. Besides, you can’t open this window because it is a glass wall.

Besides, this bathroom has a simple interior. There is a bathtub near the glass window. It is a relaxing place to take a bath with an outdoor view. On another wall, there is a small sink. The white sink is perfect to decorate a concrete countertop. Also, there is a vertical mirror with curvy edges.

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2. Bathroom and Beach View

It is a high beach house. This building has a direct view of the sea. It is a nice position to build a panoramic bathroom. The bathroom should use a glass window to get a direct view of the sea. Look at this idea. This narrow bathroom uses a glass window to show off the natural beach view.

Also, it has a catchy interior with neutral colors like soft brown and white. There is a small hook on the wall. Meanwhile, another side of the wall is full of white tiles. There is a sink against the wall. This sink has a horizontal wall mirror that reflects light perfectly.

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3. White-grey Bathroom

The white and grey color is a common theme for the interior. It looks stunning to decorate this panoramic bathroom. This room has a big window which provides a direct view of the outdoors. You can see the white branches of a tree through this window. This bathroom has an interesting design.

Look at this interior. The white color is dominating the room. It even has a white long curtain on the window. You can shut the window by this curtain and make privacy. Also, there is a white long countertop and a sink. This area is more stunning with the transparent bulbs that hang on the ceiling.

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4. Traditional Japanese Bathroom

Japanese interior design is identical to wood and stone elements. This traditional Japanese bathroom is interesting. It uses many stone accents to enliven a natural impression. The wall and floor are full of dark stone. Besides, this room has a square bathtub from dark stone.

This Japanese bathroom has a glass wall to boost brightness in this room. It is exposed in this room with no curtain. Moreover, this room has some Japanese bathroom appliances on the floor. There are wooden buckets, short stools, and natural fragrances from small plants.

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5. White Bathroom x A Forest View

It is another forest view for a bathroom. This room has a glass wall with a direct view of the outdoors. There are several windows on the wall with curtains. You can shut the curtains to cover every window. Besides, this largest window is useful to invite sunlight.

This bathroom has a nice interior. White color is the main theme in this room. The white bathtub matches the wall. Also, it has a grey wall on another side. This panoramic bathroom is suitable for the dweller who loves a minimalist design. There are a few appliances in this bathroom.

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6. A Comfy Bathtub x Large Window

A bathtub can bring a different impression to the bathroom interior. This element should be comfortable for the dweller. So, they can enjoy bathing time. This panoramic bathroom has a comfy bathtub near the window. It has a long oval shape that looks comfortable.

This bathtub is in the right position as can see through the glass window. The window has two vertical parts on both sides. You can open the vertical window if you want to get the breeze. Moreover, this bathroom has a warm nuance. The color of light is a perfect element to change the atmosphere.

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7. Modern White Bathroom

A large window is a must-have element to install in a panoramic bathroom. This room has a large window to show the scenery for you. It will be a comfortable bathroom with a modern design. The interior is quite modern in black and white. Also, there is a marble floor that matches this white room.

This bathroom has a shower room in front of the bathtub. So, you can relax your body in a bathtub after taking a shower. Moreover, this bathroom has a countertop to put your drink or music tape. It is more enjoyable to feel a calming nuance in a dim light.

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8. A Large Glass Window x Balcony

This is a large glass window for a panoramic bathroom. It uses a sliding door to give access to a balcony. The balcony has lots of plants as it makes a perfect garden. This green landscape makes a great background for your bathtub. You can enjoy this scenery while taking a bath.

Another comfy part is the large bathtub. It is a big bathtub that fills the space. There is small traffic between this bathtub into the balcony. This bathroom has white lace to make privacy. Moreover, the interior is stunning to complete this bathroom. The elegant sink area is perfect with a long mirror.

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9. Simple Design x Beach View

This is a beach view for a panoramic bathroom. The bathroom is near the beach or sea. This residence has a calming bathroom with a neutral theme. The soft brown color is interesting for the wooden floor. Their timber-like pattern is stunning to make alive.

Meanwhile, the bathtub is pure white. It looks interesting with several accents, like a small wooden stool and a small ornamental plant. Also, you can add a bigger plant in the corner of a room. Besides, it is okay to install a lace or curtain to make privacy. This room is more stunning to get more sunlight during the day. So, you can enjoy the scenery.

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10. A Luxurious Glass House

A glass house is inviting an outdoor view inside the rooms. This bathroom has a glass wall on one side. It is an exposed room, so you can see through the glass. Here, is a bathroom with a natural outdoor view. The dweller enjoys a green landscape outdoors. Also, the clear sky looks beautiful to see from this room.

Meanwhile, the interior is interesting as well. Almost all parts of the room are marble. The ivory-white marble has a natural pattern. You can see the abstract lines on the white marble. This element can reflect light too. Besides, this room uses two small ceiling lamps to make a dim atmosphere.

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11. Modern Bathroom x City View

A city new is an interesting view from a high building. Thus, some room designers like to design a room with a direct city view. It offers an interesting city landscape from this room. This bathroom uses a glass wall to provide a city view. Also, it has a nice interior design.

This room is a combination of Modern design and Industrial design. The white accent represents the modern style. It has an elegant impression of the room. Meanwhile, the Industrial design decorates the ceiling and floor with concrete. Also, the dim lighting on the ceiling is useful to bring a warm ambiance to this bathroom.

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12. Neutral Theme for A Relaxing Bathroom

A residence near a forest or wood garden is beneficial for some people. It provides a natural view from their house. This is a natural view from the woods outside. You can see through a glass window in this bathroom. The bathroom is not on the first floor and it is better to build a panoramic bathroom on the upper floor.

This landscape is a relaxing view for the dweller. They can take a bath and enjoy the green scenery. Moreover, this bathroom has an attractive interior. It has wood patterns on the floor. The main theme in this bathroom is soft brown and white. There is white color on the ceiling and some parts of the wall.

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13. Horizontal Window to Invite Fresh Breeze

A large window is an important element in a panoramic bathroom. It invites sunlight and provides an outdoor view. This is an interesting panoramic bathroom with a large glass window. This window is versatile as you can open or shut the wings. It is suitable for a dweller who wants to feel a fresh breeze.

Moreover, this bathroom is not difficult to design. A simple bathroom can get a fresh atmosphere to this room. First, put a bathtub near the window. It will provide a direct view of the outdoors. Then, complete the interior design with bathroom ornaments. There is a small stool to put bathroom appliances in this room.

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14. Try A Vertical Window for A Natural View

It is a unique window for a panoramic bathroom. The vertical window is useful to provide sunlight. It has a limited view outdoors. Besides, this window is a nice choice for a dweller in a small bathroom. Also, a vertical window is ideal to make a semi-private room.

This bathroom has a catchy interior. The white-grey marble makes a cool atmosphere in this bathroom. It is also useful to improve brightness in this room. You can match this theme with white or grey accents. In addition, you can add an ornamental plant to refresh this room.

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15. A Direct View by An Open Window

A glass window is a perfect element to create a panoramic bathroom. This design is more adorable than a glass window. It provides a direct view of the outdoors. This bathroom uses a half of glass window. So, half part of it is windowless. You can feel a fresh breeze in this bathroom.

Moreover, it invites bright sunlight inside the room. You will enjoy the warm sunlight while taking a bath in your bathtub. It offers beautiful scenery. Meanwhile, the interior design is stunning as well. The wall mirrors are on both sides. Every mirror reflects the natural sunlight and makes this room brighter.

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16. White Coastal Theme

A coastal bathroom is suitable for a beach house. Some beach houses have a beautiful direct view of the beach. Thus, you can design a panoramic bathroom to enjoy the beach scenery while taking a bath. This bathroom has a bluish-white theme which represents the sea.

It is a coastal design that dominates this panoramic bathroom. This design is beautiful for a bathroom on the high floor which provides a panoramic view. Look at this idea. The bathtub is facing up the beach. This position is ideal to enjoy a direct view of to beach. You can see the blue sea from this bathroom.

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17. A Refreshing Traditional Bathroom

Do you like a classic design? If you do, this idea will show a new idea for your bathroom. It is a modern traditional bathroom design. The atmosphere in this room is dim. Two vertical windows are the source of natural sunlight in this room. Also, these windows offer beautiful scenery outdoors.

This bathroom has an elegant interior. It is a versatile bathtub that you can use as a shower room as well. You can install a shower curtain to make privacy. The small bathtub is simple with a small wooden stool on the floor. It is an elegant accent with a dark brown color. Also, this interior is more stunning with a black floor and white dots.

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18. An Exposed Bathroom to Canyon

A beautiful canyon is an attractive scenery. Some people like to build a residence near the canyon. This house has a window facing this canyon. It is attractive to see nature while relaxing your body in a bathtub. Moreover, this bathroom has a sliding glass door. It is direct access to the balcony.

Yes, this bathroom has a balcony. It is an interesting balcony to feel the breeze and sunlight. Also, you can open the door before taking a bath. This design is suitable for people who love to enjoy nature while taking a bath. Besides, you can install a curtain to make privacy, if you want to.

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19. Elwood Bathroom

An Elwood is an interesting element for a home interior. This type of wood has a light brown color. Their timber patterns are attractive to enliven a natural accent. This bathroom uses Elwood for a ceiling. These wooden planks can bring a Rustic accent to this room.

Besides, the main element is the large window. It invites sunlight to enlighten the bathroom. The natural sunlight brings warm sunlight through the lattice. This house has a beautiful landscape with lots of ornamental plants. These plants are stunning to grow as a background in this room. So, it can bring a jungle-like design to this bathroom.

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20. Bathroom x A Forest House

A house near the forest will make an attractive design. This is a bathroom as a part of the forest house. It is a simple bathroom with only a bathtub near the glass wall. So, you can see the forest through this glass wall. This round bathtub is in an ideal position that gets direct sunlight.

Moreover, this bathroom is quite simple. The grey floor makes it perfect to bring a natural accent. Meanwhile, you can add a simple sink on another side of the wall. The best theme to match this room is soft brown and white. Also, add a wall mirror to reflect this white bathroom.

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Final Words

These are the ideas of a bathroom with a panoramic view. The panoramic bathroom is versatile because you can design it on the first floor or upper floor. The best one is on the upper floor, so you can see a wide scenery. Also, it gives direct sunlight to the room. You can make the best design with various interiors. Hopefully, this post is useful to lead you in designing a stunning panoramic bathroom. Good luck and happy decorating!

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